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New Game Round-up: A Renewed Five-Year Mission for WizKids, and A Second One Deck Dungeon

W. Eric Martin
United States
North Carolina
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Board Game: Star Trek: Attack Wing
• U.S. publisher WizKids has announced a "renewed multi-year license with CBS Consumer Products", and accompanying that announcement comes word of a wave of Star Trek items, such as card packs and faction packs for Star Trek: Attack Wing, with the former debuting in mid-2017 and the latter coming in Q3 2017. As for what they are:

Each Star Trek: Attack Wing Card Pack will include cards, token sheets, and the necessary dial connector pieces. Most of these cards and tokens will be brand new content, while some cards in each pack will be reworded versions of existing cards. Each Star Trek: Attack Wing Card Pack now has a lower price point than previous expansion pack releases, and will point to at least one existing release for players to acquire the correct ship sculpt, if they don't already own a copy.

Each Star Trek: Attack Wing Faction Pack will include four pre-painted plastic ships with cards, token sheets, dial connector pieces, bases, and pegs to accompany them. Many of the cards and tokens in these faction packs will be brand new and will allow a player to field a never-before-seen fleet from right out of the box.
For those who want to paint their own minis for Attack Wing, in mid-2017 WizKids will launch Star Trek: Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniatures, and for those who want different painted minis from those included in Attack Wing there's Star Trek Tactics: Series IV, which I believe is the fourth series of ships for the Star Trek HeroClix line. From the press release: "Play with fan-favorite classic factions such as the Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Dominion, and Borg as well as the all new Xindi and Andorian factions! Unlike previous Star Trek Tactics sets, all ship sculpts are used only once within the set! That's right, Series IV brings 28 unique dials and sculpts to the Milky Way!" Who knew that WizKids was producing dials and sculpts with materials acquired outside the Milky Way?! Seems cost prohibitive, but perhaps that's why I write about games instead of manufacturing them.

From gallery of W Eric Martin

Unpainted minis

The HeroClix line will also see the release of Star Trek HeroClix Away Team: The Original Series, with this Q4 2017 release featuring "the most iconic characters from Star Trek: The Original Series with Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and more".

Finally, in August 2017 Star Trek: Frontiers will get bigger with the release of The Return of Khan Expansion Set, which boosts the player count to five and which features "Khan's Jem'Hadar Battle Cruiser, 'The Pequod', and a new playable ship — the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-A", according to WizKids, which describes this expansion as equivalent in size as The Lost Legion expansion for Mage Knight Board Game.

Board Game: One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows
• U.S. publisher Asmadi Games has announced a Q3 2017 release date for One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows, a standalone expansion for the 2016 release One Deck Dungeon from Asmadi owner Chris Cieslik.

As with the original game, One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows is a dungeon delve, with each card in the deck depicting both an obstacle to overcome and the potential rewards for doing so. This release, which will hit Kickstarter in April 2017, contains new heroes, new dungeons, new perils, new foes, and new mechanisms (Poison and event Perils), and its heroes and dungeons are compatible with the original game should you want to combine them or mix-and-match in some way.

Asmadi Games plans to talk about this title, along with Mottainai: Wutai Mountain, Invasion of the Garden Gnomes, and Innovation Deluxe, during a Twitch presentation on Thursday, April 6 at 13:00 EDT (GMT -4).

Board Game Publisher: Renegade Game Studios
Renegade Game Studios has announced many titles for release in 2017, and while we briefly covered J. Alex Kevern's Sentient in a video overview of five upcoming Renegade titles at the 2017 GAMA Trade Show, but I thought I'd highlight it here as well, mostly so that I can show off the striking cover by Chris Ostrowski. As for the game, here's an overview of the setting and gameplay:

The next great technological revolution is here. Sentient robots for information, transportation, industry — all at our fingertips. Building them is now the easy part. Programming them has proven to be more complicated. A handful of companies have emerged claiming to pull it off, but only one will win out. Your mission is clear: Procure valuable bots and plug them into your network. They'll have an effect on your systems. Anticipate it correctly, program your bots effectively, and attract the right investors to win and lead the sentient revolution.

In Sentient, players are tasked with choosing from available robots to program in their factory. Each robot that is added modifies your board and attracts the interest of investors for your company. Program your bots efficiently and collect the support of your patrons to build the most formidable operation.
Board Game: Sentient
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