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App News: New Pathfinder Content Coming Next Week and Nomads Brings Free Stuff to Talisman

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App News

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Pathfinder Adventures Getting Rise of the Goblins Next Week
Even despite all the bugs that have plagued Pathfinder Adventures since its release last year, it still sits right at the top of my favorite board games on my iPad. Unfortunately, since they wrapped up the Rise of the Runelords campaign last year, there hasn't been much news on the new content front.

Now that Asmodee Digital has taken over the publishing duties, it seems like we can expect more content out of Obsidian Entertainment. Today they announced the next content update is called Rise of the Goblins and it's coming to Pathfinder next week.

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Rise of the Goblins is a 5 scenario adventure deck that puts you in the filthy shoes of the goblins leading up to the events that take place in the Rise of the Runelords campaign. That's right, you'll see some of the same events happen, although this time you'll be the bad guys. They're including two new Goblin "heroes" to play and, because you'll need a party of baddies, they're also converting all the iconic characters we've been playing with since launch into goblins as well, complete with new abilities. Besides using the goblin characters in the Rise of the Goblins campaign, you can also bring them in and play with them in the regular Rise of the Runelords campaign as well.

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The other change in the new goblin campaign is several of the henchman and boss cards. They'll no longer be adversaries and, instead, you'll be able to hire them as allies.

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There is also a new set of Goblin Dice that will be available in the expansion, which will be $9 and available for iOS, Android, and PC/Mac next week. If you buy the expansion on one platform, it will be available to play on any device you have linked to your account.

Apart from the Rise of the Goblins campaign, the Obsidian announcement also talks about upcoming character specific campaigns.

Obsidian wrote:
The next content after our goblin deck is still being designed (and possibly named something else) but it is currently being called a Side Quest and is going to be character specific. Meaning you can do them with different sized parties but it requires the character of focus to be in the party.

While this is subject to change, we plan on opening up with a series of five scenarios that explore some events that befall Valeros (he does have an interesting backstory) and culminate in unique rewards and a new character added to the roster.

Who that character is has been currently narrowed down to one of two choices but they will be coming from the Fighter Class Deck and it isn't another version of Valeros, so that's your hint.
Hmmm...we're going to have to keep our eyes open. Unfortunately, the announcement is notable for what it doesn't mention: Skull & Shackles or Wrath of the Righteous.

- Pathfinder Adventures for iOS Universal, free
- Pathfinder Adventures for Android, free
- Pathfinder Adventures for PC/Mac via Steam, $25

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Free Content for Talisman and Talisman: Horus Heresy Arrives, Plus a New T:HH Expansion
This weekend Games Workshop Ltd. is having a huge event on Steam called Skulls for the Skull Throne, and I'm assuming they only stopped there because Steam has rules about using the word "skull" three times in a sentence. During the event, all of Games Workshop's digital titles on Steam are on sale from 25-90% off, so if you're interested in any of them, check out their Steam page here.

While that's all great and everything, we want to focus on Nomad Games Ltd (II) two fantastic Talisman titles, Talisman: Digital Edition and Talisman: The Horus Heresy. To celebrate the Skulls for Skully Skull Skull thingamabob, they are giving away free content! For Talisman owners, you can log in and will get a new character, the Witch Doctor. He does all sorts of Witch Doctor things like cursing other players, casting spells, and healing.

For Talisman: Horus Heresy players, you get two free warlords, Sanguinius, Primarch of the Blood Angels Legion and Ka’Bahandha the mightiest of Khorne's servants. You also get a few new encounters and four new game endings.

All you need to do to get these free characters is log in and claim them. If you want some more content for T:HH, Nomad has also released a new expansion today, The Shadow Crusade. This expansion isn't free, but it brings six new warlords, new Stratagems, Places, Strangers, and Events to mix things up quite a bit.

Nomad wrote:
For the Traitors:
Lorgar Aurelian - The Golden Son, Master of the Word Bearers.
Zardu Layak- The Crimson Apostle.

For the Loyalists:
Captain Remus Ventanus - The Saviour of Calth.
Tylos Rubio - Knight Errant, former Codicer of the Ultramarines.

Both Loyalist and Traitor may also play as a Legion Forge Lord, or the Legion Primus Medicae.
If you never picked up either Talisman game, or still have some DLC you've been wanting to get, you should do that during the Skulls for Skully Skulls and More Skull for Skull event as well. The base games are both on sale for 80% off, and all expansion content is also on sale for up to 60% off.

- Talisman: Digital Edition for iOS Universal, $2
- Talisman: Digital Edition for Android, $1.50
- Talisman: Digital Edition for Kindle, $3
- Talisman: Digital Edition for PC/Mac via Steam, $1.60

- Talisman: Horus Heresy for iOS Universal, $2
- Talisman: Horus Heresy for Android, $2.50
- Talisman: Horus Heresy for PC/Mac via Steam, $3

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