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What's New? September 7, 2016: D&D5E, Pathfinder, T&T, Traveller, Polaris, Fate, DCC, LotFP, D&D PDFs, and much more

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Oh my.

I knew a week like this one was on the horizon, but I didn't expect 20+ FLGS releases. Let's get started...

New releases at your FLGS

What's this? A Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) release? Storm King's Thunder is the newest adventure from Wizards of the Coast which will take characters from level 1 to 11+. (Source: Leisure Games)

From Paizo Publishing, the next batch of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (1st Edition) releases are: Pathfinder #109: In Search of Sanity and the Haunted Heroes Handbook. (Source: Alliance)

Sometimes I'm quite surprised when I see items hitting stores for the first time. Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls has been out there for awhile, but this latest edition of Flying Buffalo, Inc. (FBI)'s Tunnels & Trolls is just now hitting distribution. (Source: Alliance)

Mongoose Publishing has two new introductory releases for Traveller (Mongoose): Marches Adventure 1: High and Dry and Reach Adventure 1: Marooned on Marduk. (Source: Leisure Games)

Need more 5e Game System Product (D&D 5th Edition Compatible)? Kobold Press is in stores with the Book of Lairs and the Tome of Beasts. (Source: Alliance)

Funded by Kickstarter and featuring contributions from our own Yohann Delalande, Polaris (French RPG, 3rd Edition) is now available in English. Black Book Editions has released POLARIS RPG - Core Rulebook: 1, POLARIS RPG - Core Rulebook: 2 (combined in a slipcase), Equinox (Polaris), and related accessories. (Source: Alliance)

Posthuman Studios has brought Eclipse Phase (First Edition) to Fate Core with Eclipse Phase: Transhumanity's Fate. (Source: Alliance)

Lamentations of the Flame Princess is in stores with two new - imagine that - Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventures: England Upturn'd and The Cursed Chateau (Expanded Edition). (Source: Impressions)

Expeditious Retreat Press has released A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe Third Edition and the Old School Reference and Index Compilation (OSRIC) adventure AA#34: The Crocodile's Tear. (Source: Impressions)

Goodman Games had a ridiculous number of new releases at Gen Con, and they have started to hit distribution: Fifth Edition Fantasy #10: The Castle in the Sky, AnaheimCrawl (for Xcrawl and Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game), and the Gen Con 2016 Program Guide (Goodman Games Annual). (Source: Impressions)

It seems like Modiphius Entertainment makes this column more weeks than not. This time it's the English version of Mutant: Genlab Alfa for Mutant: År Noll. (Source: Impressions)

We all knew it was going to happen sooner than later. The End of the World: Revolt of the Machines is the newest release in The End of the World series of RPGs from Fantasy Flight Games. (Source: Leisure Games)

For Savage Worlds and from Battlefield Press, Inc., Distant Vistas (Savage Worlds Edition) expands the Eldritch Skies universe. (Source: Leisure Games)

I made it to the end! The final release this week is Criticorum Discord for FASA's Fading Suns (Revised). (Source: Leisure Games)

New PDF releases

D&D PDFs this week: DDIA-05: A Great Upheaval (5e), Forgotten Realms Campaign Set (1e), M2: Vengeance of Alphaks (Basic), REF5: Lords of Darkness (1e), and The Vilhon Reach (2e).

(Note: Due to time constraints, I only cover the WotC D&D PDFs and anything that I receive as a tip. Let us know about new PDFs you've seen in the comments. If you would like to cover PDFs, please let us know!)

Have a news tip for us? Please send it along to rpgg-news@googlegroups.com!
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