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Dauntless Hunters 0.3

United Kingdom
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Context: Dauntless Hunters

As promised I've worked on Dauntless Hunters 0.3 to the point that it's ready for some blind testing and feedback.

If you're not familiar with it, this is my monster slaying game. It plays solo or with two players. Hesitantly I'm expanding it towards three, but am not entirely comfortable with how well the three player rules work at this stage.

You play as a small team of elite highly specialised hunters who will work together to bring down a dangerous monster. It features a fast skirmish system in a limited environment and every hunter group and monster plays differently. Here are the ones in the base pack:

Dire Wolf: The dire wolf is fast. It can dart in, make attacks and dart out before its victim's have time to react. When it's on the verge of death it flies into a frenzy and makes one last final charge to try to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Slime Demon: Every step this bulbous monster takes leaves a trail of slime on the floor, if you step into it you burn, if it steps into it, it heals. All of which wouldn't be so bad if it didn't have a tongue that can drag your hunters into its waiting jaws.

Dragon: This has all of the tricks that made it famous, it crushes, charges, flies, breathes fire and generally makes life hell. It comes in several colours, but the most dangerous species shift their elemental strengths and weaknesses depending on what the hunters are using.

Nyvetta: This wizard leads her apprentices to battle. Individually they're weak, but any two of them can combine glyphs to unleash a devastating attack on any target directly in between them - if you can get into the right positions.

Khan: The leader of the soulhunters hears his ancestors calling him to battle. Some of his warriors may fall, but each one that does inspires another to even greater heights - granting some of their abilities as inspirations to their allies who still live.

Father Jebediah: Hailing from a world in which he survived the zombie apocalypse this priest now controls part of the undead horde. They may not be strong, but they can die again and again and keep going. Just be careful not to get all of your zombie masters killed or they'll become uncontrolled and start eating anything that moves.

The great news about this game is this:

You already own it!

To play you need the rules (attached to the original post), an 8x8 board (such as a chessboard), a deck of cards, any collection of models and some six sided dice.

The game is still in development and I'd love to hear what you think of it
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