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My oldest daughter is starting to be at the age where she can play games with me that go beyond the typical child fare. This blog is about my experiences with her (and, hopefully as they grow older, her sisters as well).
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A wonderful Saturday Evening

Scott Lewis
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After running a bunch of errands during the day on Saturday, I was ready to relax and enjoy an evening at home with my girls. The younger two wanted to watch a video ("Barbie as Rapunzel", yay!), but Kortnee wanted to play some games with me.

We started with a game of Pokemon. I hadn't really tweaked my deck since last time, and I don't think she had either, so we just jumped right in. I started with an Oddish, which I upgraded to a Gloom soon, but Kortnee's Pokemon was able to do some damage. I brought in Tropius, and healed my Gloom, and eventually started tearing apart her Pokemon with Tropius' Wind Slash.

However, she eventually took Tropius down, after I had won 2 or 3 prizes. She had a Togekiss, and was getting very lucky with the Air Cutter, slicking down my Pokemon one by one. I did eventually whittle Togekiss down, but she used Blessed Wing to heal all her Pokemon and return Togekiss to her rather reduced deck. Soon after, we were both down to 1 prize each, with my Umbreon fighting against her Crocanaw. It ended up coming down to a couple lucky coin flips going my way, as I beat her probably 2 turns before she would have beat me. But we both had a lot of fun.

After that, we decided to try a game I just picked up on Friday, Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries. I knew she fit the age requirement, but wasn't sure how she'd do because of the unfamiliar countries and names. My worries were for naught, though. She took a knack to the game, and was able to track down her routes very well. She played pretty conservatively, sticking with shorter routes, but was getting a good selection of them, and was claiming a lot of segments. I was doing pretty good at first, but took a gamble late in the game with some new routes, forgetting to count my remaining trains. In the end, I got trounced - she had 114 points to my 63! Nice work, Kort!

Finally, we decided to try Terra Prime. Now, I have a guilty confession to make - the "copy" I have was self made, because I'm waiting for my tax return to come in, and also wanted to try the game out before I committed to buying it. However, for what it's worth, I think (at least after one play) it's a game that I'll enjoy, so as soon as I can, I'm gonna get myself an "official" copy so I can feel less guilty

Anyway, Kortnee took to the rules rather well. At first, I thought I was going to handle her easily, as I claimed several Demands early on, while she was just building a couple colonies. But I started to realize she was being smart; thus far, I only had a couple Blue colonies, and she had a Green and a Yellow... and I needed the cubes for the techs and demands I wanted, and due to some hostile aliens, I wanted the guns! I kept feeding her points while using her system, until I eventually decided to found my own Yellow colony. Meanwhile, she successfully fought off some aliens (bribed them, really), and took a Red colony, which I needed to build up some shields. So more points for her. She kept exploring while I was frantically trying to finish up some demands, but that wasn't enough - she outplayed me. In the end, she had 100 points to my 73.

Definitely enjoying playing games with my not-so-little-anymore girl! Although she's still 8 years old, she's definitely getting a knack for thinking things through. Not long term all the time (she's still struggling with that in Merchants & Marauders, for instance. But she's getting there. She liked all 3 of the games I played tonight, which is a large part of why I'm going to pull the trigger on Terra Prime as soon as I can!
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