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In this blog I'll talk about various miniature games. Custom miniatures and minor conversions are my favorite pastime. I'll cover scenery making and painting too. The WIP you'll see here is all about Necromunda, Epic 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy 5th Edition, Warmaster and Warhammer 40K 3rd Edition.
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Warhammer Nippon

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Long time ago I went to the Fantasy World convention at the Handelsbeurs in Antwerp (Belgium) in 1993. The convention was organized by a FLGS called The Lonely Mountain, a legendary shop in Flanders.

The only fantasy games I knew (and played) back in those days were HeroQuest and the famous customizable card game Magic. I bought my first blackbordered M:TG beta edition cards here. These were the pre-internet days and the importance of conventions was very high. It was the only way to discover new products. One of the trade stands had a sealed box of HeroQuest: Barbarian Quest Pack for cheap. This was an American version and I didn't speak English back then. So I thought by myself: "I'll buy this in my supermarket soon when the Dutch version is published..." What a mayor mistake this has been for a huge HeroQuest-fan like me! It was never published in Europe and I had to wait 15 years before I even found out any details about it. But that's another story... (Read some of it here: )

Between various trade stands, live swordfighting, signature sessions (by Dave Prowse and others), there were also a lot of gaming tables.
It was on one of those tables that I saw a Warhammer Nippon army for the first time. How awesome it was! An Oriental Dragon, Warrior Monks, and Ashigaru with that typical wooden footwear (or "geta") and round straw hats.

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I never found out whose army it was and to my great disappointment my FLGS didn't sell a GW Nippon army. (So I went for Skaven instead.)

I only later found out that GW never really published something like a "Nippon army". But there are some miniatures available now. And it's the only Warhammer army I don't own for the moment. It all starts with the iconic rocket launcher. While the blister package states that it is a Nippon Rocket Crew, many Warhammer fans tend to say it is actually a Cathayan warmachine... That last idea is also reflected in the Warmaster Trial Armies list. They have two separate lists for Cathay and Nippon.

From gallery of toco

From gallery of toco

I managed to buy one for a normal price at eBay. IN BLISTER PACKAGE! But unfortunatelly, I had to open it, I want to play with the miniatures, not just invest and collect.

From gallery of toco

In the 3rd edition rulebook for Warhammer there is a list to help you construct a Nippon army. The army list is not as extensive as we know from later versions of Warhammer, but it has just enough info to become interested. This list together with the armies list from Warmaster will be my guides to build a 28mm Nippon army.

From gallery of tocoking

Last picture is the empty blister package. The artwork on the front is realy cool in comparisson to the newer blister packages by GW. It shows a Samurai, a Ninja, an Oni and a Celestial Dragon. If someone knows who the artist is, let me know!

From gallery of toco
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