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Heart of the Mists: Your Allies Stand Ready

B. G. Kubacki
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If you were following the Heart of the Mists Kickstarter, you know that the expansion introduces Allies, a new game element foreshadowed in the base game of Mistfall itself. You may also know that some of them were essentially Ally versions of base game Heroes, using the same art. However, our backers asked us if we could provide those characters with separate art, and we decided to comply. So, here’s the new art, together with a set of personal histories of four of the Allies you’ll find in Heart of the Mists.


Born far away from Frostvalley Keep, Tarah had always exhibited the character traits that made her a natural Shieldbearer recruit. Headstrong, tough and relentless, she spend most of her teens raising her four younger brothers, orphaned by an outburst of a plague that took the population of half a dozen cities in the south, reaching as far as the borders of Valskyrr.

From gallery of irondeav

Tried and true both before joining Shieldbearer ranks and while carrying the Bear Shield, Tarah will be the rock that stands between you and the tide of creatures spawned by the Mists. Unlike a rock, however, she is more than capable to punish those who seek to harm you, and resilient enough to still be at your side as you face great peril at the Heart of the Mists.


A talented young mage, cocky and insolent enough (on at least one occasion) to be punished by his Dathnafar superiors by relocating him “where his unique talents can do most good”. Some also say that his exile had something to do with how he acquired his arcane flame skills, and the fact that the vice-headmistress of the Flamecasters has recently been granted an honorary diplomatic position in one of the independent provinces far, far to the south of Dathnafar.

From gallery of irondeav

Far from being known for his resilience in battle, Kerdan can nonetheless stand in for what your party of gruff fighters and mouthy barbarians lacks: a bit of the arcane. Don’t expect Kerdan to go toe to toe with an angry beastman wielding a battle axe, but do expect him to turn the brute to ashes, given the opportunity… to hide behind your shield.


Silent, focused, reliable, and perhaps a bit shy, that is how Aidran would be described by anyone who knew him as a child or a very young man. Even as an initiate, he would still earn a similar description, supplemented only with the word “devoted”. Nobody expected him to be welcomed into the prestigious ranks of the Dawnbearers, until an attack on his temple made him unleash his righteous fury, which led to a massive display of divine power, and to many of Aidran’s brothers and sisters witnessing for the first time mindless undead retreating as if fearing for their very lives.

From gallery of irondeav

Aidren is very much what you would expect from a warrior priest. He will help you overcome enemies, lend his healing skills when most needed, and put the reanimated dead on their back foot the moment they enter the fray. So, if you feel you need someone to have your back, he is the one you should take with you.


“Ratface Flavi” others used to call her, back when she was part of a street gang in Dathnafar. She endured silently, seemingly making nothing of the fact that even among the beggars and drifters she was somehow considered of lower social standing. All that changed, however, when the city watch took down Flavi’s crew. The gang was miraculously released a few days later, after a flash-fire in the watch’s headquarters consumed most of the evidence and paperwork. Most, but not all. In fact, just enough was left to keep one individual behind bars. And as he was the one that liked tormenting Flavi the most, nobody ever called her “Ratface” again.

From gallery of irondeav

Although those days are far behind Flavi, she still makes use of the same skills, only this time her “crew” is very, very different. If she stands by your side, you can be certain that her skills will help you overcome a difficulty, or evade it completely. And though she can hold her own in a fight, her wit remains forever much sharper than the keen-edged daggers she wields against your enemies.
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