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In this blog I'll talk about various miniature games. Custom miniatures and minor conversions are my favorite pastime. I'll cover scenery making and painting too. The WIP you'll see here is all about Necromunda, Epic 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy 5th Edition, Warmaster and Warhammer 40K 3rd Edition.
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High Elves Reinforcements

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After a tabletop battle I always want to upgrade/update the army/gang/warband I just played with. It's a stream of enthusiasm that takes you deeper into the hobby. It was not different after my battles with the High Elves. (For battle reports, see my previous blogposts.)

So I scouted eBay again and came up with some precious new toys.

From gallery of tocoking

For Warmaster 28mm I need infantry regiments of 5 wide, 3 rows deep. I am adding two old plastic Spearmen and convert them to banner bearer and extra halberdier. The leader of the unit will be a plastic hero with the look of a Dragon Prince.

From gallery of tocoking

Same goes for my Swordmasters of Hoeth. I had 10 models for a long time, but now I want to use them on the battlefield. So I added a 3rd row of 5 metal miniatures.

From gallery of tocoking

There were already 12 Shadow Warriors in my army. I needed 18 to have two infantry units with ranged weapons. After a deep dive into my bits box I came up with some famous plastic Elves and eBay provided the last 4 metal miniatures.

Yesss! Now all I have to do is glue them to slottabases and spraypaint them following the TOTTEK method. ( )
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