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Kickstarter Weekly Summary - Sunday 29th May, 2016

Mike Minutillo
Western Australia
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Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
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Hey there Kickers! How has your week been? As promised, this will not be a full post because today I played my first game of Twilight Imperium (Third Edition). I really enjoyed it! We had 5 players and made it 7 turns in before the Hacan player pulled off the win. I almost had it but I happened to lose a very important Dreadnaught at the most inopportune moment. We started with a rules explanation at 12:30 and ended about 8 hours later with a single break for food. Great game and I look forward to giving it another go.

So, right now there are 223 live Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category (up 3 from last week). Of those, 78 (~35%) have already reached their funding goal. 77 (34.5%) have related BGG pages.

Your kickstarter weekly summary for Sunday May 29 2016
11 projects ending in the next 3 days
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1,045.05 % ENDING
This War Of Mine: The Board Game
A board game experience, carrying an important message: In war, not everyone is a soldier. Can you survive to see the end of the war? (KS link)
External image

787.06 % ENDING
A boardgame of worker displacement and survival! Scavenge, Survive and Prosper in a post-apocalyptic world. (KS link)
External image

764.32 % ENDING
Plague Inc: The Board Game
Can you infect the world? In this strategic board game, 1-5 players evolve deadly plagues and battle to be first to wipe out humanity! (KS link)
External image

607.65 % NEW ENDING
The Resistance - Plot Thickens
An expansion for the The Resistance for those that missed the Plot Cards and our past Kickstarter promo items. (KS link)
External image

515.20 % ENDING
Dale of Merchants 2: The Era of Trade Masters
A deck building game where you tear up your deck as fast as you build it. Astounding art featuring characterful animalfolks. (KS link)
External image

252.40 % NEW ENDING
Baby Blues
A family friendly game that is simple to learn and just plain fun! (KS link)
External image

192.48 % ENDING
Saltlands - Sail through the Desert!
A post-apocalyptic adventure board game. Fight raiders, cooperate or betray your friends. Be among the first to escape the Saltlands! (KS link)
External image

87.63 % ENDING
Capitalism, USA: Rise to Power
A money-management game based upon power and influence throughout American History. Grow your wealth, rise to power, and eliminate all. (KS link)
External image

14.30 % ENDING
Vampire Cul-de-sac - a Halloween board game
A tabletop game for up to 4 players, ages 8 and up. 45-60 minutes. Get your trick-or-treaters home before they get eaten by vampires. (KS link)
External image

10.48 % ENDING
Battle Blakes: First Bash
Each player is a persona of Blake. Battle each other to destroy your opponents' self-esteem and be the last Blake standing. (KS link)
External image

5.93 % ENDING
BATLHEX - Tabletop Board Game
Sweep Your Opponent's Pieces from the Board in this Competitive Strategy Game for the Whole Family. 2 Players. (KS link)
18 projects ending in the next 10 days
External image

977.72 % ENDING
Try to survive against grotesque creatures, a possible traitor, and infected, re-animated players! Can you find the Antidote in time? (KS link)
External image

727.60 % ENDING
LOAD the Board Game
The armies of Chaos and Atlantis clash in a battle to decide the fate of the world in this PvP miniatures board game for 2-6 players! (KS link)
External image

615.22 % ENDING
Command mighty Exosuits, traverse Time Rifts and lead your Path through a cataclysmic future in this epic board game for 1-4 players. (KS link)
External image

421.04 % ENDING
March of the Ants: Minions of the Meadow
Expand the world of March of the Ants! Evolve Major Workers, farm Aphids, and hunt Predators in this open ended strategy game for 1-5! (KS link)
External image

300.93 % ENDING
Awful Fantasy: The Card Game
A comedy card game where players take the role of authors competing to be the first to finish the next awful fantasy novel. (KS link)
External image

246.13 % ENDING
Ave Roma Premium edition
Build up your influence in Ancient Rome. A strategy board game with unique worker placement mechanics. (KS link)
External image

188.08 % ENDING
Vanuatu Second Edition
Let's bring the wonderful game of Vanuatu back to life with polished artwork and added mini-expansions. (KS link)
External image

141.07 % ENDING
Sol: Last Days of a Star
The Sun is on the brink of supernova. Can you escape before your world is vaporized? A board game for 1-5 players. (KS link)
External image

113.06 % ENDING
Campaign Trail
Campaign strategy in a fun, fast-paced game! Travel, advertise, campaign, fundraise, and more as you race to become the next president! (KS link)
External image

97.06 % ENDING
Cosmic Pioneers
Sci-fi area control board game for 2 to 4 players with a unique drafting setup mechanism for unlimited replayability! (KS link)
External image

75.00 % ENDING
Jail Break - A game for 2-6 inmates
Jail Break is a strategic tabletop game that pits you against your friends in a race to escape the world's most dangerous prison. (KS link)
External image

66.22 % ENDING
Fallen Angel - the board game
The gigantic asteroid Angel City is falling from exosphere, save our world from crashing in dice-euro style! (KS link)
External image

53.60 % ENDING
Arsenal: Arena Combat - Hammerhead Expansion
The second official expansion for Arsenal: Arena Combat, the fast-paced dice & hex card game of tactical mech combat for 2-6 players. (KS link)
External image

44.23 % ENDING
Gaslight Empire Games: Chief Inspector & City of Outcasts
Step off the airship and explore the mysteries of the Gaslight Empire, with two compact and calculatingly criminal card games. (KS link)
External image

40.92 % ENDING
The Dangerous Sea
An epic board game of exploration and battle on the unforgiving sea. (KS link)
External image

29.41 % ENDING
Legend of Vyas, Might and Fury: Bhima vs Duryodhana
Collectible Card Game based on India's greatest epic - The Mahabharata (KS link)
External image

19.55 % ENDING
Devil Tree Station
Be a wanted Outlaw or justice driven Posse member and take control of the streets through the black powder fueled application of lead! (KS link)
External image

7.62 % ENDING
The Wizards Path
Create a Wizards Path, build your power and gain allied court influence in this 1-4 player worker placement/ card management game. (KS link)
20 projects launched within the last 7 days
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607.65 % NEW ENDING
The Resistance - Plot Thickens
An expansion for the The Resistance for those that missed the Plot Cards and our past Kickstarter promo items. (KS link)
External image

252.40 % NEW ENDING
Baby Blues
A family friendly game that is simple to learn and just plain fun! (KS link)
External image

141.71 % NEW
World Championship Russian Roulette by Anthony Burch
The press-your-luck bluffing game with simultaneous play that will blow your mind! From the creative mind of Anthony Burch. (KS link)
External image

118.14 % NEW
Railroads Second Edition - Special Run
Limited reprint of small-run train game (KS link)
External image

112.70 % NEW
Knuckle Sammich - Kobolds Ate My Card Game!!!
King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!) wants lunch. Can you eat a delicious sammich before being eaten by your friends or worse... King Torg?! (KS link)
External image

91.87 % NEW
Heroes and Tricks
An on-the-go, trick taking game like you've never played before!
2-6 Players. Unique, custom box. (KS link)
External image

82.08 % NEW
BLEND OFF! (Relaunch) - A Speed Dice Game!
Blend Off! is a dice-rolling game of speed and skill for 2 to 4 players. Master Mixers roll dice to collect fruit and create smoothies! (KS link)
External image

72.54 % NEW
Dungeon Crusade - Book I: Genesis of Evil
An epic solo/co-op sandbox adventure awaits you... Explore, mine and craft! Slay monsters, level-up and find rare loot! (KS link)
External image

68.18 % NEW
Princes of the Renaissance - Reprint!
A modern classic, Martin Wallace's Princes of the Renaissance returns to print in a new Mercury Games edition! (KS link)
External image

57.68 % NEW
Dueling Samurai: A 'fast and furious' game of conquest.
68 Samurai will end the Age of War. Disasters, honor, spying, brothels, Sumo, hostages duels and much more. Play on Tabletopia now! (KS link)
External image

44.79 % NEW
1v1 strategy card game where players assume the role of a lone mech pilot in deep space. Fun choices, deep gameplay, giant robots. (KS link)
External image

42.79 % NEW
The Princess and the Goblin - A Game of Daring Escape
Trapped! Can you flip the right tiles to escape the goblin kingdom? A family-game based on the classic story for 1-4 players. (KS link)
External image

28.89 % NEW
Manatech: Where no magic is safe....
Manatech is a 1-4 player, cooperative, action-adventure game that features real-time elements, modular levels and dice-assignment. (KS link)
External image

24.34 % NEW
Sovrano, A Handmade Game of Strategy & Cunning
Capture objective spaces, earn points, and lead your emperor to the throne and victory! Sovrano is handmade with 100% wood components. (KS link)
External image

23.72 % NEW
[thing=]SOCIALISM: The Game[/thing]
The unofficial expansion to Hasbro's Monopoly, where everyone achieves total economic equality! It's a Game Changer. (KS link)
External image

15.22 % NEW
PWNs: A Game of Strategic Mayhem
The ultimate, easy-to-learn strategy game that changes every time you play. (KS link)
External image

12.53 % NEW
The Pirate Republic
Pirate across the New World to forge empires & seize power from European imperialists in this 1713 boardgame adventure for 2-4 players. (KS link)
External image

12.40 % NEW
Garden of Bees
Protect your hive. Conquer the garden. Garden of Bees is a lively dice rolling board game for 2 to 6 players! (KS link)
External image

10.91 % NEW
Barrage Battle
A tactical card and board game that blends strategy and dexterity requiring players to throw projectile dice at enemy targets! (KS link)
External image

3.40 % NEW
Pyrates: Curse of Neptune
Take your crew to the tabletop, to fight off other players and defend your crew. Eliminate all other players to rule the Seven Seas. (KS link)

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