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Kickstarter Weekly Summary - Sunday 1st May, 2016

Mike Minutillo
Western Australia
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Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Hey there Kickers, and welcome to May 2016! I just had a week off of work during which I played a ridiculous amount of Pathfinder Adventures on my tablet. If you haven't tried it yet, I recommend it. It's a great implementation of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game that manages to track all the bonuses and effects for you very well. I can play through a scenario with two characters in about 20 minutes which is waaaaaay faster than I can do it by hand.

But that's not why you're here. You're here for Kickstarter Campaigns. Right now there are 235 Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category (down 1 from last week). Of those, 100 (~43%) have already reached their funding goal. 74 (31.5%) have related BGG pages that I can find. Let's take a look!

Here are some campaigns that are ending in the next week:
DEVILS & BLACK SHEEP - is the latest nanogame from Pocket Option Games. In Devils & Black Sheep, war has broken out around a planet in Wild Space. You and your opponent are Freelancers, visiting the sites of battles and liberating them of valuable salvage to sell on the black market. Patrols will wander the area looking for wanted scavengers. Sometimes the actions of a ship will make them more wanted. Sometimes a tip-off from a rival crew will do the trick.
PICKLE PICKLE PEPPER - is a push-your-luck card game where you will be trying to find pickles without getting the dreaded pepper. Each turn begins with a Pickle Pledge where you announce how many pickles you will get. You then turn over cards until you have that many pickles. Turn over a pepper and your turn ends. If not, then you can stop and bank your points or you can "Push the Pickle" and keep going. Now, each Pickle is worth double points but a Pepper will end your turn and cost you banked points! It sounds silly and fun. Exactly what you want from a push-your-luck micro card game.
Pie Rats of the Carob Bean Farm - On a (Carob Bean) farm, the farmers wife likes to bake Pies and the rats like to steal them. The thing is, your average pie is too heavy for a single rat to steal so they form crews to do their thievery. In this card game you represent a Pie Rat crew captain. Each round a Pie will be revealed that is worth a certain number of points and has a weight indicating the strength of the crew required to steal it. Each captain will play charisma and crew members in order to achieve this strength. Charisma is used to steal crew members from other Pie Rat crews. After that, the Rats will steal the pie and earn the points and win the game. There are many other cards that allow you to affect the gameplay as well.
King's Valley - is an abstract game played on a 5x5 checkerboard. You want to get your king into the very center space of the board. Every piece moves like a queen in Chess except that it cannot stop until it hits something (edge of the board or another piece). Can you trick your opponent into letting you take the center space? It sounds very interesting.
DEADCERT - is a deduction murder-mystery card game for 1-6 players. In any given game there are 37 suspects to go through with motive, means and opportunity to have committed the murder but only one character has all three. Out of the box there are 125 different murder episodes to be solved. By adding in the 3 expansion packs available as a part of the campaign, this goes up to 512! This is the 3rd campaign for this game and the first time that it has not only achieved it's funding goal but doubled it.
Battle for Sularia: Blood, Profit, and Glory - Battle for Sularia is a sci-fi strategy card game that funded on KS last year. It has an interesting combat mechanism that lasts an entire round so even if your opponent takes you down, you might get one last chance to score a victory. Blood, Profit, and Glory is the first expansion for the game that adds new cards for the Jotune and Synthien factions as well as more Mercenaries to give you more deckbuilding opportunities. Additionally, there are 3 new keywords to change up the gameplay. BOUNTY: X lets you directly attack your opponents combatants. QUICK gets your combatants into the fray on the turn they are deployed. BESERKERs get stronger whenever they declare an attack. You can grab the base game as well as the expansion as a part of this campaign in case you missed it the first time around.
The Bugs - is a co-operative programming game designed for kids and adults. The "Bugs" are robots that co-exist on a planet where they have built an energy matrix. One of the Bugs is a bit...buggy and so you need to capture it. There are actually 4 mini-games here, each one is targeted towards a different age group and introduces gradually more advanced programming concepts.
Great Scott! - is a combination drafting and storytelling game where the players are inventors hoping to impress the queen. Each round you will draft Asset and Concept cards and then combine them into amazing inventions which you must explain to your friends. There is a set collection scoring aspect as well as Alliteration Bonuses. Great for when you just want to don the lab coat and go a tad crazy.
PYRAMID ARCADE - do you know what you can do with 90 plastic pyramids in 10 different colors? Well you can have the rules to 22 different games from Looney Labs as a part of this KS Campaign. The concepts behind this one go all the way back to Icehouse and Looney Labs have released a variety of pyramid games since then. Each of the 22 games comes with an "arcade" card which has a brief description of the game, a list of the components required to play (all included in the box), and an indication of complexity and time required to play. If you really want to play Martian Chess or Homeworlds or Pharaoh (along with 19 others) then pick this one up.
Aeon's End - is a co-operative deckbuilder with engine building aspects to it. In a post-apocalyptic world, breaches are open that allow Nemeses to come through and wreak havoc. The players are all Breach Mages able to harness the power of the breaches to wield powerful magics and take down the beasts. The game uses a fixed market (like Dominion) with a small number of options forcing players to go for a specific strategy while not stepping on each others toes. When you cast a spell you need to prep it a turn in advance requiring forethought and planning. Each spell gets prepped to a Breach. Each player starts with a different configuration of Breaches and can spend aether (the resource of the game) to focus or even permanently open Breaches to increase their effectiveness. Another innovative mechanic is that you never shuffle your deck. Whenever you run out of cards you simply flip your discard pile to form your new deck. By planning when and how you play cards you can set up future turns. There's plenty more innovation here and as a lover of Deckbuilding I think this one is very exciting. Check it out.
TorahLine - is a card game with mechanics similar to Timeline but with an Exodus theme. Players begin with two cards on the table in order of Chapter and Verse. Then you take a card (with Chapter and Verse on the back) and try to place it correctly into the timeline in Chapter and Verse order. Each card is illustrated and has a description of the events depicted (I'm not sure but this may actually be the text from the Bible).
Helionox: Mercury Protocol - Is a stand-alone expansion to Helionox: The Last Sunset, a 2-player deckbuilding card game that has players each controlling a shadowy faction dealing with civil and stellar events as the sun dies. The solar system is made up of 5 locations that you can move around in. As the game progresses, each location will suffer civil and stellar events that you will be able to prevent or resolve for victory points. You will also be building embassies, sending out agents, using the unique special power of your architect. This is another one which I am very interested in. It needs a bit of a nudge to get it over the line in the next 5 days so if it sounds interesting, be sure to check it out.
Quests of Valeria - the 3rd game in the Valeria family (after Valeria: Card Kingdoms and Villages of Valeria), QoV is a tableau building game that is designed as Lords of Waterdeep distilled into a card game. At the beginning of the game, everyone is going to be dealt a secret Guild Master card which will give them a bonus for certain types of quests. Then a line of Quests and a line of Citizens is laid out. Players will need to Hire Citizens to their guild in order to send out Questing Parties and complete Quests. Citizens are hired from a central display or from your own hand and the cost to hire a Citizen is paid by discarding cards. In addition to the skills and resources that each Citizen brings to your guild, they also have a special ability which is triggered when you hire them. Like all the Valeria games, this one looks like it has interesting gamplay, beautiful artwork, and is well worth checking out.
Dungeon Crawler THE THORN - is the 2nd expansion for Dungeon Crawler, which is an adventure card game designed for solo play (but playable co-operatively too). The expansion adds 82 new cards to your collection giving you a more varied experience.
Succession - is a quick card game of intrigue and foul deeds on the road. Each player has the same nine Vassals, each hails from one of 3 regions and fulfills one of 3 roles. Your Envoys are worth valuable influence if they make it to the throne. Enemies can stop an Envoy if they meet them on the road. Escorts try and keep the roads clear of Enemies so that Envoys can pass unmolested. On your turn you can play 2 characters but they must come from different regions. In fact, characters from different regions cannot interact. Once all of the vassals have been sent, the noble with the most influence is the new ruler.
Jumbo Jets: Jet Set Expansion #2 - Jet Set is a route-building game that has players competing to connect links between cities with airplanes. This second expansion set includes 5 expansion modules that you can add to the game. Jumbo Jets are twice as expensive as other Jets but they kick all of the other planes off of the route when they are placed. City Bonuses add rings to each city that can be claimed by connecting to (or through) those cities. Hotels can be claimed by discarding Flight cards and increase your income and your score. Charter Flights add charter planes to the board which have their own destinations that will pay out based on the number of hops they go through. Plus additional Flight Cards including easier and harder Final Flight cards. You can pick up the base game and the first expansion (Jet Set: Distant Lands – Expansion Set 1) as a part of the campaign as well.
Cat Box - is a hidden role, tile placement game played with cards. Each card is broken up into 4 quadrants each of which is either empty or shows one of 5 cats. If you are a cat (assigned at the start of the game) then you want to end the game with the most cats showing on the table. You also want the largest set of your particular cat. If you are a chihuahua, then you want the most empty boxes and you want sets of exactly 3 cats. On your turn you can play a card to the table covering up one or two quadrants. The neat trick is that you can play cards from your opponents hand and if you do so they go on the table with the side facing you pointed up. That's right, the cards are double sided and the back is a mirror image of the front so you always know what your opponent can do.
Exposed - is a simple game of deduction and pick-pocketry. The game starts with 36 characters being laid out in a 6x6 grid. Each player gets a secret identity that tells them which of the 36 characters they are. On your turn you can have adjacent characters swap positions or you can steal from a character you is adjacent to you. Or, if you've figured out who someone is, you can "expose" them if they are in the same row or column as you. To win, you simply have to be the last unexposed player or be the first to lift 7 wallets from the guests.

And here are some campaigns that just launched in the last week:
Epic Resort: Villain's Vacation - Epic Resort is a worker-placement deck-evolution game that has players competing to build the most successful resort in a fantasy realm. To do this they need to cater for fantasy heroes who are just looking for some downtime and also deal with catastrophic attacks from pirates, fairies and dragons (among other nasty things). The Villains Vacation expansion adds Villains to the game. Villains are a bit like heroes but they are a bit harder to score and they won't protect your resort from catastrophe. They will score you more points than most heroes though so it might be worth it to add some of the new Ominous attractions to your resort like the Secret Lair or the Ancient Ruins to cater for them. There's also new workers, new tourists, and even a Kraken!
ARENA: Fury of Hellas - is a card game for 2-4 players where you are Gods of Greek Mythology, meddling with the lowly humans for amusement. The deck in ARENA consists of 18 Heroes, and 18 monsters, and 18 destiny cards. Players will each start with a hand of 5 cards and will take turns playing them, adding them to their own tableau (arena). Each card triggers some special effect when played and is worth a number of Legendary points. The trick is to maintain balance. Have too many monsters and they'll eat you heroes. Have too many heroes and they'll overcome their monstrous foes. Of course, you can mess with each others arenas and attempt to imbalance them. The artwork on the cards is very nice and the gameplay sounds quick and interesting. Check it out.
Crossworld: Oh My Gods - is another card game with a mythological angle. This time it's a team based 3 vs 3 battle arena. Each player controls between 1 and 3 gods (depending on the number of players) which make up a team facing off against another team on the battlefield. Each team will consist of three roles, Lord, Guardian, and Warrior, each with their own unique abilities and each god brings their own abilities to the table as well. Each team will have to strategize together to win and will draw from their own shared playing deck. The object is to destroy your opponent's Castle. In order to do that you need to take out at least one opposing Tower and one opposing God. It sounds interesting.
Black Sands - is a low-luck arena combat game that requires you to anticipate your opponent and unleash devastating attacks at them. At the start of each turn players will prepare defensive cards into one of their 3 front sides. Then they will move around the arena trying to get the drop on their opponents without triggering one of the prepared defenses. This could get especially interesting in a team game as you try to single out and flank an enemy. The game comes with cardboard standees but the bases are specifically designed to accommodate minis should you have some you'd like to use. Very cool.
Twist of Fate - is a Microgame that has players trying to be the first to help Oliver Twist find sanctuary. Each of the cards in the game is double sided and when you play it on an opponent, you decide which way to play it. The opponent gets the effect facing them and you get the effect facing you. This means sometimes to get what you want, you have to help out your enemies. Be the first to achieve 8 sanctuary points and you win. The game is beautifully presented with gorgeous art and a stylish box in the shape of a book.
Saltlands - is a post-apocalyptic survival adventure game. You are all fleeing from invading raiders across a vast desert left by behind by a vast ocean. You will be able to use landsails (motorized vehicles) to stay on the move which you collect items and investigate rumors looking for sanctuary. There's a lot of interesting stuff here. Firstly, you can win as a group but who is in that group is entirely up to the players. Want to go for a purely co-operative game, then do so. Want to have shifting alliances and backstabbery, that's OK too. The Landsails allow you to move with a simple wind mechanic that prevents you from going directly against the wind. Instead, you will need to zig-ag (or tack) against the wind to advance in that direction. The horde of raiders (represented by a ton of plastic vehicles) will spawn over time and swarm on the nearest player. You can fight them and try to get their equipment and vehicles but the longer you tarry, the more of them there will be. As you move through the desert you will find rumors of three mythical destinations where your people might be safe. When enough of these rumors have been uncovered, an exit from the desert will be found and the team which effectively gets there with the right equipment and clears out the raiders will win. To be honest, they had me at Landsails. That sounds awesome.
Wibbell++ - is a deck of cards which you can use to play a multitude of word games. Each Wibbell++ card contains 2 letters. Wibbell has players trying to say words containing at least one letter on a card. Grabbell has players trying to grab cards from a central pile to form sequences. Phrasell has players compete to come up with a phrase that matches a topic and 4 letters. I would require all players to play with two pencils up their nose and a pair of underpants on their heads.
Cinema of Attractions - is a party game where you will be pitching films. Each player will start with two Action cards and 8 Story cards and then take turns being the Studio Head. The Studio Head will draw a card from the Studio Notes deck and then everyone will use their Story Cards to pitch a film idea. The Studio Head will greenlight one of the films and that player will draw a card to see how the critics rated their film. The most successful filmmaker after 3 rounds is the winner. I'm into films and pitching games so this one really appeals to me.
Monster's Party: Voodoo Madness - is a hidden role deduction game. All of the players are randomly dealt a monster card which reveals their weaknesses. On the back of this card is a voodoo doll that represents the player. On your turn you can attack one of the voodoo dolls around the table with an object to try and reveal which monster it represents. Be the last unrevealed voodoo doll to win. You can block objects (even ones which weren't going to hurt you anyway) and you can even bluff by pretending to not be hurt (although you really are). Neat.
Blend Off! - is a realtime speed dice rolling smoothie-making game. Just as you were getting ready to close the Smoothie shop for the night, a bus load of customers has shown up and the manager has offered sweet rewards to whoever blends the most smoothies. The problem is Kevin. He's the one that brings you ingredients and he just seems to do so at random. In real-time, players will be rolling dice that show different fruit tokens (representing Kevin) and taking those tokens from the middle of the play area to add them to their blenders (which you have a couple of on the go). When the blender contains the ingredients for a smoothie you can claim it. I have to admit, I kind of want to use their #TEAMORANGE or #TEAMBANANA avatar pics. I've never worked in a Smoothie shop but I'm sure that speed-blending is totally a thing and that no-one ever gets hurt doing it.
Ultimate Scheme - MINIONS! You must scatter to the 4 corners of this wretched world and gather the resources I need to complete my schemes, each more nefarious than the last, leading up to my ULTIMATE SCHEME! Ahem. This is a minion-placement game where each player is the head of an evil Faction with some kind of Ultimate Scheme. These Ultimate Schemes are drawn randomly at the beginning of the game and include gems like Found an Evil Coffee Empire, Start a Land War in Asia, and Ruin Christmas. You'll start the game with just two minions and not enough resources to complete your Ultimate Scheme so you will need to complete intermediary schemes along the way and build up to it. I may harbor a secret double life as the head of evil organization which is why this theme appeals to me. And you'll never stop me, a-hahahahaha! *Smoke Bomb*
Pixel Glory: Achievements - Pixel Glory is an auction-drafting game where the players are wizards competing for fame in a dungeon. In the first phase players will bid for spells to add to their deck in town. In the second phase, players will enter the dungeon and fight the monsters there for fame. The catch being that only the player that lands the killing blow earns the fame. This expansion adds in achievements to the game. These get revealed at the start of the game and as soon as a player fulfills the requirements for one they can take it for extra fame.
Town of Salem - is a tabletop game based on the online game of the same name which was itself based on Mafia and a StarCraft 2 mod (also called Mafia). Every now and then a Werewolf/Mafia variant will show up on Kickstarter with cool art and a thematic bucketload of role cards. Not many of them make $180K! Check it out.
Legends of the Mist - when a mysterious mist appears in the middle of the empire that transports people to a previously unconquered island, the Empress demands that the 4 clans invade and claim the land in the name of the Empire. Each round, players will roll their action dice and then assign them in secret to the 3 action spaces on their clan board. Action dice come in a variety of colors which indicate the actions that they mostly make available. Players will be moving and discovering new plots of land (hexes), each of which can produce new dice and has it's own special ability. During the game you can collect and fulfill orders from the Empress which are worth victory points and also give you some other in game benefit. This looks really cool.
Corporate Shadows - is a card game where the players manipulate corporate assets and initiate covert operations against opposing criminal organizations. The game features a rummy-style set collection game which has players wanting to collect 3 corporate assets from a single corporation in order to form that Corporation (after which you can add to it). Once during the turn, you can also play an Operation card that scores points and/or manipulates the game in some way. Some Operations attract the attention of the High Court who start to apply Oversight to a corporation. If the Oversight gets high enough then the High Court steps in and shuts things down.
Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up! - Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents is an economic worker placement game that highlights the battles of various inventors from the 1880s to bring electric light an power to the masses. The Powering Up! expansion adds a sixth player to the game, allows you to build a headquarters, adds AIs for Solo or group play, includes some female luminaries, more historical events and propaganda cards.
Coup Deluxe Edition: Brazilian Art - Coup is my favorite quick bluffing game. Each player starts the game with a couple of coins and two face down role cards. On your turn you can take one of the actions available to you. The trick is that some of the actions can only be taken if you have the corresponding role. Some of the actions can even be blocked by a player claiming to have the right role. But your cards are hidden from the other players and you are free to claim a role to take (or block) an action, even if you don't have it. If you get caught in a lie you lose one of your cards. Lose both and you're eliminated. If you accuse someone and you're wrong, you lose a card! This edition features all new artwork on tarot sized cards and includes the contents of the Reformation expansion (which adds shifting allegiances and team play to the game).
CHOP! CHOP! - is a party game that requires quick thinking and blurting out things. Everyone starts with a hand of cards and wants to get rid of them. One player will read a topic from one of their cards. They must say a word that matches the topic and then play proceeds clockwise with every player saying a word that matches the topic but has not already been said. This continues until someone hesitates. This person draws a challenge card and challenges another player to some kind of contest (the example on the page is a twerking contest). If you win, nothing happens. If you lose, then you draw another card. Regardless, the player who started the round will discard the card they read to start all of this madness.
Space Race: The Card Game - put each player in charge of a space agency during the first 7 decades of space exploration. I haven't had a chance to watch the Rahdo Runs Through on this one but I will because it looks really cool.
Dreamwars - Co-operative Steampunk Horror. If those three words fill you with glee then you need to check out Dreamwars. I haven't been able to learn too much about it but what I can see on the campaign page looks tantalisingly beautiful. The campaign page boasts 70 playable scenarios for up to 8 players.
METTLE - is a 2-player space combat game played with miniatures on 126 two-inch tiles. The idea is to fight past enemy ships, knock out the laser towers and destroy your oppositions fortress. To do so effectively you will need to collect two resources and trade them in for reinforcements. Combat is handled with customized d6 dice. The minis look really cool in this one.
Slash Cards - is a horror movie trivia game covering 436 different horror films. The game comes with a variety of variants but all of it is based on your encyclopedic knowledge of horror films.
Frog Pig Pug! - is a game similar in mechanics to SET but with adorable animals instead of abstract shapes. Players will be examining a set of 6 cards on the table and looking for a Proper Unit Grouping (or PUG). That is, three cards which are either all the same in each trait or all different. I've played Set and it's great (even though it makes my brain melt). This version looks beautiful and makes it more approachable for kids.
Vampire Cul-de-sac - is a Halloween themed game where you try to guide your trick-or-treaters home safely before they can be eaten by real vampires. On your turn you will roll a handful of your dice and one of your opponents. If you roll a 1, 2, or 3 or one of your dice then you can move your trick-or-treaters. If you roll a V1 or V2 then you get to move a Vampire. If you roll 1, 2, 3, on your opponents die then you can move one of their trick-or-treaters. If you roll a V1 or V2 on their die, then THEY get to move a vampire. Still with me? Dice have 6 sides right? If you roll a + on ANY die then you grab ANOTHER opponents die and roll that too.
Beast of Balka - is an abstract strategy game that has two hunting parties entering a dangerous forest wanting to be the first to slay the dangerous BEAST.

And that's all I have for you this week. What are you backing? What are you playing? Should I get invested in The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game as a primarily solo experience that I may one day play with my kids? And if so, can I curtail that part of my brain that wants to buy every single expansion for it because otherwise my collection is incomplete? Drop us a comment below and tell us! Check out to stay up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category. And be back here next week for yet another Kick the Table.

Your kickstarter weekly summary for Sunday May 1 2016
10 projects ending in the next 3 days

602.54 % ENDING
Moscow '41. Wargaming on the Eastern Front
Re-fight the single most important campaign of World War 2 in this medium complexity wargame, using wooden blocks for "fog of war." (KS link)

458.53 % ENDING
DEVILS & BLACK SHEEP minigame of wretched scum & villainy
War ≠ combat. War = salvage! Trace rumors to derelict ships, fence your salvage on the black market, & try to stay off the Wanted List! (KS link)

260.20 % ENDING
King's Valley board game
Join the World Ranking! King's Valley is a simple but strategic game played competitively by everyone from children to seniors. (KS link)

243.74 % ENDING
DEADCERT - 1st Murder Mystery Card Drama
Original Ground Breaking Card Drama - 3 play formats - 72 main characters - up to 480 cards, 512 murders & 48 players in group mode! (KS link)

144.11 % ENDING
Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game
A card-based open-source roleplaying game for adventurers of all levels! (KS link)

141.02 % ENDING
Great Scott! - The Game of Mad Invention
Become the greatest inventor of the Victorian age in this fun social card drafting game for 3-5 players. Free global shipping included! (KS link)

121.17 % ENDING
Battle for Sularia: Blood, Profit, and Glory
Blood, Profit, and Glory is a new game expansion for Battle for Sularia. Featuring cards for Mercenary, Jotune, and Synthien factions! (KS link)

84.95 % ENDING
Forlorn is a "Survival, Battle Arena" that is diverse and tactical yet brutal! (KS link)

15.97 % ENDING
Made From Scratch - A cooking-themed card game
Made From Scratch captures the essence and complexity of preparing gourmet dishes and packages it in an easy-to-learn game. (KS link)

13.37 % ENDING
Fit The Word
Not a silly party game! Find the right sentences by getting into other players' heads in this fun, easy and engaging game! (KS link)
20 projects ending in the next 10 days

886.00 % ENDING
Puppy Dogs from Space (Relaunched)
The Puppy Dogs didn't leave but they will soon. Don't miss this chance to take them home with you. (KS link)

660.16 % NEW ENDING
Quests of Valeria
A unique tableau-building game where players hire adventurers from a tavern to complete epic quests and gain glory for their guild! (KS link)

402.94 % ENDING
Aeon's End
A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival. (KS link)

360.13 % ENDING
An amazingly illustrated cards'n'dice game for 2-4-8 players set in an inter-apocalyptic dieselpunk world. (KS link)

344.24 % ENDING
Cat Box
Meow!! Cat Box is a simple and clever card game, about cats and the boxes they love! It's almost purrfect! (KS link)

328.91 % ENDING
PYRAMID ARCADE - 90 Pyramids, 22 Games, Endless Fun!
Pyramid Arcade is a library of 22 games in one box, with 90 pyramids + boards, dice, & cards. From Looney Labs, creators of Fluxx. (KS link)

326.07 % ENDING
Clash of the Battle Goats
Clash of the Battle Goats is a tactical card game of unstoppable monster goats. A stand-alone game that is compatible with "Gruff!" (KS link)

251.01 % ENDING
Ghostbusters: The Board Game II
Your favorite Ghostbusters characters from the movies, comics, and toylines return in this exciting 1-4 player game! (KS link)

246.48 % ENDING
Aether Captains
An asymmetric steampunk board game between swashbuckling sky pirates and mighty naval zeppelins in the Skies of Arkady! (KS link)

218.53 % ENDING
Jumbo Jets - Jet Set Expansion Set #2
This is the second set of 5 expansions for our route-building game, Jet Set! (KS link)

156.05 % ENDING
Hide in plain sight. Steal wallets. Don't get exposed! (KS link)

140.68 % ENDING
Onami - A Card Game Of Strategic Manuevers
Onami is a strategic card game that is simple to learn, but difficult to master! (KS link)

128.60 % ENDING
The King is dead! Outsmart your opponents in a race for the crown in this deduction card game for 3 to 6 players! (KS link)

116.10 % ENDING
Dungeon Crawler™ THE THORN
The Thorn is an 82 card Expansion Pack for our solo player dungeon crawl ECG. (KS link)

62.38 % ENDING
Helionox: Mercury Protocol
Helionox: Mercury Protocol is a stand-alone expansion set in the Helionox Universe. (KS link)

58.45 % ENDING
ILIOS - The Battles of Troy
ILIOS - Raid, surround, and plunder in this thrilling abstract strategy game played in under 30 minutes. (KS link)

54.60 % ENDING
Shenanigans: The Musical
Who is the artiste? Trick your friends while uncovering their shenanigans. A light social deduction game with 50 unique roles. (KS link)

13.72 % ENDING
Time Wars: Supreme Command
Arm your Strike Team of Time Travelers and rewrite history in the world's first Deck Stacking game. INSTANT Reward turnaround! (KS link)

6.57 % ENDING
Bucks, Bullets & Flowers
Welcome to Chicago. Mobwar is coming, Are you ready to partecipate to the division of the city? (KS link)

0.96 % ENDING
OBF: Omaha Blitz Football age 8+ 2-4p Sports Card Board Game
OBF: Omaha Blitz Football, card game, deck-builder, All-in-one design. Gridiron playmat YOURS with each + 1 week Early Bird Specials! (KS link)
24 projects launched within the last 7 days

1,822.89 % NEW
Town of Salem - The Card Game
This brand new card game is for people who like hanging their friends, werewolves, pilgrims and fancy witch hats. (KS link)

1,230.92 % NEW
Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up!
Our expansion to Tesla vs Edison is LOADED! Custom HQs, new 6th inventor, exciting events, AI decks for solo or group play, & more!!! (KS link)

1,155.40 % NEW
Coup - Brazilian Art Deluxe Edition
A special edition of Coup, the internationally acclaimed game of bluff and deception, with the beautiful Brazilian art. (KS link)

660.16 % NEW ENDING
Quests of Valeria
A unique tableau-building game where players hire adventurers from a tavern to complete epic quests and gain glory for their guild! (KS link)

237.20 % NEW
Twist Of Fate - The Oliver Twist microgame for 2-4 players!
The microgame that will have you and your friends saying, "Please sir, may we play some more?" (KS link)

210.38 % NEW
Epic Resort: Villain's Vacation
Expand your Epic Resort and prepare for villains to arrive! Deck building and worker placement with a dark twist. (KS link)

120.76 % NEW
Dreamwars - Steampunk Horror Board Game
Dreamwars is a 1-to-8 players cooperative board game set in an original steampunk horror world. (KS link)

107.70 % NEW
Monsters' Party: Voodoo Madness, A unique deduction game!
A deduction game with hidden identites. Become a Voodoo doll linked to a classic monster. Use your opponents weaknesses to defeat'em! (KS link)

83.49 % NEW
Space Race: The Card Game
Amazing illustrations and complex strategic experience in a pocket sized card game. (KS link)

79.15 % NEW
Saltlands - Sail through the Desert!
A post-apocalyptic adventure board game. Fight raiders, cooperate or betray your friends. Be among the first to escape the Saltlands! (KS link)

50.22 % NEW
Ultimate Scheme - A Board Game for Evil Geniuses
Ultimate Scheme is a board game with a not-too-terribly serious theme of evil geniuses, mastermind villains, and world domination! (KS link)

41.98 % NEW
Legends of the Mist
Enter the mists to settle a new empire. Using over 40 Custom Dice, roll them, secretly assign them to gain favor and become a LEGEND! (KS link)

41.85 % NEW
Pixel Glory - Achievements - Pay What You Want
In this expansion to the popular dungeon-crawling card game, players compete to get bonus fame by earning Achievements! (KS link)

41.48 % NEW
Bloodstone Frontier
The pioneer-punk skirmish game where a deck of cards and a loyal posse might just keep you alive in the frontier town of Hope. (KS link)

35.73 % NEW
Wibbell++ : a game system : Letters, language & laughter!
One deck, so many games.
Finding words; anagrams; amusing phrases; storytelling; lightning dexterity; cooperation; and much more! (KS link)

31.31 % NEW
Blend Off! - The Speed Dice Game of Smoothie Creation
Blend Off! is a smoothie showdown of speed and skill for 2 to 4 players. Master Mixers roll dice to collect fruit and create smoothies! (KS link)

15.74 % NEW
Black Sands, Intense Fantasy Combat for 2-4 Players
Unleash epic attacks and outwit your enemies in this tactical fighting game. A new and highly competitive take on fantasy combat. (KS link)

12.43 % NEW
Beast of Balka
A simple two-player abstract strategy game of luck and skill for only $25. Lead your clan for the ultimate thrill of the hunt! (KS link)

8.32 % NEW
Corporate Shadows: Intrigue and Action
Corporate Espionage, Covert Actions and Government Factions. Card Game of forging alliances and manipulating your opponents. (KS link)

6.57 % NEW
Cheeky Monkeys
A super-fun, super-easy and super-cheeky card game for 2 to 6 players where unlikely trainers have to manage crazy playful monkeys (KS link)

5.20 % NEW
Vampire Cul-de-sac - a Halloween board game
A tabletop game for up to 4 players, ages 8 and up. 45-60 minutes. Get your trick-or-treaters home before they get eaten by vampires. (KS link)

4.48 % NEW
The Maze & The Race: 2 great family games in 1!
The Maze & The Race: Dual Deluxe Edition combine two great family games that share a similar original fast paced game mechanic. (KS link)

2.75 % NEW
METTLE: 2-player fast-paced Space Combat Game
METTLE is a 2-player space combat game, for ages 8 to adult.
Plays in 45 - 60 minutes. Direct your faction to victory! (KS link)

2.13 % NEW
Sweep Your Opponent's Pieces from the Board in this Challenging Abstract Strategy Game. For 2 Players. (KS link)

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