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Three Plays Series: Eminent Domain: Microcosm

Adam Daulton
United States
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Krista (my wife) and I have committed to playing games three times together and then I (or she) or both will post here about the games. We rotate picking games, they must be playable as 2-player games, and then we'll finish with our ratings as a 2-player game.

Board Game: Eminent Domain: Microcosm

Game Overview
Eminent Domain: Microcosm is a two-player game of conquering and colonizing planets that lasts about 10-15 minutes. There are about 20 action cards in the game, 5 tech cards, and three small stacks of planet cards. Players select an action card of three available to them, then either play a card from their hand or pick up their whole discard pile. The game ends once all the action cards from the deck are gone. The actions players are doing include researching to gain technology, conquering planets (either their own or their opponent's), colonizing planets, or doing a few miscellaneous other actions. Players then score points for sets of different items such as type of planets, colonies, spoils, tech, etc. All this is done in the world of Eminent Domain.

How We Obtained It
This is another Kickstarter purchase. I absolutely love Eminent Domain, saw this come up for under $10, and figured it was worth the shot. It was delivered quickly and as you'll find out below, I think well worth the money.

Our Three Games
Game 1 I quickly got going with spoils and despite Krista's efforts in colonizing she fell short with scores of 23 for her and 27 for me. The next game I focused on technology and was able to win a very close game 31 to 30. Finally, Krista got her victory in the last game when she was able to prevent me from getting a lot of techs, despite having the tech scoring cards and won the game 28 for her and 25 for me.

Our Thoughts
I really like this game. Not as good as it's daddy Eminent Domain, this game though is the best micro game out there. Each time I play it, I feel like I've played something fun and strategic, but did so in 10 minutes. Krista likes it fine, but she thinks it isn't long enough. She feels just as soon as she gets an engine going, the game is over. Though she thinks Eminent Domain is too long, so I she needs an Eminent Domain game that lasts longer than 15 minutes, but is shorter than 45 minutes. My one complaint with the game is flipping over colonies. I just don't see why you would choose not to do so. I think the benefit you receive from their icons is way more valuable than your opponent unsure of their cost to defeat. We only own a couple other micro games, the most known being Love Letter, and this game for us is much better.

Final Rating:
Adam: googoogoogoogoogoogoogoo
Krista: googoogoogoogoogoo
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