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Heart of the Mists: Lands of the Scorching Sun

B. G. Kubacki
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With Heart of the Mists going strong on Kickstarter, I think it’s time to tell you a piece of the story of the world of Mistfall, and introduce you to the new lands the events of Heart of the Mists will take place. I’m also proud to present you with some pieces of art that will make their appearance on Location Tiles in the game. And you’ll find a tiny bonus at the end of the update.

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Rage of the Nightfather

The oldest legends of the world tell the story of its creation, of the fall of Dusk, one of two divine beings that forged lifeless matter into land, sea, sky, and all the beings that exist upon this earth. They also tell of how Dusk became disgruntled with the Firstborn, the children that turned away from him, wanting to forever bask in the warm glow of the goddess Dawn.

Disappointed and enraged, Dusk struck the earth with all of his destructive power, annihilating his children in hellish flames, and leaving part of the lands an ever burning desert. A desert now known as Naar.

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The History of Naar

After the cataclysm, Dusk and Dawn met only once more, to labour together for the last time. Together they created men, and gave them free will to choose between the Shadows and the Light, and an unquenchable need to make the world their own.

Neither the cold nor the scorching heat would stop men from exploring and settling, and so, from the coldest parts of Valskyrr to the hottest regions of Naar, humans would claim the land as their own. And even though they would have to stand against threats forged by Dusk himself, who once again turned his back on his children, they would make the world their own.

The harsh conditions of Naar spawned in time a tribe of men both strong and resolute, able to not only adapt to the scorching sun and the burning sands of vast deserts, but to even tap into the strength of earth itself. Now the Kerathi, the first people to settle the hot wastelands, are known as fighters and craftsmen, able to wield the sword and arcane powers in the battle that is to decide the fate of this world.

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Naar Today

After a great battle, in which men stood against the monsters and abominations of the Mists, for a while it seemed that humanity has finally gained the upper hand. But the devious power was only lying in wait, as only months after what felt like a victory, the Mists have struck again, changing the face of the world forever.

Twisting the paths and almost ripping the world apart, the Mists have done what seemed impossible. Now the burning deserts and the lands of frost and snow, once thousands of miles apart, can be traversed within a day. And it seems that only those with the strongest will can find their way to the same place more than once.

This new world immediately created new alliances. Humanity, now fully aware of the destructive and corrupting power of the Mists united, and heroes from every corner of the world are ready to stand together, to face the new threats spawned by the Mists.

And maybe, just maybe, find the legendary Heart, which will let them finally know how it feels to live in peace.

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Bonus: Rules Supplement

Do you want to know what are the rules changes for the expansion? If so, you can download the Rules Supplement. I will also upload it to BGG, and inform you in the comments that it is also avaialble here.
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