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Infinite Legacy Prototype

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Context: Infinite Legacy

Don't worry, the blog hasn't turned into infinite infinite legacy - it's just the 3DTotal office Christmas party tomorrow so I'm going in on Friday (which I don't usually) and am therefore worked on Infinite Legacy today instead. There'll be a 3DTotal post about some aspect of game design tomorrow - the schedule is just flipped for this week

Infinite legacy is now ready to be played, so that I can iron out all of the kinks in the core game design. There's no board in this picture because I'm going to use the Small World board for the initial few tests and switch to something more customised once I've got a good idea of how different mixes of terrain affect the shape of a game.
That's all I really need to say about this project at the moment, but I'll take a minute to share what I'm paying most attention to during the first test to contextualise the next post:

Does the game flow smoothly? The cities will run and do things without player intervention, that AI needs to go quickly and predictably to keep the focus on player actions.

Are interventions satisfying? In bowling the action is to release the ball, the most exciting moment to watch is how it travels and the payoff is what happens when it hits the pins. Similarly in this game the moment at which an intervention is made isn't the key moment, rather what it sets in place - does the game achieve that goal or is it uninteresting to keep paying attention once the change is made?

Is the spacing on the events decent? Consulting the book of legends is supposed to be a big deal and the primary source of changes that are differences in kind between games in the legacy format. It needs to happen often enough that it delivers on its promise, but not so frequently that it starts to feel unimportant (or that the game would reveal everything in the first couple of games)

Does game one work? It's very easy to get ahead of myself in a project like this and go "Oh it'll be so interesting once players can build up to permenantly destroy each other and need to help the cities to manage their resources or cause a catastrophe and can work together to cooperate against the censored" but all of that sits on top of a core system. The big question is: Does that core system work? Is it interesting to play with?

I imagine that question will see most of my focus.
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