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App News: Goblins Coming to Pathfinder Adventures, Tokaido Multiplayer Updates, Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small Tweet and more...

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App News

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Pathfinder Adventures Moving to PC/Mac, Getting New Content
Pathfinder Adventures was a force in mobile gaming last year, appearing on nearly everyone's Best of 2016 lists. This happened even with a slew of apparently unsquashable bugs and an inconsistent content release schedule plaguing the title since its launch. It's that good. That said, we haven't received any new content since Obsidian Entertainment wrapped up the Rise of the Runelord campaign in December. In fact, we haven't heard much of anything regarding where Pathfinder Adventures is headed.

This weekend, Paizo Publishing announced that Pathfinder Adventures isn't dead. In fact, it's moving to a brand new platform, PC/Mac, very soon.

There's also new content on the way: Rise of the Goblins! Based on the We Be Goblins! module for Pathfinder, it will contain 5 scenarios, 2 playable goblin characters, goblin alts for your old characters and more.

No date was given for when we can expect the new platform and content to hit the streets, but it can't be long, right?

- Pathfinder Adventures for iOS Universal, free
- Pathfinder Adventures for Android, free

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Tokaido Updates, Makes Multiplayer Better
For fans of Tokaido, the recently released digital adaptation has been pretty great with one exception: multiplayer. Like many new releases (I'm looking at you, Asmodee!) the app itself is fantastic, but the multiplayer experience makes us pine--and I never thought I'd say this--for OpenFeint.

Luckily, Funforge is on the case and seem to be determined to make multiplayer match the rest of the app's elegance. As such, a new update landed last Friday that heads in the right direction. We can now create Friend Lists and invite friends to games! There's more:

Funforge wrote:
New features:
-Friendlist: add any player in your friendlist. Available with the “Friends” button at the top-right of your player profil.
-See and join your friend’s games with the new “Play with Friends” menu, in Online mode.
-New “Public game” menu in Online mode. It allows you to join and create a game, to see players who recently connected to the game. You can add these players to your friendlist by clicking on it.
-Push notifications added. You can receive Push messages from Funforge on your devices.

Bugs fixed:
-A.I. opponents are no more stucked at Shop at the end of the game.
-Some texts are visible again.
-Satsuki receives now correctly the first meal of the meal deck.
-A lot of minor bugs have been corrected too.
If you already own Tokaido, make sure you update. If not, that's what the links below are for:

- Tokaido for iOS Universal, $6
- Tokaido for Android, $6

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Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small Updating. I think?
Apart from having the most annoying name to type, Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small is also a pretty great rendition of the Uwe Rosenberg 2-player title. Today I noticed the following tweet from Digidiced UG:

I'm guessing this is indicating an update, but no such update appears to be live on the App Store. So, when? I don't know, I just read the tweets, people. If we figure it out, I'll let you know (or, more likely, I'll forget and someone else will post in the comments).

- Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small for iOS Universal, $5
- Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small for Android, $5
- Agricola : All Creatures Big and Small for Windows Phone, $5

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Titan HD Gets Updated, Again
One of the earliest indicators that the iPad would be a boon to playing tabletop games in your lap was when Titan HD was released way back in 2011. Here was a big, beefy, inscrutable tabletop game that appealed to a niche within our small niche, and yet the digital version was fairly amazing.

Six years later, it's still going strong with a lot of fans using it to play one of their favorite out of print titles. It just received another update today (this is more common than you'd expect for a 6 year-old title) and they packed a lot in:

Kristopher Giesing wrote:
-Players can now search by nickname to mark as favorite
-Invites from ignored players are now automatically declined
-Game actions are now suspended while entering text, to improve stability
-Game server connections should now be more stable
-Unread chat from closed/removed games no longer counts as a pending action
-Fixed errors resulting from receipt of chat in closed/removed games
-Fixed issue with game log display when the previous turn ended with a Titan elimination
-Fixed visual issue with moves returning Legions to their origin on a roll of 6
-General stability improvements
If you haven't checked out Titan before, the digital version is a great way to get your nose wet. If you already have it on your iPad, reach out and teach someone. That's how I learned it!

- Titan HD for iPad, $5
- Titan HD for Android, $5
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