Moon Rabbit Hanafuda

This blog is going to follow the Moon Rabbit Hanafuda decks, the impending Kickstarter and History of the cards.
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Kickstarter Update 1

Kelsey Cretcher
United States
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Sorry for being MIA, I've had some commissions keeping me busy! This post will probably be a bit boring for some, but I'm hoping you'll enjoy looking at my process and give me some input on what you want to see!


So far this has been my favorite part. My Hanafuda deck has come in a variety of boxes over the years, from my printed tuckbox to my more recent hand made and stamped varieties.
Making the box was going to be one of the most difficult steps, I knew this so I tackled it first. I wanted something simple, aesthetically pleasing, and the fit with these cards I designed 5 years ago.

So I had to find out what size I wanted, I knew small like flux or Love Letter would be best, I didn't want something bulky. Hanafuda is meant to be shared and brought everywhere! After making mock up after mockup I settled on a 137mm x 99mm x 32mm box. Then heavily researched all the boxes I liked. Did they have custom Playtime/ players symbols, how much text. Spot U.V, how much art what elements of the game, on and on and on. I won't bore you with the details. But I will share my mockups for my final idea!

External image

External image

External image


Coming up with a good way to present the reference card is still a struggle. Originally this was printed on two standard playing cards and only had the hands for Koi-Koi, Printing them this was isn't economical so I'm trying to find a better way to present the hands, and potentially a quick guide for the rules. I'm struggling primarily with how to fit all this in and actually have it legible. I'm finalizing the size, and layout but haven't really figured out how I want to do it design and look wise...
External image


One of the things I want to have available is a mat to play on. I got samples back recently and was really pleased with the quality and am excited to get to designing them. So far all I have is the layout for two different ideas, I haven't decided whether to keep them compact or to have space for a library. What do you think?
I'm also trying to make the mat work for more than just Koi-Koi, so I want to keep it simple and useful, so it compliments the cards and will be useful to the players. Some Stretch goals i'm considering:
-Printed on plastic, or thicker chip
-Additional Kickstarter exclusive Joker set
-Rules for additional games including: Go-stop, Sakura, and Poka games. (additional reference cards and pages in book)
-Upgrades to box, rule book etc.
-Score card to keep track of month and player scores.

External image

This is a little concept I had for an enamel pin stretch goal!
External image


Since this is my chance for my dream deck, I'm making sure the cards are exactly what I want them to be. Luckily this is minor, some ideas for backs of cards, and changes to two of the deck cards.
External image
I've decided to change the moon of January to red, to match traditional decks more.
External image
I've added my chop (which says Moon Rabbit Hanafuda and was hand carved for me) to the December dreg card. Traditionally artists stamped their chops on this card since there are 3 dregs in December.

I'm considering a back, I've tried this on multiple occasions and tend to come back to a solid black or burgundy, which is actually more traditional. But here is the idea I came up with and I'll have a survey below on what you think!
External image

So that's all for now, I have a few more things in the work (like a special handmade edition on chipboard with a handmade box either from Japan or by my very own brother of Cretcher Woodworks.)
I'll keep you posted! Please consider going to
and answering some surveys for me, or please just comment below. I'm interested in your thoughts on everything, but especially:
-What Stretch goals do you want to see most?
-What Add-ons would interest you?
-Back? Yay or Nay?
-Which reference card ideas did you like?

Next up on the blog:
Hanafuda party! (It's Nintendo's anniversary soon!)
February Card

Thanks so much!
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