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And what turned out to be a really good day

Amoena aka a girl likes games
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The weather yesterday was absolutely crazy. Air was white with snow, at last it was snowing, but it was too warm for snow. It became slush. It made everything wet, shoes, clothes, hair. It certainly wasn’t the kind of weather that invites you to go out and about. But my boyfriend told me that it’s "just a little snow" and encouraged me to go yarn shopping after work. I needed yarn to knit mittens for a G+ knit-a-long, indeed I did, but that’s not why he wanted me to go. No. He wanted me to go so I could get him the yarn that he needed, so he wouldn’t have to make the trip to the yarn store.

I had a crazy day at work too. What you get when you work with user accounts and it’s the first day of the year? The answer is: expired accounts. My phone just kept ringing: "Hi, I can’t access my computer. I just got a new contract but when I log in, it tells me that my account has expired". It’s not fun after a while, believe me.

So after the crazy day at work I decided to go to the yarn store despite the crazy weather. I must have been crazy, crazy indeed. But I got what I needed: two skeins of nice and soft alpaca yarn. They’ll make nice colorwork mittens. I also found something else that made the trip even more worthwhile. My favorite nail polish brand is really expensive here, but I found one shade that was on sale! It doesn’t happen every day, especially for me, so it made me really happy.

Now you’re probably wondering what this blog post has to do with board games...

So I’ve been out and about for couple hours, my jeans had gotten wet from the snow already and my toes are feeling pretty cold too. But since I had gotten what I needed and even something extra, I’m pretty good mood. Especially since I knew that my boyfriend was already preparing dinner for me and it would be waiting for me at home.

But there was also something else waiting for me: a package. My boyfriend knew about it but he wanted to keep it as a surprise. He likes surprises, probably more than I do. I ate my dinner first and showed off my new nail polish. My boyfriend is not super excited about nail polishes, but probably more excited you’d think a guy could be. After all, my boyfriend sometimes does my nails, and he does it better than me.

But before I tell you what I got and from who, I want to show you my purchases. This is yarn I bought from mittens. They look brown-ish in the picture but they are actually purple and lilac. I love alpaca yarn; it’s so soft and warm.

The nail polish I bought is O.P.I - Chop-sticking to my story. It’s not a color I would normally wear, not at all, but I guess that’s why I was initially drawn to it. I already have so many cute girly colors with shimmer and glitter... but absolutely nothing like this:

There’s a little clue in the background!

And now back to the package. It was medium-sized, brown , quite light in weight and sent from Maelstrom games. Kinda like what you expect to get when you have ordered games online. Except that I haven’t, but before Christmas I got geekmail from Secret Santa’s creepier brother, Chtanta. Except that I haven’t even participated in Secret Santa.

I kinda like the idea of Secret Santa. But on the other hand, I don’t really get it. Maybe I have not been around long enough to learn what the thrill is? Maybe we’ll need to participate next Christmas. Thought that would mean that I would have to actually pay attention to my BGG wishlist. I just cleaned my wishlist little while ago and removed basically everything except the big box expansions for Arkham Horror. Because I really wish to have those one day! I just love the world of Arkham Horror. It’s my favorite game solely because of the theme. A monster appears! Who doesn’t love that?!

So you can guess how excited I was when I opened the package and found Elder Sign. I had played it before so I knew what it’s like. It’s like Arkham Horror... but compressed: It gives the same experience in shorter time, without fiddly set-up and most importantly, without game board that takes over the whole kitchen table.

See, much more manageable.

I wasn’t excited about Elder Sign when I first heard about it. It was a "card game". Then I got excited about it when we played it together with our gaming friends. And you know what? I am even more excited about it now. When I played it first time I didn’t pay so much attention to the story. I didn’t even know there was a story! But there is! There is a museum that comes alive at night! And stuff! When we played it last night (totally shouldn’t have, I am super tired right now) I read every adventure card that came into play carefully and admired the artwork. I really don’t know why I don’t do that with all the games instead of just playing them. It really adds a lot.

Loving the artwork.

By the way, I am sure I know who our Secret Chtanta is. Besides, there are only like four users on BGG who know our address, and only two who know my real name. Even without any additional hints it would have been pretty easy to narrow down the suspects. Either way: THANK YOU! This completely erases the memory of the crappy board games we got for Christmas!

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