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Heart of the Mists: Valkea the Myrmidon

B. G. Kubacki
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Yesterday a Print and Play version of Valkea the Myrmidon was released (which you can find here). Now, it's time to tell you who she really is. Also, I decided to show you a few Enemies already present So, are you ready to jump into another piece of Heart of the Mists lore?

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The Myrmidons

The deserts of Naar are a harsh environment to live in, and an even harsher for those who want to wage war under the scorching sun. Since the Mistfall, the rocky planes and labyrinths of red stone have seen their fair share of strife, so the Kerathi, a brave and stout nation that inhabits Naar, are no strangers to conflict. And wherever there is conflict, Myrmidons are always the first to clash with the enemy.

Both armoured and mobile, able to traverse the sea of dunes with an almost unnatural speed, Myrmidons are to Naar and Hammorhome what Shieldbearers are to Valskyrr and Forstvalley Keep. Not quite as resilient, but more mobile and equally as disciplined as the warriors of the frozen north, Myrmidons are known around the world as the tip of the spear that strikes the abominations and horrors spawned in the deserts and caverns of Naar.

Now, after the world has almost shattered and the Mists have made the lands of frost neighbours to the realm of fire, Myrmidons are once again ready to stand firm against the tide of darkness. Able to adapt to new environments and ready to lock shields with their new allies, the Myrmidons fight to push the Mists back once again, and restore the world to what it once was.

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Valkea the Spear of Hammerhome

Some say in jest that Valkea was born with shield and spear in hand, and that she killed her first Ravenok when she was nine. And while the latter claim is only a joke, the second one is most certainly true, as the story of a young, fierce girl driving a spear through a brid-like warrior’s gut while defending her infant brother, spread like wildfire in Hammerhome.

Drafted into the ranks of Myrmidons at the age of 12, Valkea became the youngest captain to lead her own squad, and before she was twenty, she had already locked shields with the legendary wielders of the Myrmidon spear. She had also found her one true love: Terhu, a Myrmidon just like her, both a lover and a companion always at her side both in battle, and in times of rest. But Valkea's happines was not meant to last, as it was in battle that the two were torn apart.

Short after the cataclysm that reshaped the world, Valkea and Terhu stood against a mysterious winged sorcerer, whose corrupting power made short work of their battle gear. Deprived of her shield, Terhu was struck down with a mighty blow and overwhelmed by the Mists. Valkea, wounded and surrounded by enemies, could only hear the screams of Tehru and the laughter of their demonic adversary, as they both faded away in the swirling Mists.

Now, with a determination and discipline unparalleled even by the greatest Myrmidons, Valkea pushes onward through corrupted lands, travels between Valskyrr and Naar, and seeks to find and free Terhu. Aided in her quest by those who have seen her in battle, as well as by new allies ready to stand by her side against any odds, Valkea knows that she will not rest until Terhu is once again by her side.

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Ravenok Stalker, Valkea's first kill.

Valkea as a Player Character

With a bit less fortitude, Valkea is nonetheless a warrior type, able to withstand Enemy attacks, and strike a countering blow that will cripple even the toughest foes. With what she lacks in pure resilience, she makes up for in a certain dose of mobility and range.

With a style of play not as complex as some other Heroes of Heart of the Mists, Valkea seems the right choice for those only making their first steps into the fiery lands of Naar, or the icy realm of Valskyrr.

Do you like Valkea's story? Do you like how she handles in battle? Tell us what you think!
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