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Boardgaming Thought for Friday Episode 6: It Was All New And We Were All Young Once

Stuart Burnham
United Kingdom
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Have you ever sat and talked to someone old?
I mean properly - how are you still here - old.
And I mean properly talked, not just the usual pleasantries but a conversation about what they used to do, what they learned, what you could learn.
If you have, if you do, then good on you. Marvellous isn't it? The passing on of knowledge, the insight into where someone came from, how they lived.
If you haven't then for goodness sake engineer a situation today, tomorrow, sometime very soon where you can do this! In will enrich both of your lives.

Mrs B's Grandad passed away recently. He was a regular Cribbage player at his local pub. I know it's not a difficult game to learn or play and I always wanted to talk to him about it, understand it, share his experience of the game. I never did. It was never 'important'. What a shame, to miss out on a lifetime of tales about a game (and Brian certainly could tell a tale!).
A work colleague, some way past retirement age, left abruptly yesterday. Nothing untoward, he just kept it all quiet and very few people knew that he was off. Someone else who I always wanted to talk more with and am unlikely to get the chance to now. He was an engineer, a mechanic (not dissimilar to Mrs B's Grandad actually), the type of guy who could fix anything with a couple of screws and a few curses, but away from work he had a love of riding horses and, I discovered much later, playing Backgammon.
Oh for the chance for one more natter with either of them...
I love that my son Billy plays Chess once a week with his Grandmother after school, I think that's just a wonderful thing for them to do together.

In this hobby many of us are so preoccupied with not just the "here and now" but increasingly so the "what's next". But there are so many things from the past that were and are wonderful things to learn about, experience and share. There have been a few lists and threads recently about what the oldest game you still play, the oldest in your collection and so on are.
Take a moment this weekend to look over your games and find something older, something really good, that you loved, and teach it to someone newer to the hobby. Or take a moment instead to speak to someone older about the games that they liked to play, Dominoes, Rummy, whatever. It was, and we were, all young and new once, remembering and sharing those things and those times are a precious joy.

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