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App News: Our 2017 Gen Con Primer

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App News

Gen Con 2017 News and Upcoming Videos
Well, that was fun. Gen Con 2017 has come and gone and, as usual, Brad spent 99% of his time at the con tracking down all the devs you know and love to see what they have up their sleeves. Unlike past years, I wasn't with Brad the entire time this year. Instead I brought my kids with me and ended up playing a whole lot of new games with them. I helped out on a few videos, but for the most part, this is all Brad and you should all give him a nice pat on the back and/or buy him a Coke next time you see him because he's got a ton of content on the way over the next couple weeks.

I'm just going to hit the high points here, but Brad will be posting full interviews about all of this and a lot, lot more over the next week or so.

Czech Games Edition Drops the Mic
Czech Games Edition had the biggest news of the convention, in my opinion, when they announced that the long awaited digital port of Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization would be releasing for iOS and Android on September 14. They also told us that we should expect it on Steam at some point in the future as well, but they need to alter the UI so that it can take advantage of having a mouse and cursor. No date on when we can expect that, but it sounds like it's definitely in the works.

Other CGE news revolved around the app for Codenames. I wasn't with Brad for this interview, so I'm eager to see what's going on with CGE's mega-hit. Brad did tell me that it looked fantastic and that they're handling online play a little differently. Unlike other games, you cannot replace a human in Codenames with a bot if someone drops out. To fix the problem, CGE has created a system in which players who find themselves in a game where someone drops can send out a call for help. Other players will see this call for help and can jump into the game to help the game finish. Pretty slick. I'm probably botching my description, so keep an eye open for Brad's Codenames video for the full scoop.

Temple Gates Keeps on Rolling
While it will be facing some stiff competition from Through the Ages in September, our clear GOTY up to this point has to be Race for the Galaxy from Temple Gates Games LLC. Take a fantastic card game, add a brilliant UI and multiplayer system, and then top it off with one of the best AI's out there and, who knew, you might have a hit on your hands.

Temple Gates isn't content simply riding the RftG wave, however. We spoke with Theresa Duringer of Temple Gates who confirmed that they're currently working on bringing Roll for the Galaxy to our tablets as well. It's still early in development, but we did learn that Keldon Jones is currently writing the AI for it, so expect it to be brutal.

Asmodee Digital's Empire Ready for Expansion
We already knew that Asmodee Digital was kind of crazy when it came to releasing apps. Since Colt Express released last November, they've launched seven board game or text adventure apps. They've also taken over publishing for a number of apps we already adored like Pandemic: The Board Game, Mr Jack Pocket, and Pathfinder Adventures.

They're not done.

Apart from all the apps they currently publish, which are still being fully supported, we can expect a slew of new apps and many of them this year. Slated for 2017 are:

- Ticket to Ride: First Journey (U.S.) for iOS, Android, and Steam
- Carcassonne for Android and Steam
- Smash Up for iOS, Android, and Steam
- Abalone Classic for Steam
- Mille Bornes for iOS, Android, and Steam

They also have something called Catan Stories coming out this year, but it's not a board game. Instead, it's a text adventure/gamebook set in the Catan universe. No, I wasn't on shrooms when we interviewed them, this is all true.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, however. 2018 looks to be absolutely crazy. Are you ready? Here's their lineup for next year:

- Gloom for iOS, Android, and Steam
- Zombicide for iOS, Android, and Steam
- Bananagrams for iOS and Android
- Scythe for Steam
- Terraforming Mars for...we're not sure.

They also hinted at some other major announcements coming in the future, but what could be more major than Scythe and Terraforming Mars? I guess we'll see.

There's a ton more that I didn't cover here, but I just wanted to give everyone a taste of what's coming over the next week or two. Brad is currently editing as fast as he can, and we'll start posting the Gen Con videos as soon as possible.
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