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App News: Pathfinder Adventures Expands, Ticket to Ride First Journey Imminent, Doomtrooper CCG Now on Kickstarter, and Cahoots! Is Getting Pretty

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App News

It's been over a week since we last chatted. Sorry, but Through the Ages has taken over most of my waking moments. Well, that and XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. I think they've even taken over some of my non-waking moments, as I'm pretty sure I had a dream that Michelangelo was taking cover behind the Hanging Gardens at one point. <shudder>

Anyway, we're back. Don't worry, there hasn't been much news transpiring over the past week (another reason for our absence), so you're not out of the loop. Let's get to it.

Pathfinder Adventures Adds "A Fighter's Tale" and Lowers Prices
We were surprised last night by a sneaky update to one of our favorites, Pathfinder Adventures. Obsidian Entertainment and Asmodee Digital have updated the app to include new content, bug fixes, and have even shaken up the IAP. Let's take a look.

The new content is called "A Fighter's Tale" and involves a side quest you can take if Valeros is in your party during the Rise of the Runelords campaign. The side quest has 5 new scenarios, new henchman, villains, and a bunch of new loot. It also comes with a new character, a gnome fighter.

The bug fixes are legion, but we're used to that in Pathfinder Adventures. Get over it.

As for the price changes, this might be the most interesting part. They've lowered the prices of just about everything in the IAP store for the mobile version, and in some cases removed the option to pay for new content with in-game gold. Why? Because this.

Here's a list of all the changes:

The app is still free to download on mobile, with the Steam version coming in at a crisp $25. Then again, the PC/Mac version comes with the entire Rise of the Runelords campaign in tow.

- Pathfinder Adventures for iOS Universal, free
- Pathfinder Adventures for Android, free
- Pathfinder Adventures for PC/Mac via Steam, $25

Ticket to Ride: First Journey Release Imminent
Not a lot to talk about with this one, other than the fact that we've learned we can expect it to arrive later this week.

Ticket to Ride: First Journey (U.S.) simplifies the basic game of Ticket to Ride so even the youngest players can play. Instead of choosing between face up cards and the draw deck, you just draw 2 cards each turn. Cities are marked with 3D images instead of names, so kids don't need to read, and you simply get 1 VP for each completed ticket with the winner being the first to get 10. The game is colorful and the city icons are all displayed in 3D and jump around as links are made. Kids should love it. Adults, go play the original TtR.

The app has both a US and Europe map, but doesn't include online play. You can mix/match humans and AI for pass-and-play, but that's it.

We're not sure how much the app will cost when it launches, but it's another title from Asmodee Digital, and their apps all seem to be in that $3-5 range.

Watch for it to land on iOS, Android, and Steam later this week.

Doomtrooper CCG Heads to Kickstarter
Doomtrooper is another one of those games that appears to have a following, yet I haven't heard of. Not surprising in this case, as it appears to have been one of the slew of CCGs launched in the mid-90s trying to cash in on Magic: The Gathering's magic.

Sounds like Doomtrooper was one of the good ones, however. A fan of the game, Justin Reynard, just happens to have himself a development studio and has taken it upon himself to get a digital version of this classic CCG onto our screens.

The Kickstarter is for the PC/Mac versions so there will be no pesky iOS code shenanigans if you plan on backing. That said, mobile platforms are part of their stretch goals, so if you want to see Doomtrooper on your iOS or Android device, give them some money.

They're looking for $15K to get the project rolling and have already pulled in over $12K in one day, so I don't think we have to worry too hard about this one succeeding.

Head over to the Doomtrooper Kickstarter page and take a look at what the game is about and what their campaign has to offer. You can also head over here and sign up for beta access, which is planned to still happen in 2017.

Cahoots! Getting Updated With New Art
Cahoots is a pretty great trick taking game in which has been on the App Store since 2014, but you might only now be hearing about. Why? Because the physical version is getting a facelift courtesy of Mayday Games and an upcoming Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter will be for the physical version of Cahoots, but Josh Edwards, the developer of the iOS version, will also have access to the new artwork, giving him the chance to make the app as shiny as possible.

If the new artwork is like the new cover (and it is), then Cahoots is going to be one pretty card game.

Still not convinced? Take it from our own Brad, who's quoted on the iTunes page as saying, "This is currently my favorite trick taking game, digital or tabletop." What a pull quote! There are a lot more, and the app is currently sporting 4.5 stars on the App Store, which isn't anything to sneeze at.

- Cahoots for iOS Universal, $2
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