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Wednesday February 16th - an exciting email

Matthew M
United States
New Haven
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513ers Assemble!
About eight years ago in Pittsburgh I introduced Dungeons & Dragons (3.5 Edition) to a friend and his wife. Soon a third joined in, and then a fourth and fifth. And a sixth. And a seventh. And several years later a party of two 1st level characters were a party of seven 18th level characters.

It was glorious! Unfortunately, with the exception of a few one-off games, that was the last of my significant RPGing.

Hopefully all that changes soon as I'm gearing up to start a new Dungeons & Dragons (4th Edition) campaign in New Haven! Today, I sent the following email:

So what I've got in mind is a sandbox-style heroic level campaign centered around a city and the surrounding region. I've got a bunch of ideas for adventure hooks, but I'm also going to rely on you all to let me know what you're interested in doing. I don't want to waste much time on preparing something that isn't fun for you, and you don't want to waste time playing something that's not fun, so collaborating on the direction of things is win-win.


Here are the basics for the world you'll be playing in:

A decade ago a war that was fought across multiple planes came to an abrupt end when a massive magical force swept the land and destroyed the ability to travel through portals. This left The Kingdom, which had spanned the continent, completely shattered. Without the use of portals to quickly travel between regions, the king's hold shrunk to retaining control over only the capital city of Korath and the nearby city of Koval. Koval was once a thriving industrial town and was the center of production for The Kingdom's war effort. With the war over, the king distracted with self-absorbed interests, and easy portal trade cut-off, Koval has become a shadow of its former self. Buildings once filled with commerce are now vacated and run down, and streets once bustling with activity are now empty and dangerous to walk at night. However, Koval is about to become an important place again very soon....

Things of interest:

The standard D&D pantheon of gods exists. However each god has several sects of followers with different beliefs and values. The alignment of a god is an indication of where most of that god's followers fall. But it is quite possible for a good aligned god, like Pelor, to have an evil desert cult that makes human sacrifices in his name, or for the evil Vecna to have a non-evil scholarly sect devoted to learning. As you can imagine, sects that worship the same god often do not get along with one another.

The king has been hoarding magical items. The king's administration has been granting licenses to individuals and adventuring parties authorizing them to hunt for and obtain these magical items by any means necessary. Though mundane magical items are allowed for general use, no one without such a license is allowed to posses more powerful items (in game terms, magic items approximately 5th level or higher.) It is expected that even those with licenses will only use magic items in the service of acquiring even more powerful items before eventually handing everything over to The Kingdom (in return for generous compensation, of course).

The Warforged are a rather new race created by Kingdom wizards and craftsmen. With the war over they have become unwanted children, struggling to find their place in the world.


I'm excited!

(BTW - there might be a spot available, so if you're awesome, live in the New Haven CT area, and the above sounds fun to you - shoot me a geekmail)

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