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Among the best things in life is playing printed games in person with family and close friends. When those are not convenient we like iOS Board Games. News, reviews, previews, and opinions about board gaming on iPhones, iPads, iPods and even Android devices. (iPhone board games, iPad board games, iPod board games, Android board games)
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Android News Bits - Chameleon Released, Gravity Wins Updated, Rattus Shuffle Released, Spiel 2011 app Released, Word Fighter Coming Soon, Through the Desert Update, Hanging with Friends Released, and more...

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• Chameleon Released
• Gravity Wins Updated
• Rattus Shuffle Released
• Spiel 2011 app Released
• Word Fighter Coming Soon
• Through the Desert Update
• Hanging with Friends Released and Updated
• Words with Friends Updated
• Okey Online Released, Okey updated
• Boardgamegeek App Updated
• German Eagle vs. Russian Bear Updated
• Jenga Updated
• Android Apps on your Ipad?
• Android Apps on your Windows machine?

• Chameleon Released - September 12
Publisher / Developer Blackrock Editions brings cardboard to pixels with an Android version of their game Chameleon. This game merges the quick-grabbyness of Jungle Speed with the goal matching of Fluxx in a fast playing card game.

Chameleon $1.08 in Android Market

• Gravity Wins Updated - September 21
Search for Connect Four in the app store and you will get hundreds of apps simulating that game. Gravity Wins by developer Andlabs separates itself from the others with an interesting twist. As players play their pieces, a move counter counts down to zero. Once that counter is exhausted, the board rotates 90 degrees and the pieces fall to what is now the bottom of the board, and play continutes until someone gets four in a row. September 21 brought an update to this game, which includes the following:
What's in this version:
added new GameMode: SinglePlayer(vs Computer)
new Menu Designs
new AI-Levels added
added Tooltips
added HeyZap (cool new Gameportal)
Couple Bugfixes that Players have reported

Gravity Wins - Free in Android Market

Gravity Wins Pro (no ads and harder AI) - $1.29 in Android Market

• Rattus Shuffle Released - October 5
White Goblin Games releases a companion app on Android for their game Rattus. Rattus Shuffle selects the cards you will play with from all available expansions you own for Rattus. According to White Goblin, there are 652,458,240 different possibilities, and the app includes the latest expansion Rattus: Africanus that they are releasing at Spiel 2011 in Essen.

Rattus Shuffle Free in the Android Market

• Spiel 2011 app by BGG user Peter Feigl
Speaking of Essen, if you do find yourself going this year, check out Peter Feigl's app in this thread for managing your favorite must see games of Spiel this year. Since Peter, BGG user ecraven, is offering this for download from his website, at, and not the google market, make sure to allow for non-market apps to be installed to your device. More info on installing non-market apps, please refer back to my previous post on Third Party App Stores

Essen 2011 Free from Developer's website

• Word Fighter from Developer Feel Every Yummy - Coming Fall 2011
Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Not true, think the developers of the upcoming game Word Fighter. Literary characters fight Mortal Kombat style, with their moves being fueled by a fast paced head to head Boggle-like play. Reported to be coming out in the fall from developer Feel Every Yummy.
Here is their Coming Soon Trailer:

• Through the Desert Update - October 7
Developer Tribeflame gives a little hustle to the artificial intelligence in the latest update to Reiner Kinzia’s Through the Desert. Faster AI and Fixes for Multicore CPUs

Knizia's Through the Desert - $2.99 in Android Market

• Hanging with Friends - September 19 & 29
On September 19th, Zynga, the developer of the popular Words with Friends, released Hanging with Friends, their Scrabble-inspired Hangman game. Instead of gory imagery of executions, in their version of Hangman no noose is good noose. Players play each other hanging on to a bunch of balloons. The balloons pop with each word between players that is not guessed. As similar Scrabble-style tiles are used to form the words, the value of the letters, as well as random bonus spaces determine score. September 29 brought an update to add Facebook login fixes and overall stability fixes.

Hanging with Friends Free in Android Market

• Words with Friends Updated - September 27
Zynga also updates Words with Friends... Here is what they have to update

What's in this version:
Galloping at break-neck speeds, release 4.03 travels day and night to bring you a message! Now, when friends send you a chat, you'll receive a notification!
4.03 blazes trails through the thorny underbrush! Behind-the scenes optimizations to performance!

Words with Friends Free in Android Market

• Okey Online Released, normal Okey updated - September 30
Developer Globile releases an online version of their Okey app. Okey is a rummy game in the Rummykub family. Okey Online takes the same gameplay as the normal Okey app, and add connections to a internet game server to look for human opponents. If not humans are available, bots enter the game. The regular Okey app, which is only solo play againsta AI, gets an update with bug fixes.

Okey Free in Android Market

Okey Online Free in Android Market

• Boardgamegeek App by developers Chris Comeaux and Dennis Bond Updated - October 15
This app, which has already been a good app to check BGG to get basic game information while on the go or to log a game play, just got a big update. This update brings the ability to read the BGG forums, and game forums. Read only, no posting. But the perfect thing to get your BGG fix while away from home or work. More info on the app from its developers, Chris (ccomeaux) and Dennis (rjnfc) in a thread about the app here.

Boardgamegeek App Free in the Android Market

• German Eagle vs. Russian Bear Updated - October 2
Wargame fans, DK Simulations updates its game German Eagle vs. Russian Bear which is Operation Barbarossa as a hex and counter wargame. This latest update to version 8.0 fixes bugs.

German Eagle vs. Russian Bear Free in Android Market

• Jenga Updated - October 10
Multiplayer just got better! If you have friends playing on other mobile devices you can now also enjoy playing against them too.
Send a text message to your opponent with each move in an Online game. Try to be nice though, being nice is a nice thing to do.
XP Levels
Now every move and every completed game in Online earns you XP. Level up through a series of XP Levels. Can you make it from Sawdust Sweeper to Grand Axe Master?

Jenga - $2.99 in Android Market

• Android Apps on your Ipad? Well, not quite.
Developer Myriad as created the ability to run Android Apps on other platforms called Alien Dalvik. Circulating on the internet has been the announcement that they planned to show this at a convention for the wireless telecommunications industry called CTIA. While quite a technical achievement, there is no guarantee that this will come to iOS, as Apple has generally frowned on emulators and apps where additional content could be loaded without Apple’s vetting. For example, earlier this summer, Apple forced ebook vendors Amazon and Barnes and Noble to remove the ability to buy ebooks directly from their apps. Who knows what they will think of Alien Dalvik?

• Android Apps on your Windows machine? Yes...
Another company, named Blue Stacks Inc. has created a program to run Android apps on your Windows 7 PC. Unlike Alien Dalvik above, this project has something for you to try out if you want. Currently in Alpha, there is a download on the Blue Stacks website that comes installed with 26 Apps preinstalled, with the ability to download your own. More info on their website.
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