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App News: Smash Up and Cottage Garden Released, Handelabra News, Brass on Steam and more...

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App News

Smash Up Released for iOS, Android, and PC
If you follow this blog (and if you're reading this, you must), you're already aware of today's release of Smash Up by Nomad Games Ltd (II) and published by Asmodee Digital. That's because Brad has already posted his First Look video. He's a real go-getter, that one.

Here's some blurbage:

Asmodee Digital wrote:

- Online Cross-platform multiplayer: 2 to 4 players
- Play with 4 players or solo against the AI
- 9 faction decks, including the base game set and more: Zombies, Aliens, Dinosaurs, Ninjas, Pirates, Robots, Tricksters, Wizards & Geeks
- Random or manual faction selection
- Fully automated scoring
- Tutorial system plus ‘Step Through’ and ‘Review' modes to help players learn
- Leader boards & Achievements
- Contains 16 Base cards to compete over
- Languages available: English, French, German

So why am I posting about it here? Because I'd feel remiss not including it in a news post somewhere! Also, it has a really cool icon. If you want to know more and/or see it in action, watch Brad's video below. Otherwise, here are the links. Have at it.

- Smash Up for iOS Universal, $5
- Smash Up for Android, $5
- Smash Up for PC via Steam, $15

Uwe Rosenberg's Cottage Garden Released by DIGIDICED
Another big release today comes from Digidiced UG. It's another Uwe Rosenberg title, Cottage Garden.

Cottage Garden pits up to 4 players in a battle to see who can plant the best garden. Seriously. There are flowers arranged at Tetris-shaped pieces, and you fill up your plots and score points. There are also cats. I haven't figured out the cats yet.

Let's blurb this thing:

Goal of the Game - In Cottage Garden, you compete in the art of gardening. Plant two Flowerbeds with different flowers. Score each Flowerbed when there are no more free spaces visible on it, then exchange it for a new, unplanted one. You receive points for all visible Flower Pots and Garden Cloches on the completed Flowerbed, and you may also receive Flower Pots and Cats that will help you with your gardening.
The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

• True digital conversion of Uwe Rosenbergs famous board game
• 2-4 players locally, online or even cross-platform
• Family friendly - non violent theme
• Worldwide ranked multiplayer and casual play with your friends
• fast real time games or asynchronous games with 24 hour time limit per turn
• Easy interactive tutorial to learn the game from scratch
• Analyze your best games or learn tricks from the best with Playback
• 3 different computer opponents
• uses the newest rules of the board game

See, I told you there were cats in it. Cottage Garden is available for iOS and Android right now, and will be coming to PC/Mac/Linux via Steam next week.

- Cottage Garden for iOS Universal, $5
- Cottage Garden for Android, $5

Bottom of the 9th Heads to Steam
In the first of our two Handelabra Games Inc. posts today, we talk about their latest title, Bottom of the 9th (2017). If you were hoping to have bat-swinging and base-running meeples on your laptop, you're in luck. Earlier this week, Bottom of the 9th was released for PC/Mac/Linux on Steam.

The Steam version is the same great game we've been playing on our touchscreens since August, but it's been reworked for a keyboard/mouse combo. It also includes a new single-player campaign called Manager's Challenge! Don't be upset if you own the mobile version, Manager's Challenge is also now available in the mobile version for a whopping zero dollars!

Handelabra wrote:
• Play six game solo campaigns as the home team against a revolving cast of pitchers.
• Compete in nine different game situations, including multiple inning games.
• Each campaign game is played using one of six effect cards that change the feel of the game.
• The Manager's Challenge can be played in Classic Mode (using a Pitcher's Deck of stare-down cards) or against any level of CPU opponent.
• Four increasing levels of difficulty will put your management and batting skills to the test!
• Earn up to 11 new achievements and compete with others on 8 new leaderboards for the solo campaign mode.

Not bad! Oh, and did I mention that both the Steam and mobile versions are on sale? They are! Why am I so excited? I DON'T KNOW, I JUST LOVE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

Ahem. Sorry. You can pick Bottom of the 9th up at the links below, with the sale price in effect through the end of the week.

- Bottom of the 9th for iOS Universal, $4
- Bottom of the 9th for Android, $4
- Bottom of the 9th for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, $6

Sentinels of the Multiverse Turns Three
That's not all the Handelabra news today. Today is the birthday of their flagship title, Sentinels of the Multiverse, which means they have a ton of sales and events revolving around the superhero card game all weekend.

First of all, Sentinels is free-to-play this weekend on Steam. If you haven't bought Sentinels yet, you can try it out on your laptop all weekend for nada, which is pretty cool. What's even cooler is that it's 70% off on Steam if you want to buy it, and you most likely will after giving it a free spin.

There's stuff for us mobile fans, too! The base game is only $1 on iOS, Android, and Kindle all weekend. Already have the base game? Expansions are on the cheap too! You can get the Season 1 pass for $15, down from its normal price of $25. Want to buy expansions standalone instead of in a Season Pass? They're all $1 off if you go that route!

Season Pass 2 is still its regular price, but Handelabra is donating $1 from every Season Pass sold (both 1 and 2) to the Cystinosis Research Foundation, so everyone wins.

The free-to-play promotion on Steam only lasts until Sunday, while the sale prices won't be around much longer than that. Go pick up what you're missing now before the sale goes away.

- Sentinels of the Multiverse for iOS Universal, $1
- Sentinels of the Multiverse for Android, $1
- Sentinels of the Multiverse for Kindle, $1
- Sentinels of the Multiverse for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, $3

Martin Wallace's Brass Moves to Steam
It's the week for board games going to Steam, apparently. We also learned this week that Cublo has brought their stellar port of Martin Wallace's Brass to Steam for PC/Mac/Linux.

There's not a lot to say that hasn't already been said about the mobile version of Brass...the Steam version is nearly identical. They did alter the UI a bit and make it keyboard/mouse friendly and added email notifications so it works quite well on a laptop and isn't just a slapdash port.

If you want to play Brass while sitting at your desk, now you can. The Steam version is $10 and can be nabbed at the link below.

- Brass for iOS Universal, $6
- Brass for Android, $7
- Brass for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, $10

Age of Rivals Gets More Content via Conflict of Faith Expansion
Age of Rivals is a gem of a card game from Roboto Games that mashes up card drafting and civilization building in a much thinkier way than The Game That Shall Not Be Named.

It's seriously one of our GOTY contenders, and it just got better with the release of a free update that adds new expansion content, including 18 new cards.

Roboto Games wrote:
Conflict of Faith Campaign
The second campaign includes 6 new story/challenge levels vs. custom decks for Ziana, Theophilos and Nairi. Beating these levels will unlock 3 of the new cards.

The remaining 15 new cards can be obtained by spending coins. All 18 new cards:
-Barduk’s Bonewall - You bring the bodies and Barduk will build you the wall.
-Royal Academy - See the Moneylender for a student loan.
-Standard Bearer - Don’t mess with the mascot.
-Martyr - Sometimes death is only the beginning.
-Martial Law - Culture smulture...just attack!
-Acid Spitters - The sworn enemies of The Undying.
-Exotic Trinkets - Shells, beads, and the occasional dragon egg.
-Princess of Thieves - Her leadership will bring the underworld out of the shadows.
-The Sentinels - No shenanigans on their watch.
-Eternal Gardens - A whole grove of giving trees.
-Faithless Bannermen - Your earliest allies are not always your most reliable allies.
-Exotic Expedition - Riches beyond compare...if they ever make it back.
-Smoke and Mirrors - It’s not a’s an illusion!
-Monolith - A mysterious construction for anyone confused by the damage splitting rules.
-Stone Table - Broken - When the table cracks, death itself begins working backwards.
-Scavengers - Waste not, want not.
-Sacred Relic - An artifact that should never have been uncovered.
-Open Borders - Keep the big door open...everyone will come around.

Card Rebalancing
-Graverobber Baron can now only steal a maximum of 2 coins per turn instead of 2 coins per Ruins drawn
-Sun’s Sisters now gives bonus culture based on ruined card’s attack, and cost increased by 1
-War Drums ability reprogrammed to work more reliably
-Myrmidons cost reduced by 1
-Conquistadors attack increased by 1
-Assacani attack reduced by 1

Gameplay Changes
-Both players are guaranteed to draw at least one Economic card during every draft in Round 1
-Guaranteed cards will no longer ever show up in the very first draft
-Early phase guaranteed cards may now draw during any draft in Round 1 (instead of just the first 2 drafts)

Did I mention all this is free? Don't let the mention of coins needed to unlock cards scare you off. There is no IAP in the game whatsoever. You'll earn cards as you play, and unlock cards as you go along.

- Age of Rivals for iOS Universal, $2
- Age of Rivals for Android, $4
- Age of Rivals for PC/Mac/Linux, $10
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