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What's New? November 2nd, 2016: Laser Kittens, Chill, Mutant: Year Zero, Powered by the Apocalypse, Ponyfinder, Shadows Over Sol and more!

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In an effort to keep abreast of crowdfunded releases, I'm adding a major US FLGS, Noble Knight Games, to my list of sources this week. Since a lot of Kickstarters and other crowdfunding efforts often have retailer pledge levels, and don't always reliably entire traditional distribution channels, I thought this might be a useful way to increase scope a little. As always with any of these, your mileage may vary a bit (or a lot).

On to the news, and if you've seen anything I missed, let everyone know in the comments!

Product Spotlight

Back in 2014, Swedish publisher Fria Ligan released Mutant: År Noll, a post-apocalyptic RPG that, unlike the classic edition of Mutant, takes place in the immediate aftermath of disaster, before civilization has had any time at all to recover. An English edition followed from Modiphius Entertainment, and it was an immediate hit, winning a silver Ennie award for best rules in 2015. Modiphius has continued to release additional content to the English market, and the latest offering is Zone Compendium 3: Die, Meat-Eaters, Die! (I'm not sure why the numbering is different between the Swedish and English versions). This sourcebook offers five new scenario locations, including the kingdom of Deeproot (the stronghold of fanatical, militaristic mutant rabbits) and an ancient garbage dump that houses a tribe of mutant toads, among others. This game keeps catching my eye with really interesting supplements, but I've never had a chance to really look over any of it properly, much less think about playing it. If this piques your interest, and you want to know more, check out reviewer Antonios S's take over at rpg.net. The PDF has been available via DriveThruRPG since this past summer; this is the first time I've seen print copies in distribution. (Source: Impressions)

New at your FLGS

The latest supplement from Posthuman Studios for Eclipse Phase (First Edition) is X-Risks, which introduces over sixty new threats to transhumanity, complete with detailed descriptions and statistics. (Source: Alliance)

Have you ever wanted to play as a laser-powered orphaned kitten in search of a forever home? You have? Well, Laser Kittens from Glittercats Fine Amusements might be the game for you! Note: I haven't seen this through a distributor, but it popped up at a retailer, so this may just be Kickstarter backer product rather than general distribution. (Source: Noble Knight)

Another Kickstarter out in the wild: SAVE: The Eternal Society from Growling Door Games, Inc. is a sourcebook for Chill (3rd Edition) that focuses on the SAVE organization (surprise!). Again, your mileage may vary on this one, as the Kickstarter did have retailer backer levels. (Source: Noble Knight)

Do you like Burning Man? Have you ever been at Burning Man and thought "I really wish I could play this as an RPG?" Well if you have, Vajra Enterprises has heard your pleas: they're in stores now with The Man Burns, the first supplement for Seeker. (Source: Noble Knight)

I know that PDFs of The Sprawl have been out for a while, but this is the first time I've seem physical copies of this cyberpunk game from Ardens Ludere. This is a very snazzy-looking use of the Powered by the Apocalypse, and the cover art at least is killer. (Source: Leisure Games)

That's not the only Apocalypse World Engine cyberpunk game in stores now: for a different take on the genre, check out Headspace from Green Hat Designs. (Source: Leisure Games)

Also Powered by the Apocalypse, and just in time for Survivor Series, NDP Design hits stores with International Incident, for World Wide Wrestling. Pick it up and get ready for Goldberg's return to the WWE! (Source: Leisure Games)

Wrapping up the deluge of AWE goodness this week, some retailers are carrying ashcan editions of Cartel and Velvet Glove. These have been floating around for a bit, although I've not seen them reliably in stores, and full versions are probably due relatively soon, but if you want a taste, check these out. (Source: Leisure Games)

The Romance Trilogy from Black and Green Games collects three previously-published social games into one volume. It also includes a goodly number of hacks and mods that breathe some additional life into what are already some very interesting games. (Source: Leisure Games)

A PDF of this has been available for a while, but print copies of The Coming Storm from Chaosium are available now. This is the first installment of a projected epic campaign for HeroQuest Glorantha, featuring (unsurprisingly) the Red Cow Clan. (Source: Chaosium)

New PDFs and POD

The subject of a successful Kickstarter this past summer, Ponyfinder Campaign Setting: Dawn of the Fifth Age by Silver Branch Games has been released in PDF. (Source: DriveThruRPG)

It was out in time for Halloween, but too late for last week's news: Wicked World Games 1.1 has released Vivisection for Noctum: Full Corpse Edition. Mature players only! (Source: DriveThruRPG)

Tab Creations has released Heir to Darkness, an adventure supplement for Shadows Over Sol that is written as a follow-on from Small Mercy. (Source: DriveThruRPG)

Goodman Games continues to release product for Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition); the latest installment in their Fifth Edition Fantasy line is Fifth Edition Fantasy #08: Eye of the Leviathan. (Source: DriveThruRPG)

GRAmel has released Imago Mortis, a campaign setting for Savage Worlds that combines noir and the paranormal; it's available in both PDF and POD. (Source: DriveThruRPG)

Classic Dungeons & Dragons PDFS from Wizards of the Coast this week include the Marco Volo Trilogy (Departure, Journey and Arrival), as well as X13: Crown of Ancient Glory. (Source: Dungeon Masters Guild)

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