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Among the best things in life is playing printed games in person with family and close friends. When those are not convenient we like iOS Board Games. News, reviews, previews, and opinions about board gaming on iPhones, iPads, iPods and even Android devices. (iPhone board games, iPad board games, iPod board games, Android board games)
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App News: Digital Legendary Early Access Signups, Sentinels Unleashes the Villains, Race for the Galaxy Gets Update, Age of Rivals Lands on the App Store and more...

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App News

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Legendary Deckbuilding Game Early Access Signups Go Live
We learned that the Legendary system was going digital at Gen Con last year, but we didn't have a lot of details. Today, we still don't have many details but at least we know that it's coming soon.

Legendary DXP (as the digital version is known...anyone know what DXP stands for? What am I missing?) is coming to iOS, Android, and Steam soon, but you can sign up for Early Access now on their website. The digital version will not be using any of the IP associated with the cardboard title, and instead will be using a new fantasy-thememd world, presumably because paying for that IP cost too much money. It seems to be the Reiner Knizia's The Confrontation scenario again, but who knows?

Despite the difference in IP, it sounds like we're getting the same game:

[company=517 wrote:
[/company]"]The bestselling Legendary® Deck Building Game is coming to mobile and desktop devices. Experience Legendary with your friends like never before; same great game, a brand new fantasy.
The fantasy world that they're using seems to be a newly-created one:

Upper Deck wrote:
Welcome to the fantastical world of Alamyth where you can recruit all new legendary heroes and fight the terrifying forces of evil. Visit all new landscapes of Alamyth such as the Firelands and fight the likes of The Leprechaun Henchmen and the evil villain, Ernak The Lethal. Just beware, if the Mastermind, Terriskai: Terror Of The Skies completes his evil scheme, everyone loses.
We also learned that the digital game will have both online matches vs. random opponents or against friends, and will also have solo play vs. AI. There will also be something called The Gauntlet, which allows 5 players to battle it out for the most VP.

I've never played any of the Legendary games, mainly because I don't like pure deckbuilders and none of the IP made me squee, but I'm interested in being able to give it a go on my phone or tablet. They don't mention if Early Access is only for Steam users or will also apply to iOS/Android users, but you can head over and sign up for yourselves and see what happens.

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Villains of the Multiverse Goes Live
Sentinels of the Multiverse has been installed on our devices since 2014 when it was just the basic set and expansions were merely wishes to be granted if the game sold well enough. Nearly three years later we're getting what might be the biggest expansion yet, and it also signals the end of the digital version's race to catch up. Today, the Sentinels of the Multiverse: Villains of the Multiverse expansion has gone live and that means just about everything you can do with the cardboard version is now possible in the digital realm.

Handelabra Games Inc. released the expansion this morning for all platforms, bringing in 10 new villains and 4 new environments. All 10 of the new villains can be used in Team Mode, letting you battle a group of baddies rather than the usual gang-up on one. This means that the only deck not available in the digital version is Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Celestial Tribunal Environment, which will be included in the upcoming mini-pack 4.

While this all sounds like great news, and it is, there is some bad news for iOS users. Handelabra has asked that you not update, and make sure you turn off auto-update, until they can release another update. This one, apparently, screws up something with restoring purchases on iDevices, so if you update you'll have some issues. All other platforms are fine, and can update ASAP.

The Villains expansion can be purchased via IAP, or will be downloaded for free as part of the Season 2 pass if you went that route. The base game is on sale right now, so, if you're new to all this, now's the time to buy.

- Sentinels of the Multiverse for iOS Universal, $2 (on sale)
- Sentinels of the Multiverse for Android, $2 (on sale)
- Sentinels of the Multiverse for Kindle, $2 (on sale)
- Sentinels of the Multiverse for PC/Mac via Steam, $10

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Race for the Galaxy Update Drops on Mobile
The digital version of Race for the Galaxy from Temple Gates Games LLC is my frontrunner for Game of the Year in 2017, and I don't see that changing any time soon. In fact, Temple Gates just released a major update to the game that pushes it past Fantastic to Nearly Flawless.

The update was supposed to coincide with the PC release of RftG which is coming next week, but instead it came about a week early. You want a blurb? You look like you want a blurb. Here goes:

Temple Gates wrote:
Device linking for multiplayer games/friends
Multiplayer timers
Increased multiplayer game and friend maximums (36/60)
Translation Beta
Minor fixes
Ho-hum, I can hear you saying. That's not such a big deal, you're muttering. HA! While not numerous, these changes make a huge difference. Being able to link devices means that you can now continue ongoing games on any of your devices. Previously, games on your iPad couldn't be seen on your phone and vice versa. They've added timers for slow players (like me!) so that the quick players don't have to wait for our sorry butts anymore. You can add way more friends to your friends list now, and they've also included stats. Not just a simple win/loss percentage:

Temple Gates wrote:
There are so many stats. Maybe too many! For example, you can filter for number of players, difficulty etc, and see for example all the top scores you've ever gotten with each of the 6cost devs, or the top scores with every starting world. And if you click one of the top scores, it re-opens the game state so you can see everything that was in play when you got that high score.

There's also a histogram so you can see your overall score distribution, and you can filter by game setup to see where you're more and less successful.
They've also added the one thing that kept RftG from being considered for all time greatness: icon badges. Yes, now you'll be able to see at a glance if you have any turns waiting for you inside the game.

Race for the Galaxy is available now for iOS and Android, and will be on PC on the 27th.

- Race for the Galaxy for iOS Universal, $7
- Race for the Galaxy for Android, $7

From gallery of Neumannium

Age of Rivals Now Available for $1
Age of Rivals is a pretty great card game from Roboto Games, and it launched for iOS and Android last night. Wanted to make sure everyone knew about it because the launch price is only $1, which is a steal.

Age of Rivals is a civ-building game whose main mechanism is card drafting. While it might sound like a certain game that will remain unnamed, they actually aren't that similar. This feels much more like a CCG, and even has packs that you unlock as you play.

Don't be scared off, it's NOT a CCG. In fact, there are no IAP at all and you get the full game and all the cards for $1. You just need to unlock all the cards as you play. On the plus side, you'll never unlock cards you already have, so you'll always be picking up new goodies.

The regular price of Age of Rivals will be $4, and it will go into effect next week, so jump on the $1 price while you can.

- Age of Rivals for iOS Univeral, $1 (on sale)
- Age of Rivals for Android, $1 (on sale)
- Age of Rivals for PC/Mac via Steam, $10

From gallery of Neumannium

Asmodee Digital Having a Sale
Have you guys heard of Asmodee Digital? Well, they've been releasing and taking control of apps so quickly that their stable of online offerings is already quite enormous. That's a good thing because today they've put everything on sale through July 5th!

Everything, I think? It's possible some of the sale prices haven't filtered through all the different stores, so I'll just leave the links with the prices I'm currently seeing below. They have stated that this does apply to iOS/Android/Steam/Amazon links, so I would imagine all of these to be affected eventually:

- Ticket to Ride for iOS Universal, $1
- Ticket to Ride for Android, $3
- Ticket to Ride for Kindle, $3
- Ticket to Ride for PC/Mac via Steam, $10

- Pandemic: The Board Game for iOS Universal, $1
- Pandemic: The Board Game for Android, $3
- Pandemic: The Board Game for Kindle, $3
- Pandemic: The Board Game for PC via Steam (Early Access)

- Splendor for iOS Universal, $1
- Splendor for Android, $1
- Splendor for Kindle, $3
- Splendor for PC via Steam, $5

- Onirim for iOS Universal, free
- Onirim for Android, free

- Colt Express for iOS Universal, $2
- Colt Express for Android, $3
- Colt Express for PC via Steam, $7

- Mysterium for iOS Universal, $2
- Mysterium for Android, $2
- Mysterium for PC via Steam, $10

- Potion Explosion for iOS Universal, $2
- Potion Explosion for Android, $3

- Jaipur for iOS Universal, $3
- Jaipur for Android, $3

- Mr. Jack Pocket for iOS Universal, $1
- Mr. Jack Pocket for Android, $3

- Vampire: Prelude for iOS Universal, $2
- Vampire: Prelude for Android, $5

- Mage the Ascension: Refuge for iOS Universal, $2
- Mage the Ascension: Refuge for Android, $2
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