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Having gotten in a regular game for Y159, our group now advances to Y160 in the SFU timeline. This is where SFB originally 'started', as a lot of early materials assumed the game was set right after the original series, during the five-year missions of a couple Federation heavy cruisers. So every year from here to the end of the timeline has at least a couple scenarios and new ships showing up.

Here's my summary of the year:

The Original Series: The 5-year mission of the original Star Trek series is considered to be Y155-Y160.

The Four Powers War: There's not a lot of detail for this year, but the initial drives are petering out, and the war is threatening to turn into a stalemate, though with Coalition gains.

SH3 (BS) The Coming of the Meteor Federation Klingon
SH53 (S1) Border Incident Federation Romulan Gorn
SH76 (R3) Quarantine Federation Klingon
SH176 (M) Kobol's Rock Klingon Kzinti
SH191 (R6) Returning to the Scene of the Crime Federation Orion

Showing the TOS roots of this period, the Federation is involved in four of the five scenarios for this year, and Klingons are in three of them.

SH3 The Coming of the Meteor: This is one of the original scenarios of the game, and should be good for an afternoon at some point.

SH53 Border Incident: Romulan KRs (and a WB) vs. Federation ships. I'm not sure when or with who I'll play it, but there's Romulans with Tac Warp, and we're going to see them in action!

SH76 Quarantine: A CLH has to hold off an F5J while trying to cure a disease and evacuate a colony. Could be very unusual.

SH176 Kobol's Rock: This is a ground-combat only scenario, using the more detailed rules in Module M. To my surprise, Mark expressed interest in it.

SH191 Returning to the Scene of the Crime: Something of a typical Orion scenario, showing off the FLG.

Naval developments:
Federation FFG CAR
Klingon D6S
Romulan K5R KR VUL+
Tholian PR CA
Hydran LM
Lyran HFF

WYN Shipyard: The WYN government allows the Orion Cluster Cartel to set up a shipyard within the cluster. In return, the WYN get some of the LRs an CRs produced there, and convert the first CR into the OFC, a short-range cluster-defense flagship.

New Hull: The Kzinti DD is an all-new design, with good power, firepower, and shields for its size. For the moment, it is a better ship than the larger CL, though it would get a decent refit, and the DD is already maxed out.

Early refits: The Federation and Kzinti both start a round of improvements to existing ship classes this year. The Federation starts installing rear-firing ph-1s on CAs, and extra power on FFs. The Kzintis upgrade a damaged CS to the first BC this year, taking it past the capabilities of the existing CA design.

[It has been noted that Type-G drone racks don't exist yet, and the FFG should have a later date; instead, this would be the FF+, possibly with an ADD in place of the drone rack, but a one-box change just hasn't been worth ADB's time.]

Heavier variants: Both the Lyrans and Kzinti try getting more out of their frigates this year. The Kzinti FH is meant as a refit for the FF, but as it suffers from shock, remains a rare variant/squadron leader. The Lyrans develop a slightly larger center section to create the HFF. Tholian CAs are a C with more disruptor mounts, allowed by recent improvements to their ship-welding techniques.

Kestrals: The Klingons have been delivering older D6 and F5 hulls to the Romulans, who have reworked them to use Romulan technology, creating the "KR" or "Kestral" series of ships.

Hellbores: Hydran deployment of hellbore torpedoes continues, with the new Lord Marshal command cruiser, which replaces two of the Lord Commander's fusion beams with hellbores.

Drone Bombardment: The Kzinti combine their scout frigate and drone frigate designs into a single hull, the SDF. The DF either needs a SF or a larger drone bombardment ship (like the CD or CLD) to lead it on a drone raid for targeting. The SDF can handle this job on its own.

Heavy Scouts: The Klingons use a D6 for a dedicated scout platform, allowing it to provide good EW coverage while remaining combat-worthy.

ISC: During this year, an ISC ship witnesses a fight between Romulan and Gorn starships, and the ISC finds out that war is still very much a thing in the rest of the galaxy. All the major ISC classes have an intro date of Y160, though there probably should be some variation (most likely, the POL would pre-date this for monster patrols and the like).
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