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App News: Descent: Road to Legend App Released, Games Workshop Titles Go on Sale, and more...

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App News

Fantasy Flight Releases Descent 2.0 Companion App, Road to Legend
A lot of folks brought this one to our attention, sadly none of them from marketing team at Fantasy Flight Games. So, we're a little behind the curve on this one. Brad heartily apologizes. Me, I apologize for nothing!

Road to Legend is a companion app for Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) and will absolutely change the way you play the game. In fact, if you're like me and have Descent 2.0 but don't play it because you don't like the Overseer role in the game, well, get ready to start playing Descent again.

The app takes the place of the Overseer, allowing all the players to play cooperatively as the adventurers. It will fill you in on how to set up the adventure, only revealing what your characters can currently "see", and then run the monsters during the quest.

There's more:

Fantasy Flight wrote:
Monsters aren’t the only danger you will face as you journey into the dark once more. In traditional games of Descent, a hero can be knocked out many times with no negative repercussions, but while playing Road to Legend, your morale is lowered each time a hero is knocked out. If your morale ever falls below zero, you are forced to retreat and immediately lose the quest! Furthermore, peril is always rising behind the scenes. It might seem like a good idea to take a few moments to catch your breath and heal, but every round you spend without monsters on the board causes your peril to increase drastically. You won’t know exactly how high your peril is, but if it reaches too high, you’ll face some truly deadly surprises.

Between quests, the app allows you to visit the cities of Terrinoth to buy new items and gain new skills. The app will track all this, leaving the players free to, you know, play.

The app comes with a four scenario mini-campaign called Rise of All Goblins. There's also a full-length campaign called Kindred Fire available to download. If you own expansions, you can enter those into the app and it will open up more possibilities for more adventures.

Fantasy Flight wrote:
Within Road to Legend, you’ll find a collection manager where you can input exactly which expansions, Hero and Monster Collections, and Lieutenant Packs you own. Then, the Road to Legend app draws directly upon the contents of these expansions to change the flavor of every quest. For instance, if you own the Manor of Ravens expansion, you’ll be able to choose to play as the heroes Alys Raine or Thaiden Mistpeak. If you’ve picked up the Oath of the Outcast Hero and Monster Collection, you may suddenly encounter a group of bane spiders in one of your quests. Ultimately, the more physical Descent products you own, the more you can get out of Road to Legend.

So, I guess they want us to buy more Descent products. Who knew?

You can pick up Road to Legend for free on iOS Universal, Android, and Kindle.

Games Workshop Having Massive App Store Sale
This weekend Games Workshop Ltd. is holding a little something called Warhammer Fest over in the UK. For the life of me, I can't figure out what it's about. Maybe Warhammer? Anyway, I'm not in the UK so it doesn't really matter, but Games Workshop has kept us less fortunate in mind as well by discounting just about every Warhammer or Games Workshop title on the App Store by 50-70%.

There are a ton of games in the list (you can find them here), but I'll just list a few here:

-Talisman: Digital Edition for iOS Universal was $7, now $3
-Talisman: The Horus Heresy for iOS Universal, launch price of $4
-Talisman: Prologue for iOS Universal was $3, now $1
-Warhammer Quest for iOS Universal was $3, now $1
-Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch - Tyranid Invasion was $2, now $1
-Warhammer 40K: Armageddon was $20, now $10
-Chainsaw Warrior for iOS Universal was $5, now $2
-Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night for iOS Universal was $6, now $3

Hidden-role Party Game, Who Lurks, Released for iOS/Android
We all love games with hidden roles or a traitor mechanism and, if you don't, you're probably a Cylon. The thought of playing such a game online doesn't do a lot for me, as part of the fun is watching your friends and trying to determine who's the big fat liar. Who Lurks is a new title that avoids that issue by having everyone play in the same room.

Who Lurks is for 3-6 people where most players are Humans and 1-2 players are Aliens. The point is to repair your ship and escape by playing mini-games while the Alien players are subtly trying to sabotage your efforts.

Like Spaceteam, the app is made to be played with everyone sitting together in the same room. Unlike Spaceteam, Who Lurks is played on one device that is passed around the room.

Who Lurks is free to download with IAP to disable ads and unlock some minigames. Apart from the multiplayer game, there is also a solo campaign which seems like an odd feature in a hidden-role/traitor game.

You can pick up Who Lurks for iOS Universal or Android.

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