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Hannibal. Peace!

This is a copy of my blog entry at, which, I think is easier to read and usually has more graphics.

Hello Everyone,

It has been almost half a year, since we at Phalanx, have secured rights to publish Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage. Since then, every day saw us pushing the project forward. Few days ago, I have started to post on several forums showing results of our work.

The reactions we are getting are mixed. Some people seem to like the direction we are taking the game, others would prefer earlier game editions. I am writing this post, to:

a) Assure the fist group, we will apply our vision to the game. We count on your support and valuable remarks. We are always listening However, the final decision rests with us as we will take the commercial responsibility for the project. So, please share your ideas on how to improve this great Classic, without spoiling it. There are still chances to include those solutions in the new edition.

b) Assure the second group, that we are not making any changes to the game engine, which would result in changed game play. We love the game, we play the game, we cherish the game. We want the game to be easier accessible for some of those, for whom earlier game editions were often too difficult to access. At the same time, we have decided to publish the game in the format, which would allow playing it the ‘old good way’. For example: we will make sure to include all the original tables in the box, so a Grognard can have all the insights he was used to get, when playing.

So, peace Everyone! We are making all this effort to make you happy!

Having said that, I wish to give you an example, on how we alter the game material, to make playing a little easier for everyone. Here we go.

A Truce.

Let’s have a look at cards of two earlier editions (below).

External image

External image

This crucial game event, required clarification:

External image


Instead of sending Players to the rulebook, we have designed a Truce icon, which can be found on the back of the Turn marker. When the Truce is enacted, you simply flip the Turn marker as a reminder.

External image

External image

At the same, time, the Truce card, as you see below, explains that events which are breaking the Truce are now marked with the olive branch icon.

External image

For instance: look at Traitor in Tarentum card. Can you find the icon?

External image

I hope above is a good example, we are moving into a right direction?

Stay tuned in, there is more coming. News on General’s stands, minatures, dice, counters and, last but not least, new game scenarios! And please remember: your feedback is always welcome!

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On game related note, you may also like to check my Band of Gamers Tour of Poland and Prussia. That’s the best way to meet designer of Hannibal. Rome vs Carthage , Mark Simonitch and his humble follower and new game’s edition developer and author of these words.

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Stay in touch and happy gaming!

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