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Interview with Christophe Pont

Jaime "Jason Rider" Polo
S/C de Tenerife
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After the release of Colonial:Europe's Empires Overseas, we get in contact with Christophe Pont to make him a small interview to know a little bit more about him, his game and his company.

I hope you like it.

* How do you start at the boardgames?
My brother, how's 9 nine years older than me used to test wargames and others on me, very early in my life. We also played a great lego-wargame, and Playmobil-wargame (this one wioth my cousins).

* Which was your first game that you get as a gift or you bought?
My brother had a lot. The first one I bought myself, I don't remember, but "Siege" comes to my mind.

* How much time do you use in a week for boardgames?
The whole week I'm into this business, but I don't play that much, I get a lot of feedbacks.. When I play, it's usually GMT's card-drivens.

* How much time do you spend to finish a game (idea, test...)?
1 year. 1 year and a half was the longest time I've spent (Colonial)

* What can you tell us abour your first games?
I was a teenager. I played them with my group of players, they were quie successful there.

* What can you tell us about Colonial: Europe's Empires Overseas?
A awful lot of "streamlining" !

* How did you get the idea to make the game?
In Varanasi, holiest city of India, thinking about the culture schock, wanting a game about the full story of Colonial Europe (I didn't manage yet, the XIXth century is still out of it)

* Can you tell us a bit more about the game?
It's mainly diplomatic. Very hard to figure how to win. Great replayability.

* How did you start your own company? How do you think to publish Game of Thrones in French?
I was into the novels and the card game, and I thought this was a next big thing, as they were so good. I contacted FFG and was at the right time right place, so I got the deal.

* Why did you not continue with GoT?
When the game became a Living card game, there was 6 Months of confusion. Also, the initial sales of the base box were not very good in France, so Patrice Gasser and I decided to let it go.

* Do you play your own games?
Sure. For test purposes.

* do you play online? If you do it, what games do you play online?
Video gams : Total War, Napoleonic and Shogun 2 Vassal : For the People

* Will be published in Spanish any of your games?
I'm waiting for the answer of a Spanish wholesaler. Colonial has to appeal to the Spanish audience !

* If you could design a game in the history of games... which one would be that one?
Magic the Gathering haha

* Which other desingers do you admire?
Mark Hermann, Richard Berg, Phil Eklund, the hard core of Games Workshop

* Can you tell us your top 5 games?
For the People, Space Hulk, Space Marine, Blackbeard, Betrayal at House on the Hill

* If you only could choose one game to play with 3 friends more, what game will you chose?
Battlefield Gothic

* And to play alone?
Total War

* What was the last game that you played and you get addicted?
Shogun 2

* Any future proyect?
Oh yes. The next one is not by me. Another will be in the Colonial "Range".

* Any advise for the new designers?
I still consider myself a new one. 1. There's always a solution. 2. When everything seems lost, wait for some Months and have a fresh look. 3 Test early on, as fun is the magical spark a game always needs, and it's very hard to figure out without trying.
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