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Determination and a Stroke of Luck

Jeremy Salinas
United States
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Man Vs Meeple
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Man Vs Meeple took a backseat for three weeks in March of 2016 as I mentally and physically recouped from both the previous months work and the sickening realization that I was going to have to sacrifice my grand plans for something that didn't fit my overall vision. I had exhausted a dozen different outlets and like most things in life, money became the road block to my creative output.

I was pretty much at a crossroad and I was angry at myself because I was holding up the entire creative process due to my indecision and lack of motivation to figure it out. Everything else that was to come revolved around getting this surface created, and if I didn't have this proper desk/table in place, I wouldn't be able to do the required measurements for all of the others design features of the set. I decided to enlist my wife who graciously went with me to Lowe's to purchase some High Density MDF Board which I determined would be my table's top. Knowing that this wood comes in huge rectangular sheets, I had to have the material cut on site at Lowe's before transportation to our basement where I would then glue the two large pieces together.

However, I didn't want a square or rectangular table, so I would have to find a way to shape the table to the size and dimensions that I had originally designed - but I would need the right tools to do so. Again, anxiety and panic set in after gluing the huge pieces together because I knew that I only had one shot at cutting the table top correctly. Once again, I set out to find my answers....

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I had no experience with a router, or even how to utilize one, but after watching a handful of Youtube videos about cutting rounded edges, I knew that I needed one to complete the job. Once again I went to another local woodcraft store in Indianapolis for both guidance and the tools in which to do so. I knew that I would have to build some makeshift rig and template to effectively cut a 6 foot long semi circle into my table top so I asked the sales clerk what I needed to do. After almost 5 minutes of conversation that resonated like an unknown foreign language to me, he mentioned that the store's master craftsman was in the backroom and that maybe he would be willing to better walk me through the process since I obviously looked completely lost to his suggestions.

In my mind, I thought out would walk an older distinguished gentleman in his refined years, but instead I was greeted by a young twenty something who looked half my age. He was gracious and nice and completely confident in his abilities as a woodworker and eventually asked me why someone with my lack of experience and tools was wishing to build a table top in the first place. I told him my story and who I once was in the Board Game community and his eyes instantly lit up like a Christmas tree.

He knew of me and my previous work and he was a huge gamer as well!! On the spot he offered to come to my house and lend his skills and support on not only cutting the table top for me, but also cutting two rounded base supports that would allow me to build the table that I originally designed and always wanted to build from Day One. Euphoria and relief both set in at once as I knew that finally I had caught a break and that things were going to get back on track for Man Vs Meeple.


It absolutely amazes me how people who have the right set of tools and the right skill sets can make everything that they do look so incredibly easy. Spencer came to the set during the first week of April 2016 and like a true craftsman, he cut the table and the two rounded support structures as promised to the exact size and specifications that I had designed in AutoCad. It was an incredible thing to witness and partake in firsthand, and marked a turning point for the development of the set for the next few weeks to come.

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At long last I had my table top and the rigs for the base upon which it would sit, all that needed to happen now was to build the support structure out fully and attach the two units together. On April 7th, 2016, I finally screwed the pieces together and wrapped the front of the desk in plywood to give it the backing that it would need for the detail work that was to follow.

Nearly two months of design, redesign, conversation and disappointment were all resolved in a short four days of hard work and the help of a complete stranger who also shared a similar passion for gaming. Either by continued determination or a simple stroke of luck, Man Vs Meeple was finally back on track and things from here were going to move quickly....

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