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Vir vs. Setsuki (or the rediscovery of Future)

There are those games, which, the more you play them, the more you feel that proverbial iceberg is still underwater.

50+ duels later, I still seem to barely scratch the very top of it.


Today I decided to dive into cold waters again. More often than not it ends up with hilarious gurgling and a meeting with sea deities much to my opponent's amusement :3

But sometimes...

This guy.
External image

He's been intriguing me for quite some time. I never saw him leading the action, even in Play-by-Forum matches. Disregarding newb games with people playing into Assimilate.

Some muddy topdeck manipulations you sometimes resort to in desperation to look for that one answer at the right time in 1 out of 10 games... Bigby Hayes seems to do a similar thing, albeit cheaper. He also carries his own answers and aces.

Awkward spell set. Invisibility for a turn for 2 gold? Looks pretty dope, but witnessed it in a real game maybe once, since usually there is no time for fancy tricks, you ought to pwn your opponent ASAP, or, better yet, tech and play some actual units. And what's with this Game of Thrones reference? Spend-valuable-tech-and-a-card-to-actually-pay-the-gold-anyway? Who the hell is going to waste time with this?
Package also comes with those weirdos. Ew.

External image

Ult? What of it? Outrageously overcosted, you need your hero to survive a turn at max level, super expensive level 7 mind you, tough to defend, you might draw it at the wrong time when you don't have maxlvl Vir ready. And even assuming the stars align, you have to somehow survive 3 turns until it actually happens!

Hmph. Overcosted. Ooooooh.
External image

Hero to survive a turn... Ouch.
External image

Expensive to level, tough to defend... Huh.
External image
External image

Might draw it at the wrong time... Riiight.
External image

Well, you still have to survive 3 turns!
Oi. Or two.
External image

... Or one?
External image

Whew. Hey, maybe it works? Maybe, GASP, maybe it's even worth it???
... Try?

Monopurple (play first) against [Ninjutsu] / Finesse / Feral with white starter.

From gallery of Metalize

Player 2 turn 3. Vir just got 7, snacking on monk along the way, and now trolls from behind patrol zone. Seems like its Snapback time, but hey, that's rather expensive and produces no board presence, and there is no way to get to fresh Geiger/Prynn afterwards. We'd rather max Setsuki and build a strong board. Let's use the breathing room while those pesky mechs and 4/4 knights are still forecasted and prepare. Let's play Huntress and Nimble Fencer and chew on that Fading Argonaut while we're at it.
I mean, what sort of a madman is going to tech Double Time against white starter this early in the game, amirite?

From gallery of Metalize

Oh. I see.

Player 2 turn 5. Fox's School students are up against humanlike robots from the future! The nasty engineer was sent to take a day off at the tavern, but his job is already done.

From gallery of Metalize

Player 2 turn 6. Ninja ninja ninja ninja..? Ninja ninja ninja ninja!
Prynn finally ousts Setsuki. River is about to start a grandiose performance, featuring some postmodern rock-n-roll with cabare.
Purples get their Tech1 (and everything moving, basically) rekt turn after turn, no opportunity to speed up that timer with Seers. Breaking all those big patrolling dudes which materialize one after the other is no easy task though.

From gallery of Metalize

Ninjas turned out ot be preeeetty tough and survived Double Time. Team forecast, however, made a grand comeback and now firmly holds the board. All the while cheeky ordering the second copy of Engineer's Ultimate.
Glorious Ninja, Porcupine and Speed of the Fox are about to make an appearance, murdering that technician Seer and Max. However, Purple has a second Seer in hand, so time's up and the game is sealed.

From gallery of Metalize

Meet Vir Garbarean, a troll, dj, wincondition. And his stupid hat. Seriously, who would wear a hat like this?
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