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New Game Round-up: Solve Crime in Detective: City of Angels, Return to Between Two Cities, and Don't Perish in Hunger: The Show

W. Eric Martin
United States
North Carolina
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Board Game Designer
Board Game Publisher: Van Ryder Games
• I thought that I had posted something about Detective: City of Angels from Evan Derrick and Van Ryder Games, but alas I only tweeted a cover. Time to fix that oversight with an overview of this 2-5 player game that will be Kickstarted in Q3/Q4 2017 ahead of a planned release in 2018:

Detective: City of Angels, set in the dark and violent world of 1940s Los Angeles, is a game of mystery, deception, and investigation for 2–5 players. Most players will step into the shoes of LAPD homicide detectives, hungry for glory and willing to do whatever it takes to successfully close a case, even if that means intimidating suspects, concealing evidence, and hiring snitches to rat on their fellow detectives. One player, however, will take on the role of The Chisel, whose only goal is to stall and misdirect the detectives at every turn using bluffing, manipulation, and (often) outright lies.

Detective: CoA uses the innovative ARC (Adaptive Response Card) System to create the feel of interrogating a suspect. Suspects do not simply give paragraph-book responses; instead The Chisel carefully chooses how they will answer. When Billy O'Shea insists that the victim was a regular at Topsy's Nightclub, is he telling the truth or is The Chisel subtly leading the detectives toward a dead end that will cost them precious time? Detectives can challenge responses that they think are lies but at great risk: If they're wrong, The Chisel will acquire leverage over them, making the case that much harder to solve.

Detective: CoA includes separate, detailed casebooks for both the detectives and The Chisel. Each crime is a carefully constructed puzzle that can unfold in a variety of ways depending on how the detectives choose to pursue their investigations. As the detectives turn the city upside down, uncovering fresh evidence and "hot" leads, hidden suspects may be revealed and new lines of questioning will open up, creating a rich, story-driven experience.

Inspired by classic film noir like The Big Sleep, the works of James Ellroy (L.A. Confidential), and the video game L.A. Noire from Rockstar Games, Detective: City of Angels is a murder-mystery game unlike any other. Will one detective rise above the rest and close the case on L.A.'s latest high profile murder? Or will The Chisel sow enough doubt and confusion to prevent the detectives from solving the crime?
Board Game: Detective: City of Angels

• Other titles in the works from Van Ryder Games include Hostage Negotiator: Abductor Pack 8 (due out at Gen Con 2017), Saloon Tycoon: The Ranch Expansion (which gives each player a ranch board to develop), and The BIG Score, a drafting/press-your-luck game in which you first complete small heists while working your way toward the namesake score at game's end.

Board Game: Between Two Cities: Capitals
Board Game: HUNGER: The Show
• In July 2017, you'll have a new way to place yourself Between Two Cities with the Capitals expansion from Matthew O'Malley, Ben Rosset, and Stonemaier Games. This expansion, like the base game, accommodates 1-7 players, and it consists of landscape mats that give each city a unique layout, districts that give a majority bonus for connecting certain tiles, and civic building tiles that should be adjacent to two specific tile types. Advance copies of this expansion will be available at the 2017 UK Games Expo.

• Also debuting at that convention will be Pim Thunborg's HUNGER: The Show, a Survivor-style board game from Polish publisher PHALANX in which players simultaneously reveal location and action cards each round on a deserted island with the hope of collecting food, finding raft parts, stealing from others, and catching thieves.

• French publisher Superlude Éditions announced a new edition of Hinata Origuchi's Colors of Kasane in 2016, but the title never made it to production. Superlude has now stated that Kimonos, with new art by Naïade, will appear in Q3 2017.

• Another title appearing from Superlude at the same time is Chawaï, a 3-6 player game from Bruno Faidutti about which little has been announced: "Dive into a lagoon in Chawaï and try to bring back the most delicious fish before your fellow fishers can."

Board Game: Miaui
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