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Among the best things in life is playing printed games in person with family and close friends. When those are not convenient we like iOS Board Games. News, reviews, previews, and opinions about board gaming on iPhones, iPads, iPods and even Android devices. (iPhone board games, iPad board games, iPod board games, Android board games)
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App News: Paperback Adds Multiplayer, 1812: Invasion of Canada Released, New DLC for Mansions of Madness, Evolution Going to Kickstarter and more...

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App News

Tim Fowers' Paperback Adds Asynchronous Multiplayer
The app for Tim Fowers' incredible word game, Paperback, was pretty great with really only one major omission: multiplayer. Sure, it had pass-and-play which worked pretty well, but this game was screaming for asynchronous online multiplayer, allowing everyone all the time they need to form the biggest words.

In a complete surprise move, last night the app was updated to include just that. You can now play online games against up to 3 opponents, including private games against friends or random games against, well, random people. The game is even smart enough to replace unresponsive players with a bot, so all your games can go to completion. All you need to do is sign up with your email and a password, and you're in and ready to play.

This addition pretty much makes Paperback a Must Have app on both your phone and tablet and could easily become the next Words With Friends. It is a much better game, after all. It also offers up the possibility that multiplayer might come to Tim's next foray on the App Store, Burgle Bros.. Not saying it will make it into that coop game, but this morning I went from "it will never happen" to "I wonder if it will happen?", which is pretty cool.

Hat tip: AddAddict

- Paperback: The Game for iOS Universal, $4
- Paperback: The Game for Android, $4

Academy Games' 1812: Invasion of Canada Released by HexWar
We already have one of the "Birth of America" titles from Academy Games, Inc. on the App Store, 1775: Rebellion. Late last week, HexWar Games (HexWar) unleashed the second title in the series, 1812: The Invasion of Canada.

This game, much like 1775, offers up a war game feel wrapped in eurogame mechanisms. Territory control and hand management are the name of the game, but you'll also get the chance to roll oodles and oodles of dice. The digital conversion offers online multiplayer, but only for 2 players, as well as solo vs. AI games or hotseat games up to 5 players.

HexWar wrote:
Key Features:

-3 Scenarios – 1812, 1812 (Short) and 1813.
-Play solo vs. 3 AI difficulties
-60 Cards (Movement & Event)
-Cross-platform 2 player online play or up to 5 player hotseat multiplayer.
-Faithful conversion of the original board game.

So, there you go. 1812 is available for iOS, Android, and PC/Mac at the links below.

- 1812: The Invasion of Canada for iOS Universal, $10
- 1812: The Invasion of Canada for Android, $13
- 1812: The Invasion of Canada for PC/Mac via Steam, $22.50

Fantasy Flight Unleashes New DLC for Mansions of Madness 2.0
We love Mansions of Madness: Second Edition, you love Mansions of Madness 2.0. Everyone loves it, and Fantasy Flight Games knows it. As such, last Friday they released yet another spooky DLC for the companion app: Dark Reflections.

Dark Reflections is the tenth scenario for the second edition of MoM (assuming you own all the 2.0 expansions), and it's a doozy. Rated only 3 for difficulty, which is right in the middle, the play time is estimated at a whopping 3-4 hours. That's a hard sell even for MoM devotees...but, I bought it anyway.

The new scenario is available via IAP and runs $5. There were some issues with purchasing it on iOS initially, but those have all been worked out and the new scenario is available on all platforms now.

- Mansions of Madness for iOS Universal, free
- Mansions of Madness for Android, free
- Mansions of Madness for PC/Mac via Steam, free

What's the Next Stage of Evolution? Kickstarter!
We've known about the digital version of North Star's animal evolving game, Evolution, for a few years now. Each time we see it release seems imminent, yet it keeps getting delayed for one reason or another. Earlier this year, it was so they could add polish to the app and now it appears that it's due to an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

We don't know much about the Kickstarter for Evolution, other than it's going to begin tomorrow. How do we know such things? From the words of Mr. North Star himself, Dominic Crapuchettes.

In a rather old Evolution post on this very blog, someone asked where the heck Evolution is and, yesterday, Dominic stated:

domcrap wrote:
jkh0208 wrote:
Over a year since announcement. Is this still happening?

The Kickstarter campaign starts on Wednesday!

The digital team has been working non-stop on this app for over 2 years. It's rock solid and continues to get better with each passing week. The AI will be considerable better than what Pierre was playing against. The graphics are also getting better. Definitely check out the campaign when it goes live. I think you you'll be pleasantly excited.

We'll check Kickstarter tomorrow and let you know exactly what the next steps in the Evolution-ary ladder are.

Faeria Expands Into the Oversky
There were two new CCG-style games with board game-like tactics revealed in the last few years, DUELYST and Faëria. Of the two, only Faeria has made the leap of moving out of beta into full release, and it's a pretty cool take on the standard CCG model.

Sure, the goal of the game is the same as Magic or Hearthstone, whittle your opponent down to 0 hit points. The trick is that cards are brought to life onto a board and have to literally attack your enemy. Not only that, but you have to build the board as you go, adding different terrain types to power different creatures.

Yesterday, Faeria was updated with the first expansion, Oversky, which adds 33 new cards and five islands to explore. It also adds a mode which allows you to play through those five islands via a cooperative mode either with a friend or alongside an AI.

The expansion also includes something called an Adventure Pouch, which you can fill with goodies by completing daily quests such as winning PvP games, beating bosses in coop mode, and more.

Faeria is available for iOS, Android, and PC/Mac/Linux via Steam. All versions are free to download with the usual CCG mechanism of buying boosters to get more cards. I've only started playing, so I'm not sure how easy it is to earn new cards without spending cash, but I'm also the guy who dropped more money than he's comfortable admitting into Hearthstone, so I'm probably not the guy to ask.

- Faeria for iPad, free
- Faeria for Android, free
- Faeria for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, free

Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal Updates Yet Again
Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal is the iOS war game that will, apparently, never stop getting updated. Seriously, I'm having a hard time thinking of another game that gets this much love from its developer. It shows, too, as CBFG is one of the best digital war games you can find on the App Store.

The latest update includes:

CBFG wrote:
- New sceénario Operation Watchtower, the US invasion of Guadalcanal in August 1942
- The Japanese and US naval forces start a bit farther from each other in Eastern Solomon scenario
- More P39 and B17 at Espiritu Santo
- Reduced unload capacity in Rabaul scenario
- a bit more fuel at Midway

Each battle animation may be reviewed from the list of events

Naval forces merge/split:
- Players may not have more than 20 ships per task force
- All ships are visible on tow rows, no need to scroll
- It is possible to drag and drop an entire task force

- A tip of the day is given when a scenario starts
- Up to 6 cargo points - instead of 4 - may unload per turn on an invasion hex
- The manual choice of target ships for the bombers has been removed (compatibility with the future 2-player game)
- Better handling of CAP landing at nightfall\n- Larger ships lose less AA due to bomb/shell hits than small ships

That's a lot, and I'm pretty sure this is a one-man team doing all the work. Crazy.

Pick up CBFG for iPad at the link below:

- Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal for iPad, $5

Card Game, What's Up, Released on iOS
It's always kind of fun to learn about a tabletop game by first hearing about the digital version. Thus is the case with What's Up by Strawberry Studio which is a digital version of the unknown (to me) card game, What's Up.

Due to the fact that I know nothing about the game, a blurb seems to be in order:

ycyclop games wrote:
What's Up is a fast card-flipping game in which you race to collect sets of birds first.

To set up, shuffle the thirty double-sided cards, then lay them out on the table in a grid. Each card features 1-3 birds in one of four colors — red, green, yellow, purple — with the reverse of the card having either the same number of birds in a different color or the same color of birds in a different number. Thus, each number+color combination appears five times in the deck.

Sounds good, and the icon is cute so I'll probably end up buying it. It's only $1, too!

- What's Up by Strawberry Studio for iOS Universal, $1
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