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This blog is going to follow the Moon Rabbit Hanafuda decks, the impending Kickstarter and History of the cards.
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Hanafuda Party/ Nintendo's 127th Birthday

Kelsey Cretcher
United States
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September 23rd is Nintendo's 127th birthday! So, sorry not sorry, for this filler post about a Hanafuda party, and how I plan to celebrate! Will you be celebrating?
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So I'm all for celebrating everything you can. So it being the 127th birthday for Nintendo means I absolutely have to do something!
So, every party needs some drinks, some food, and some entertainment. So here is what my part is going to look like!

So I'm currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio and we're home to a pretty decent Brewery, Great Lakes Brewery has been a beer staple since before I can remember and also has a perfect option for the beer drinkers who play Hanafuda, and that's Commodore Perry, an easy drinking, affordable IPA.

Commodore Perry is known for playing a key role in opening Japan to the West. While it was Francis Xavier who brought Portuguese playing cards to Japan, Commodore Perry helped make it so everyone around the world could play what came of it. So what better way to celebrate. Some other options I'm considering are some Japanese beers, Including; Hitachino and Ichiban

If beer isn't your jam, you can go super simple and just celebrate with some Sake, the choice drink of the Yakuza, which played such a major role in the development of Nintendo. Or celebrate with some Plum wine and tie in some Hanafuda flower reference.

I need to sit down and find some, or create some cocktails, I'm hoping for the 128th anniversary to create or find a cocktail for every month of the Hanafuda. I'm a cocktail kind of gal what can I say. Any cocktail ideas? Send them my way! Maybe I'll illustrate a cocktail book.

I'm keeping it simple for food this year. I'm drawing inspiration from Osechi Ryori (御節料理) or, Japanese New Year food. When researching Hanafuda I found that many continue to play Hanafuda at New Years and it's become a tradition for lots of families. This kind of celebration and tradition, feels perfect to help celebrate Nintendo. So I'm going to be making some Ozoni, or rice cake soup.
External image has great recipes for Ozoni!
I'm also going to bring in some fall warmth with a Nabemon (Hotpot meal) and then of course, some instant rice as this is one of Nintendo's many failed ventures. For snacks we'll be keeping it simple with some radish salad, Onigiri and red bean buns.


I know Hanafuda games will be the main entertainment (or other Nintendo games!) but I'll also be partaking in a few movies. I've got a family friendly option as well as crime/thriller.
Summer Wars
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I'm sure all of you have heard of Summer Wars and if you haven't you should absolutely watch it. This is one of those movies where you don't need to be a fan of anime to enjoy. It's beautifully animated and has a fantastic story that has a lot of rewatch ability. It literally made me laugh, cry, nervous and all kind of other feelings. One of the heroes of this movie (and could be argued to be one of the reasons there has been a resurgence in interest) is Hanafuda! I was lucky enough to see this in theaters when it first came out at a small theater in my town, and I illustrated my deck over the next year. It introduced me to the cards and I can't thank it enough.
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Tazza the High Rollers
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Another option is a movie (and it's sequel) called Tazza the Highrollers. This is not a family friendly movie, and is a Crime/Thriller, I'm actually very excited to watch it for the first time on the 23rd! Tazza the High Roller is a Korean film, about a gambler who loses big in a game of Hwatu, only to later find he was scammed out of his money. He then trains to become a better card player to get his revenge and get his money back. I haven't seen in yet, but the movies seem to be very well received, so I'm looking forward to it!

Because this movie is Korean, I'm hoping to see a lot of Go-Stop being played and get a better idea of how to play it. Also I'm hoping to see some Korean Joker cards in the decks! Many countries have gambling movies, and movies about cards, but not very many focus on the use of Hwatu/Hanafuda cards!
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Along with movies of course be sure to play lots of Hanafuda games! If you don't have a deck, my print and play should be floating around on or try and get your hands on a copy of Nintendo Club House games for the Nintendo DS, then you can celebrate both Hanafuda and Nintendo Gaming, with this compilation of games that includes Koi-Koi, this is actually how I learned to play Koi-Koi originally! Or head over to and play people around the world in Koi-Koi (using my designs!).
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hope you have a fun Sept. 23rd, whether you're celebrating or not! Next week I'll be continuing my posts on the months with our second month of February! Please keep the surveys coming from the last post, I've received so many! It's really helping me get an idea of what you hope to get out of this kickstarter!
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