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App News: Sushi Go! Releases, Baseball Highlights 2045 Expands, Talisman: Horus Heresy Adds Warlords and more...

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App News

From gallery of Neumannium

Sushi Go! Makes Its Way to iOS
It's been awhile since we've had a big release to crow about here at the unfortunately named iOS Board Games. That ended yesterday when the digital version of Sushi Go! landed on the App Store.

Sushi Go! is for iOS Universal and...oh, what am I doing? Prepare thyself for the iTunes blurb:

Michael Busheikin wrote:
Play the super-fast sushi passing game Sushi Go! with friends, family, or against the computer!


Pass the sushi! In Sushi Go! the goal is to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whiz by. Score points for making the most maki rolls or for collecting a full set of sashimi. Dip your favorite nigiri in wasabi to triple its value. But be sure to leave room for dessert or else you'll eat into your score! Gather the most points and consider yourself the sushi master!


* Official Sushi Go! game with original artwork
* New adorable animations, opponent and chef characters
* Universal app - play on your iPhone and iPad
* Play locally against AI characters
* Play online against Game Center friends
* 25+ Achievements to test your mettle
I haven't had a chance to play Sushi Go! myself yet, but I'm hearing nothing but good things so far. If you want to check it out it will run you a fiver.

- Sushi Go! for iOS Universal, $5

From gallery of Neumannium

Baseball Highlights 2045 Updates and Expands
The last we heard from Peter Kossits and the digital version of Eagle-Gryphon Games' and Mike Fitzgerald's Baseball Highlights 2045, it was gaining a brain by adding AI. Work on the app hasn't stopped, apparently, as today a new update landed which brings the game's first expansion pack.

The update includes other features and fixes:

Peter Kossits wrote:
Introduction of Expansion pack 1 which can be purchased from the new Add-Ons screen.

New Feature: When playing against the AI, you may now choose to skip the 3 season games.
New Feature: Indicator on each card to show whether the Immediate Action is useful

Bug Fix: AI was demoting one of the most valuable players rather than the least late in some World Series.
Bug Fix: Game will no longer hang if AI cannot afford any free agents
Bug Fix: No longer possible to manipulate AI cards during its turn.
It's that expansion pack that's the biggest addition, though. There's not much information on iTunes about what your $3 will buy you, but the expansion is detailed greatly within the app itself:

Peter Kossits wrote:
Expansion Pack 1 - Adds 30 new cards that change the game dramatically.

10 new Naturals. Use the Teamwork Immediate action to make all Naturals on your squad better. Use rare Magna Gloves to shut the opposition down.

10 new Cyborgs. One new pitch type introduced. Some pitchers now have a Pick Off move that can clear the bases.

10 new Robots including some of the strongest players in the game. Three new immediate actions added: Cloning, Gambler, and Replace. The new wave of robots have the ability to clone abilities from other players.
As mentioned, the expansion will run you $3 via IAP.

- Baseball Highlights 2045 for iOS Universal, $6
- Baseball Highlights 2045 for Android, $6

From gallery of Neumannium

Talisman: Horus Heresy Expands With More Warlords
With the sad news of the split between Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop Ltd. hitting today, it's good to know that GW's digital games are still in good hands. Many of those good hands belong to the folks at Nomad Games Ltd (II) who develop both Talisman: Digital Edition and its 2.5 billion expansions and their latest, Talisman: The Horus Heresy which arrived earlier this year. Like its fantasy cousin, it looks like the 40K version of Talisman is set to receive a bevy of expansions with the latest appearing today.

The expansion today includes two new Warlords, one for the Loyalists and one for the Traitors. The Loyalist character is Kaedes Nex:

Nomad Games wrote:
A dark figure among the kin who followed Corax from Deliverance, Kaedes is seen as an ill-omen by his brothers. An infamous murderer condemned to prison, Corax offered him a pardon if he fought alongside him. When the Raven Guard came to Isstvan V, Kaedes was among them but vanished into the wastes to stalk traitors on his own terms...
The Traitor is the very cool looking Archmagos Draykavac:

Nomad Games wrote:
The treacherous Archmagos Draykavac has a fearsome reputation throughout the Imperium, thinking nothing of sacrificing thousands of lives to further his knowledge and understanding of the arcane arts of the Omnissiah. When the Horus Heresy broke out, Draykavac revealed his dark allegiance to Warmaster Horus, his loyalty bought with the promise of access to technologies long forbidden by the Emperor.
How cool does he look? Take a look at this mug:

From gallery of Neumannium

Each character comes with their own Legion Dataslates and 15 new Encounter Dataslates.

- Talisman: The Horus Heresy for iOS Universal, $4
- Talisman: The Horus Heresy for Android, $3
- Talisman: The Horus Heresy for PC/Mac, $15

From gallery of Neumannium

Changes Coming to Hearthstone Arena Mode
I've never designed a CCG (in truth, I couldn't design something as simple as a bookshelf) but I'm guessing the hardest part is balancing the whole thing out when every new card can, in theory, blow up the game. Blizzard Entertainment has already shown that balancing can be a tricky beast in their popular digital CCG, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Changes to cards happen frequently with updates and earlier this year they moved to a system where older cards cannot be used in competitive matches in certain modes of play. The other area where balance appears to be an issue is in Arena Mode, where players draft a deck and try to win as many games as possible before losing three times. Yesterday, Blizzard announced some major changes to Arena Mode, mainly concerning cards that will no longer appear in that mode. It's a long post that's worth reading if you're a Hearthstone fan. In order to save on our cut/paste budget, I'll just post the section about the cards that will be leaving:

blizzard wrote:
...we will be removing the following cards from the Arena draft in an upcoming patch:

Forgotten Torch
Faceless Summoner

Goblin Auto Barber
Undercity Valiant

- No changes

Vitality Totem
Dust Devil
Totemic Might
Ancestral Healing
Dunemaul Shaman

Anima Golem
Sacrificial Pact
Curse of Rafaam
Sense Demons
Void Crusher
Reliquary Seeker

Poison Seeds
Soul of the Forest
Mark of Nature
Tree of Life
Astral Communion

Warsong Commander
Bouncing Blade
Axe Flinger
Ogre Warmaul

Starving Buzzard
Call Pet
Timber Wolf
Cobra Shot
Lock and Load
Dart Trap

Mind Blast
Power Word: Glory
Inner Fire
I'm not an Arena player (not much of a Hearthstone player at all these days), so I'm not entirely sure how much impact any of this will have. Let us know in the comments.

- Hearthstone for iOS Universal, free
- Hearthstone for Android, free
- Hearthstone for Kindle, free
- Hearthstone for PC/Mac, free

From gallery of Neumannium

Reinier Knizia's The Confrontation Getting New Content Next Month
I think I've mentioned it before, but 2016 has been a really great year for board game ports on mobile. That trend actually began right before the New Year with the often forgotten port of Reiner Knizia's Stratego-like game Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation which hit in late December. Of course, the digital version from Offworld Games doesn't include the characters from Lord of the Rings, but even without that it manages to be a really great port of a fantastic 2-player game.

TouchArcade got their hands on some great news regarding The Confrontation: It's getting the Deluxe Edition content in an upcoming upgrade. That means we'll be getting 18 new characters as well as 4 special cards which introduce new actions to the game.

The expansion is even dated, coming on October 27. We'll be bugging Offworld to see if we can get any more information for you before its release.

- Reiner Knizia's The Confrontation for iPad, $7
- Reiner Knizia's The Confrontation for PC/Mac, $15
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