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Asger & Daniel are two boardgame designers from Copenhagen. Neither of them are superheroes, yet both of them are sidekicks... On this blog they catalogue their designer diaries. There will be overall process oriented diaries, and there will be nitty gritty game design component fetischist focussed diaries. If any of this sounds interesting to you, subscribe. As of October 2017 the following games are either released, or to be released very soon: A Tale of Pirates, Panic Mansion, Iron Curtain, Gold Fever, Flamme Rouge, Frogriders, 13 Days, 13 Minutes and Ramasjang Rally. And then there are all the 2018 and 2019 titles we are forgetting or cannot disclose... :P
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Asger Harding Granerud
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Early Flamme Rouge prototype
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Hi all,

Instead of spamming new solo play rules for Flamme Rouge, or updating them all the time I think I'll try to collect my thoughts here, and then update them once and for all, when 100% happy with them.

The current rules have two small design flaws I'm not 100% happy with. Firstly, the +1 move to each card for Muscle Teams isn't as elegant and streamlined as it should be. It changes the patterns you're looking for and reacting to, instead of training you for the actual rules of the real game. Hence I would like to get rid of that.
Secondly the +1 Muscle Teams are very hard to beat. I wanted something more modular, that allows solo players to adjust to their personal skill level, and even play around with the system and setup. I suspect solo players enjoy such fiddling The added benefit is that the system I've come up with below (but haven't tried yet myself!) allows for that AND allows for a highscore. Hence you can keep aiming higher for personal reasons, but maybe you can even also end up sharing your solo experiences with other gamers!

If you DO test the below rules, please help me get it right by providing your highscore. Even if it was zero!

Happy racing
Asger Granerud

FIXED SETUP: Your riders always start on the backmost spaces. The two AI teams (4 riders) start Sprinters on the front most and Rouleurs just behind.

GAMEPLAY: You play your riders as normal. AI just flips top card, and never gets exhaustion.

HANDICAP: Before starting, remove a 7 from your rouleur and a 9 from your sprinter. You MAY remove more cards, but a 7 & 9 are the minimum.

HIGHSCORE: Your score equals the number of spaces you've removed from the game (7 & 9 minimum), multiplied by a factor in accordance to the rider's place in top 3. First place multiplies by 3, second by 2 and third by 1. You can score for both riders, but only top 3 placings score (E.g. If your Sprinter finished 1st then he would score 3*9=27 points. If he had also removed all three of his 2s from the deck, he would score 3*(9+2+2+2)=45 points).

TWO PLAYER VARIANT: You may add a single AI team to your 2p game. If so both real players remove a 7 & 9. Also AI starts on the frontmost spaces, players on the backmost. No highscores or further handicap.
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