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App News: Rivals for Catan Says Good-Bye, Pathfinder Adventures Gets Goblins, Bottom of the 9th Release Date and more...

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App News

The App-ocalypse Claims Rivals for Catan
The digital version of The Rivals for Catan wasn't the greatest board game app on the App Store, but there's something about the city-building nature of Rivals that really floats my boat, and it was one of those apps that I would go back to now and then to get my fix. If you were one of those who hadn't tried it as of this past Tuesday, you're out of luck. Developer United Soft Media (USM) pulled the app from the App Store stating that there were issues that prevented them from updating the app to 64-bits.

In a Facebook post from August 1st, USM had this to say:

USM wrote:
Dear Catanians,

Regrettably the current “Rivals for Catan” app will not be available on the App Store anymore from today (August 1st). It is unfortunately not possible to update the game and its 32 bit architecture for iOS 11.

We’d like to thank all players for their support: We are very sorry that the app cannot be updated and we ask for your understanding.

Anyone using the app can keep playing the game until the device is updated to iOS 11. “Rivals for Catan” will not run under iOS 11.

We are working full-speed on a completely new app which contains the card game “Rivals for Catan” (new name “Catan – The Duel”) with great new card duels for iPhone and iPad.

Your USM team

So, sounds like we're getting a whole new app for Rivals of Catan called "Catan - The Duel" at some point in the future. I can live with that even if it means repurchasing a game that I already have on my iPad. We'll keep an eye on Catan - The Duel and let you in on whatever we learn about it.

Goblins Expansion Comes to Pathfinder Adventures
You can say a lot of great things about Obsidian Entertainment and Pathfinder Adventures, but "punctual" wouldn't be one of them. A few weeks ago we were told that the latest content for Pathfinder, Rise of the Goblins, would be here last week, a date that was obviously missed. We were wondering what was happening when, yesterday, the new content launched! SURPRISE!

The new content contains Deck 1 of the Rise of the Goblins adventure, which offers 5 new scenarios, a couple new goblin characters, and more.

Obsidian wrote:

The goblins are invading Sandpoint!

The “Rise of the Goblins” campaign has been released.

Rise of the Goblins includes:
-5 new scenarios
-11 special goblin alts for all 11 original characters
-2 new goblin characters, Poog and Ranzak
-1 new goblin die set
-40 new cards
-2 new locations
-4 new location backgrounds


-Goblin Warcaster
-Hand size: 5 upgradable to 6
-Proficiency: Light Armor and Weapons on start

-Shot In the Arm: When another character plays a blessing on your check, after the check she may shuffle 1 random card from her discard pile into her deck.

-Bloody Ritual: Add 1d6 to your check that invokes the Animal or Fire trait.

-Greenhorn: After you bury, discard, recharge, or reveal a boon that has the Animal trait for its power, banish it, then you may draw a card.

Starting Cards:
2 Weapons
3 Spells
1 Armor
2 items
2 Allies
5 Blessings

-Goblin Raider
-Hand size: 7 upgradable to 11
-Proficiency: Light Armor and Weapons on Start, can take heavy armor as an upgrade

Starting Powers:
-Yellow-Bellied: If there is another character at your location, you may evade a bane; a random other character at your location encounters it instead.

-Pillage: Add 1d4 to your check to acquire a boon.

-Ransack!: When you acquire a boon on your turn, roll 1d6; on a 4, 5, or 6, explore your location.

Starting Cards:
4 Weapons
1 Spell
1 Armor
4 Items
1 Ally
4 Blessings

That's not all! Because you'll need an all-evil party to play through the campaign, there are also goblin alts for all of the iconic Pathfinder characters we've come to know and love (or hate, depending on how unlucky their die rolls are). The alts aren't just a reskin, but have some new abilities as well, fitting in with their goblin features.

The fact that they mention this is Deck 1 is curious, and I assume that means that there are more Rise of the Goblin decks coming. The IAP for Rise of the Goblins inside the app doesn't mention anything about Deck 1, however, and says:

Obsidian wrote:
This Adventure Deck will have all you need to settle the events of Rise of the Runelords a different way.

So, is this only the tip of the Goblin iceberg? I'll try and bug Obsidian and/or Asmodee Digital to figure this out. Until then, pick up the expansion now for a sale price of $6. It will go up to $9 starting next week.

- Pathfinder Adventures for iOS Universal, free
- Pathfinder Adventures for Android, free
- Pathfinder Adventures for PC/Mac via Steam, $25

Bottom of the 9th Coming in August
We know and love Handelabra Games Inc. from their amazing conversion of superhero card game Sentinels of the Multiverse to the digital realm. While we mentioned it in passing a few months ago, you might not be aware that their next project is another Greater Than Games title, Bottom of the 9th. When I say "next" I mean "very soon", as we just learned that the release date is August 17!

Bottom of the 9th is a fairly simple dice game with a bit of Yomi thrown in, as you try to guess and counter what your opponent is going to do. If you guess the pitch correctly as the hitter, you'll have all sorts of abilities to change your die rolls for that pitch. If you fool the batter as the pitcher, you'll be able to alter your die roll and really mess up the hitter. The goal, if you're the Home team, is to score 1 run. The goal of the Visitors is to get three outs.

It's a fairly simple, and fun, game, but things get even more interesting when you realize you can draft a team of players, each with their own special abilities. That's when you see that there's more "there" there than you might think just playing through the rather effective tutorial.

The August 17th release will be for iOS and Android phones, with tablet support and Steam versions coming down the road. It's really a perfect phone game, though, so I don't know that I'd hold out for the tablet version.

Eight-Minute Empire Releasing on September 5th
Way back on June 30, we posted that Acram Digital was looking for beta testers for their upcoming version of Red Raven Games' area-control game, Eight-Minute Empire. Good for us! On that same day, however, they also released a trailer and mentioned a release date of September 5th, which we failed to notice for some reason [because you're a dolt? -ed.].

So, um...yeah. We missed that news so, the trailer?

Tinytouchtales Latest, Miracle Merchant, Now Available
Tinytouchtales came out of nowhere back in 2015 and won our hearts with Card Crawl. This year they boggled our brains with their complex stealth card title, Card Thief. They're back again, only a few months later, with another game that will be mentioned in a lot of folks "Game of the Year" talk, Miracle Merchant.

Miracle Merchant is a simple card game that puts you in the role of a budding alchemist with a need to supply your motley crew of customers with the potions they desire. You mix potions via four decks of cards, each of a different suit and each with icons that affect other cards in the mix. Your goal is to make the most cash with every potion you sell, but if you run out of an ingredient that a customer needs then it's game over.

Miracle Merchant is in the same vein as Card Crawl in terms of complexity. What it doesn't have is Card Crawl's special ability cards that gave you a reason to keep hoarding your loot. Miracle Merchant is a high-score chaser and that's it, so you'll have to be happy with checking the leaderboards and pointing out to your friends how much better you are.

I've been in the beta for several weeks and have really enjoyed Miracle Merchant so far. It's a perfect "wait in line" game that you can whip out and play in a couple minutes while waiting at the doctor's office or wherever.

- Miracle Merchant for iOS Universal, $2
- Miracle Merchant for Android, free

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