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Our Top 10 High Player Count Games (6+)

Brad Scaggs
United States
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BGP 009: Top 10 High Player Count Games (6+)

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With so many people often requesting games that play at six or higher players, I wanted to dedicate a topic to our Top 10 High Player Count Games. We know how so many people have felt before. You invite people over and you hit that number where most of your games can only play up to 4 or 5. You first option would be to split the group up and have two games going at the same time. This is a great solution for many people.

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What we decided to do was to look for games that would allow us all to play together. I mean, that’s the reason we all showed up in the first place. Some of our first games that we played like this were 7 Wonders, Tsuro, and games like Concept. These both worked pretty well, but we were wanting to add a wider variety. On Sunday Funday with the family, we have 3 couples including my wife and me, my wife’s parents, and my wife’s sister and brother-in-law.

Honorable Mentions

Vegas Wits & Wagers - The main reason that this in an Honorable Mention is that it hasn’t released yet. We really enjoy the betting aspect in this one mixed with the random trivial questions that seem to cover a pretty wide range of topics. We really like the extra betting options that this one has compared to the earlier versions of the game.

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Between Two Cities - This made the honorable mention list because we’ve already mentioned it in our Favorite Tile Placement games and wanted to provide more variety. This plays great at especially at the higher player counts thanks to the simultaneous activations.

10. Happy Salmon - We absolutely love this simple game that has players trying to make it through their deck as fast as they can. Each card has an action on it that the player must find another player that has the same action. Once the action is completed, the players discard that card and continue on to the next. This is a standing and moving game so it can be a bit of a workout.

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9. Celestia - The goal of the game is to collect the most points by traveling on an airship as far as you can and visiting strange lands. It’s all about risk management as captains must roll dice and be able to play matching symbols from their hand. If they’re unable to, the ship crashes and gets sent back to the beginning. It’s up to the passengers to decide if they think the captain will be able to continue along so they can get higher value cards or if they should abandon ship and take the card of their current city. It’s a really cute game with a pretty cool 3d ship that the meeples ride in.

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8. Timeline/Timeline Challenge - This is a trivia game all about when certain events occurred in history. We really enjoy the simple play of Timeline where players must play a card in chronological order. If they’re right, the card stays. If they’re wrong, the card gets removed and the player has to take a new card. Play passes around until someone has placed all of their cards. What’s great about Timeline Challenge is that it has various different challenges all involving the time something occurs. At higher player counts, players work in teams (we use teams of 2) to answer the questions and attempt to score the most points. There’s a pretty fun catch-up mechanisms that keeps everyone in the game.

7. Captain Sonar - Have you ever wanted to play a more gamery version of Battleship? This is for you. Two teams work to successfully sink the other team’s submarine. I really love this game at the 6 and 8 player counts. The different roles on each sub are really fun: Captain, Radio Operator, First Mate, Engineer. They all have important jobs to keeping the vessel operating while they work on deducing the location of the enemy sub. There is a more puzzly turn based version and a crazy real-time version that both offer a really fun gaming experience.

6. Sushi Go Party - We love Sushi Go. When we heard their was going to be a version that allowed for more players, we knew we needed to pick it up. This takes everything from Sushi Go and makes it better. In this version, you can change up the card options that will be available in the deck and there’s a score tracker with cute soy sauce bottles as the player tokens. I love that changing the cards create much different game styles. One deck is designed for everyone to get a ton of points. One deck is desk is designed to try and give your opponents negative points.

5. Bang! The Dice Game - This western themed hidden role game is an absolute blast. I very much prefer the dice version to the card version thanks to the bit more randomness and run of rolling dice. Here, the Sheriff and their deputies are trying to rid their town of Outlaws and Renegades. The Outlaws are trying to rid the town of the Sheriff. The Renegade is trying to rid the town of everyone. It plays pretty quick so the player elimination isn’t too big of an issue. We really like playing with the expansion that adds some dice and has a new role for a player once they’ve been killed.

4. Colt Express - Two Western themed games back-to-back. I must really like the idea of having a six shooter out in the west. What makes this game special is that all of the players (in the base game) are bandits and trying to get as much loot as possible before the train reaches its destination. The game uses programmed movement as players will be playing cards face-up into a stack during each leg and then performing those actions at the end. What makes this exciting is the train often goes through tunnels causing players to have to place their card face down. So while you may have been hoping to punch someone and take their loot, they may have just left the train car you’re in. It’s silly fun especially with the 3d train cars and terrain that come with the game.

3. Deception Murder in Hong Kong - It wasn’t until Sam at the Dice Tower was raving about this game that we decided to check it out. This is our favorite hidden role game and a big reason is because the “traitor” in this game isn’t missing out on information like other games. Rolls are passed out randomly and the Forensic Scientist takes a roll similar to the ghost in Mysterium. They are to provide clues as to what murder weapon and evidence that the murderer has chosen for their assortment of cards. What’s great about this game are the extra roles of Witness and Accomplice that are used at higher player counts. It really makes the accusations and blame shifts that much more entertaining.

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2. Word Slam - This is a new game that we just picked up from Origins and it’s on our list of titles we’re planning on doing a full review soon. Both teams have one player that each know the word that they need to get their team to guess. The word is the same for both teams. Each team will be seated on the long ends of the table facing each other. The clue givers will be placing clue cards onto opposed placards as hints to get their team to guess the word. Both teams are giving their guesses aloud so some of those guesses may clue the other team in on what the word may be. Some of the words the teams are guessing could be distractions to try and lure the enemy team away from the right word. The first team to guess the word correctly that card and the first team to win a certain number of rounds wins the game. We often just keep playing it over and over because it is so much fun.

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1. Camel Up - Our family absolutely loves games where you can bet on things. It’s probably because we enjoy going to the horse track and betting on the ponies as well. It’s no surprise that they absolutely love Camel Up. In this game, the players are placing their bets on which camel they think will win each leg as well as the race as whole. What makes this game special is that when a camel enters the space of another camel, it climbs on it’s back. If a camel on the bottom has it’s dice drawn, then that camel and everything above it are moved forward. This can cause some crazy swings and hilarity as a slower camel may get carried toward victory. We really love playing this one with the Camel Up: Supercup expansion and using the catch-up dice and the longer board. It’s just a blast rooting for the camels and hoping luck is on your side.

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That’s our 10 favorite games to play with larger player counts. What are some of your favorites? Which ones did we miss?

Note: Werewords didn’t make this list since Amanda hasn’t played it yet. It’s really good. Insider is a lot of fun too. I really like Resistance and Werewolf but Deception has replaced them for me. We recently picked up One Night Ultimate Alien and I really enjoy it. Amanda is less in love with it.
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