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Heart of the Mists: Sigraed the Dawnfire

B. G. Kubacki
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Today the Heart of the Mists has just gotten a new playable character many of the fans of original Mistfall wanted to see. Once a villain, now joining the ranks of Heroes of Mistfall, here’s the story of Sigraed the Dawnfire.

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The Mistflame

Once a promising student of the Dathnafar Loreforge, Sigraed was drawn into machinations of a powerful noble Steadholme family, who felt spited by Thaela, Sigraed’s teacher and headmistress of the Flamecaster Academy. The intrigue resulted in Thaela’s violent death in a trap that was supposed to destroy Sigraed herself.

Driven to the brink of madness by despair, Sigraed first left Dathnafar and travelled north to seek a noble death, destroying servants of the Mists, but was instead corrupted by their power, and turned against both those who tried to destroy her, as well as those who were once on her side. She returned to Dathnafar, incited a rebellion in the ranks of young Flamecasters, and set most of the city ablaze in a rampage that killed all but one member of the Steadholme house.

Barely driven away, Sigraed moved to the north again, where she continued to sow destruction, until Frostvalley dispatched a group seasoned adventurers to deal with her. After a dramatic race against time, Sigraed was finally cornered by three of them: Celenthia, a Wizard of Dathnafar; Hareag a Ravencrag Frost Mage; and Crow, a Frostvalley Seeker.

The three managed to overpower Sigraed, and as the two mages held the destructive power at bay, Crow moved in for the kill. But as the Flamecaster saw his face, her fury exploded with an even greater strength, and then turned into a violent maelstrom, which swallowed both her and the Seeker.

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Sigraed the Mistflame, Villain of Mistfall

The Battle of Ravencrag

Over a year later, after Frostvalley Keep had already accepted the bitter price of victory over the Mistflame, Crow returned, bringing with a him a mysterious figure clad in dark cloak. Refusing to talk about his absence, he only said that he is bringing a warning, and that both Forstvalley and Ravencrag must mobilize immediately, as a great force is amassing in northern Valskyrr.

The grim news checked out, as returning scouts were reporting next to no activity in the closer regions of lands formerly corrupted by the Mists. The forces of Frostvalley moved with desparate speed, and managed to reach Ravencrag just as a grand battle was about to begin. The Ravencrag Furies and Shieldbearers stood together with all who would answer the call, but it became quickly apparent that their chances were slim, as the forces of the Mists were led by Rahlfors, the betrayer of Frostvalley and Sigraed.

Just as it seemed all would be lost, Sigraed suddenly turned on Rahlfors, laying fiery waste to the ranks of the servants of the Mists. Her betrayal tipped the scales of battle, and despite huge losses suffered by the defenders, Ravencrag did not fall, and a decisive blow was dealt to the Mists. Rahlfors however, once again eluded Frostvalley’s grasp, and even managed to do what he once failed to do: kill the Lord Commander of the Keep, before taking flight and vanishing in the Mists once more.

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Sigraed the Dawnfire, Hero of Heart of the Mists

The Dawnfire

Those who saw the moment Sigraed switched sides, tell stories of a shadowy spirit being torn out from the body of Sigraed by a sudden surge of energy, originating from the ranks of Shieldbearers. Only few know, that the phenomenon was a carefully prepared ritual, based on knowledge Crow brought back with him, and performed by Celenthia, protected from Sigraed’s view by her magic and the shadowy art of Melekai, a new ally that had come to Frostvalley with Crow.

After the battle Sigraed returned under guard to Frostvalley Keep, where she spent months with priests and Loremasters, all astonished by the change she had undergone. Seemingly chosen by Dawn herself, she is now the bearer and guardian of Dawnfire, a mystical force that has been granted by the goddess to only few mortals.

Now, as Sigraed joins the ranks of protectors of Valskyrr and Naar, she has already let herself be known to the forces of the Mists, and even as the dark power strikes at humanity once again, its minions flinch or outright flee, as the fiery gaze of the Dawnfire falls upon them.

From gallery of irondeav

What you see above is also the render of Sigraed’s miniature. However, this is work in progress, and we alredy know that there will be a few changes between now and the final version. Still, this should be quite close to the final outcome.
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