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The new Infinite Legacy prototype is assemebled and has seen a little love, but the changes proved more extensive than anticipated. Reducing the number of tokens on the board by changing the way that resource tokens are placed is all well and good - but it had knock on effects in other parts of the game that weren't immediately obvious.

This is likely an issue for games with exception based gameplay in general. If you're not familiar with the term, it's games that have (relatively) straightforward core mechanics that are elaborated on by cards. So a rule might say "You place one resource token on a space" and a mine card might say "Whenever a city with a mine places stone on a space, place metal as well" - the card is the exception to the rule.

The consequence of this is that changing the base rule means that all exceptions linked to that rule need to change - and it's easy to miss them. The mine is a nice obvious example, but realising that the reward for having a hero with the heroism special interacting with an ambitious leader is harder to spot.

I am curious if anyone else has tools or systems they use to keep track of this sort of thing? Do other designers go through every card by hand every time they change something? Go CTRL+F for relevant keywords? Actually remember everythign they've done reliably? Use some sort of specialist software to track all cards relevant to a particular thing?

In any event, progress on Infinite Legacy goes forward, but some relatively straightforward updates broke a lot of other things so the playtest and improvement cycle isn't as rapid as I might like.

The new city strips do feel nicer to use though
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