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Essen Days 3 & 4!! All Games Played and Full Conclusion to One of the Best Cons!

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!

Welcome to Essen!! Day's 3 and 4!!

Day 3:

Head of the line again and I met up with Anna and her Husband! It was great times!

First thing I saw was NUTS!

We didn't get into the demo we wanted to first thing. All tables were booked for the HOT games but we did find a seat at Indian Summer. New to me!

Of course this was on my list of games to buy and play. I love me some Uwe Rosenberg games no matter what. I have to try them all!!! Who knows what you will get?!

This is a race game. You are racing to fill up your board completely, before anyone else. No points no nuthin! It is essentially if barenpark and Cottage Garden had a baby. In the game you are using pieces from your line of pieces. If you have 0 pieces in your line then you will first refill up to 5 pieces. You have some bonus tokens you start the game with to use for their actions if you wanted or you can save them up and possibly combine them later to get better actions. for example, the blueberry allows for you to refill the line of tiles with more tiles that are already places out around the center board *like cottage garden*. This will immediately give you more options for tiles to play on your turn. the acorn gives you a squirrel!! The squirrel is a 1 sized square piece that can just be placed to fill in some wholes. The blueberry and acorn are anytime actions and as many times are you want on your turn. The Mushroom and feather are also options but will replace your FULL action for the turn. Taking other peoples tiles, or placing 2 of your own instead of the normal one.

Ideally you are filling up regions on your board and with the patterns you are creating you want to try and get the tiles to have the holes revealing the good below it. When you put the hole on the acorn you then nab an acorn tile and place it there so when you complete the region you get to collect those tokens to your supply. You might also get to cover the holes with the special tiles from the middle of the board, those would also give you MORE bonus tiles for what that animal covers up. The more bonus tiles you can get the better off you are. If you got enough acorns then you can fill up the board right away!

There are a lot of cool things happening in this game. When you use the bonus tokens is critical since you want to get the best tiles added to your line vs the other players lines. You can always spend 2 of a single resource to upgrade to the next level resource. blueberry- acorn-mushroom-feather (most rare).

In the game I am just awesome at visualizing and planning. It is all about timing and seeing what is available. I think I was able to steal from people a few times, but since that feather is so rare it is not a common turn for people. But it totally messes with their plans. I had a few killer turns in the final rounds. My combos were off the chain. I was finishing an area getting a ton of tokens and then using them to fill ing more regions. A lot to consider.

I actually think I like this more than Barenpark, and i know I like this game more than Cottage Garden. They are all pretty much the same weight as far as gaming goes. Maybe I just like it because I am good at it. There is so much red in this game and the fall theme is amazing. Lots to like about this one!

Hanging out at the Renegade Booth!!

On Instagram I was invited to the Indonesian booth and we played The Festivals. New to me!

This is a pretty simple game where each round you are trying to make it over to the current festival. There is a movement element but it is really about the bidding. You are bidding cubes and the cubes will be used for your tickets to said places. If you don't have the most cubes then you have to wait your turn and you may not score any points. You could choose to pass for the round and collect tickets from where you are standing however.

I like blind bidding games, I think I generally have a pretty good idea on who is doing what, and if I have seen them bidding a lot of resources then they will likely be out in the following round so I could possibly bid less and score more.

Each festival card is different. Some might be just first player to come gets 7 points. Others might have scoring for 1/2/3 place positions.

we had a good time playing but Ron totally crushed us. He was just getting so many points. the game ends when someone gets to 20 points. He was well over 20 and I was just at 18. I think the guy demoing the game had like 5 so he was not playing very well, but I am not sure if that is on purpose or not. Jess was also not far behind me.

Ron had a few good bids which gave him the extra points needed to win. I would happily play this game again. You can have a few variations of the game and have boarders you can't cross to make it more difficult to travel to different locations. That could be cool.

Then we found ourselves at my friend Corey's booth for Massif Games and his game titled Mountaineers. New to me- ish!

He had room for us to join a game and we found Derek to play as a 4th. Now this game was at Essen last year and I really enjoyed my time and ended up buying a copy of the hand made game. Since a year has past, this game has been totally re designed with a similar feel and more streamlined approach. Corey is setting to go to KS basically any day now I believe Nov 7 or something in the next few weeks.

Since I last played my copy the dice have been removed and you are awarded gear tokens throughout the game to be used on your tech points and payment for moving on terrain. You are no longer collecting cards to move you can simply move how you see fit.

In the game you still have a set of goals you are trying to accomplish. There are ways to get additional goals through upgraded techs. Each turn the player must first draw an event card. This will likely have some +#gear tokens and all players get to gain that many gear tokens. Then the player gets to perform 2 actions. You can choose to buy a tech as an action, use a tech, or simply move. When you use a tech you will also have to pay some number of gear depending on the action.

Of course the event card might say you can not travel through forest areas this turn, or might be nice and say +1 movement when traveling on glacial areas.

I love the deep rich colors that he modified the game to be and I am super excited to see and play the finalized game.

In our game we actually didn't get around to finishing it since Derek had to bounce and we got only an hours time with rules incl.

I was just trying to do my goals but JESS kept getting in my way. I eventually had to kicked her trail out from under me just so I could get by on and move up the mountain. It worked out a little for me, but I was just getting the worst of luck with the card draws on my turn. I kinda miss the dice rolling. Each of the event cards also has a sub action of VP condition for the end of the game. Corey is still working on figuring out what exactly to do with that. I mean Ron managed to pick up like 4 scoring ones and I didn't get any so it was a bit unfair. I got a lot of bonus actions, but since you can only use 1 per turn, it is hard to get what you want when you need to.

I lost this game so hard. By the time we stopped I think I managed to complete one goal, maybe. Ron had done like 3 and Jess was catching up to him. If Derek hadn't had to leave early he even might have won. He was saying he was close to completing and having a huge turn.

Needless to say we all very much enjoyed out time and I will just have to get used to the new rules, but I can't wait for the finished product! He has a fine game on his hand and it is just so eye catching!! Love it!

Next we found ourselves in hall 3- the HUGE hall and we sat down to demo Battlefold. New to me!

This game is the next step up from Fold-it. You are using this cloth to fold and create a pattern using the given requirements. Once you do that you grab the turn order marker. Once everyone complete the fold then you can proceed with actions.

On the board you are a champion and trying to attack and defeat the other players being the last one standing. The fold in which you just created will provide actions for you for the round as well as your standard move and attack action you already have. You do this until one player is left standing alive on the playing field. But, there is a twist. When you are defeated, you get to become a ghost! You get to attack as a spirit. You don't actually do damage but if you succeed in getting enough hit points on your player board before there is a single victor then you will win the game!

There are two strategies here. I know going forward I will always play this game to be defeated quickly so I can try and win as a ghost!

I have to say I like the fact that no one is eliminated in the game even if you are defeated. I am just terrible at folding patterns. I can't seem to wrap my brain around this game. Jess was like bam - I am done. I was like but what?! This game was apparently her calling!

Well, perhaps not considering she didn't win. I am pretty sure the demo guy won, or Jess might have survived. It was tricky but I know Ron died after me and I was half way up the spirited vp track.

I had fun with this one, even though I am just terrible. I like the various player abilities and movement attacks. I would play again!

Last year I didn't manage to pick up Pipe Work. But I was so happy they still had it out and I could play with Ron and Jess. I really love this game.

I knew it would not be easy to take home so I ended up not buying it again this year. One of these years I will make it fit!

This is a speed dexterity game to fill your board with pipes and have all of the connections match. Blue to blue etc. You can play different levels of difficulties.

Ron of course gets handicapped with level 4 and I played 3 and Jess played 1. Jess still lost, except that one time when I was filming her!

Ron still won each and every time. He is just awesome at the spacial puzzle games like this. Jess wanted to buy it simply because she wanted to try and get better at the game. I can't blame her for that. I need to get better at Fold-it. We just have different strengths!

Great game! So much fun!

Since there was a table with a game on it we sat and tried out Venice Connection. New to me!

Easy enough tile placement game where you are trying to make a loop/connection of the river tiles. We had the hardest set up and Ron just made it impossible in the first couple moves we couldn't even finish the connection so we just stopped.

Perhaps I just didn't get the game but it didn't seem all that great to me. Maybe we were missing tiles? I don't know, but this is one I just didn't understand. I don't have to play it again. I am not sure any of us really understood. So we moved on to the next game.

As far as I know this game is not in BGG. I duno why cause it should be, but we sat down and played PROBOT. New to me!

It is a programming game. You have a hand of cards and are using them to make the robots move on the board. There might be more than one correct answer but you are trying to do it faster than any other player to get the point. The robots start in a specific space on the board and need to end on a specific space as well!

The demo guy was great at helping us figure out the game a bit. We all caught on pretty quickly too. Of course I was going light speed ot try and get all of the cards played fast. There is always going to be a screw up in your first 2 rounds. Oh that bot went there, what!?

It was a great time. We played several rounds and got a feel for the game. I am not sure if it was selling or it might have been a prototype. I think kids will really like this one. The theme is cute and you get to program robots with a hand management element. Very clever.

I was spotted with the FLUFFY!

Jess got a demo of Ebbe & Flut.

I absolutely learned the game from the demo but I didn't get to play so I won't count it as New to me. I didn't even count it as a play, but totally could have been.

It is a nice 2 player game where you are trying to move your cards across the battle field to the opponents corner and score them. You get to move your cards either up or to the left and you are trying to match letters or numbers to allow for more movement.

It seemed like a cool game I would definitely want to play it.

Same publisher but I was unable to locate the BGG entry for It's Time for Speed!. New to me!

This is a game I played twice, once with the demo guy and once with Ron. Yeah I lost the first time since I was learning and I won the second time against Ron. The only time I can ever win against Ron...

It is a speed game as you can imagine. You have a deck of cards and a hand of 3 cards. When you play a card you can draw back up to 3. You are trying to get rid of your deck fastest.

There is 2 piles of cards in the center and you can match the symbol, color, or number in order to play a card down. 3 elements and it is hard to really keep track of all of that when you are playing at the speed of light!

It was a bunch of fun and super light and easy. Made for 2 people and 2 minutes. I would easily play this one again.

The next speed game we played at the same booth was Flix Mix. New to me!

This played several people and we played it as a 4 player game with all of us. You are trying to overlay the dots exactly. More you can overlay the more points you can get. But, you are also trying to get your cards played as fast as you can to end the game.

Oh boy was I terrible at this game. realllllllllllllllllllly bad I think I managed to get like 6 cards down and Ron finished all of his 20 or something. It was pretty embarrassing, but I don't mind so much. Ron completely destroyed us.

We had a good time though. Easy to play and one I would try again. Maybe I would be better the next time.

Next booth over we found a game called Taiwan Snackbar. New to me!

It is sort of new to me. It is the original version of Tem-Purrra The rules aren't exactly the same but the game is VERY similar and I think they share a BGG page so yeah, perhaps it is not new- who is nit picking anyway.

You want to have the most cards at the end of the game, but if you get 3 red x's then you will lose and trigger the end of the game. On your turn there is a card in front of you and you have to play a card to match it or draw as many cards as listed. It goes around and around until end of game. Some cards are special and change direction or skip or something.

It is a cute game. I don't really find many critical choices to be made, but it is light and fun. Happy to try it or play again. Not really my type of game in the end, however. The art was great though.

CONEX was a game on my list to try. New to me!

This is a card placement spacial game. You are trying to score as many points as you can it is a race to get to some number first.

On your turn you place a card from your hand. You have to match the colors on the car to another card of that color. If you have a blue corner then you have to match the white lines and place the blue on the blue card so it lines up exactly. You can not over lay any more cards and that one. You get the points depicted on the car in that color box. You then get the bonus action on the card if there is one. Might be to roll the die. The die might allow for you to draw cards or get a multiplier for next round. If you have no cards to place you pass your turn to draw cards to the hand limit.

It was a cute game. I didn't see many choices that were critical. I am glad I got to play it. I also won so that certainly helped. Not really what I was expecting, but happy to try it. Wouldn't mind playing again but it is unlikely I will.

So there I wanted to check out the new game Karuba: The Card Game. New to me!

As we all know and love the tile game, I really wanted to try this one out. Somehow Jess never played Karuba, how is that possible? I duno, but Ron read the rules for this game and she eventually caught on to the system.

This is actually quite a different play style to the game. It is more of a bidding/auction type game. You are blind bidding 2 cards from your hand the player who bids the least value has to pitch a card fro the game. Mind you that you have exactly 16 cards to fill a 4x4 grid and if you pitch a card that is space you could otherwise use. All cards will be used. Then you place all of the cards you just bid with into your board. You only have a hand of 5 cards so you have to select the 2 wisely knowing you might end up losing one of them. In the deck you have 4 temples and 4 explorers. You are trying to make passageways from the correct color explorer to their temples for points and if they cross over any gems they get additional points. Explorers block other explorers.

The actual board you are creating feels the same as regular Karuba, but it is much different with the bidding mechanic. I like that the game plays up to 6 players, I can see the bidding getting a little easier than with 3 players.

Ron ended up beating me by 1 point because I was unable to walk the long way around and collect the gems. You must take the direct fastest route to the temples. No stopping to smell the roses in these parts. I ended up having to pitch only one card and for 8 rounds that is not too terrible with 3 players. Somehow Ron won though. I wasn't able to connect each of my explorers I missed one and Ron connected them all, of course.

I think and hope Jess liked the game. I should get her to play the tile game soon! I think it was done nicely and in a good way. I would definitely play it again.

I was invited to the Kolossal room to hear about some new and upcoming titles set to hit Kickstart early 2018. We didn't actually play any games but I got a pretty good over view on how the games worked. The first on the table was the gorgeous Western Legends.

This is a western themed game, clearly. It really has the look and feel of a western style movie, which is cool. The artwork is really pretty stunning and there is a lot of back stories on the characters you can choose to play with. Each character will have a unique ability and kind of give you a guided path to take for the game giving you little bumps here and there for specific things.

Otherwise you might not see a path at all! It is very much a sandbox type of game with a lot of switching back and forth on strategies and planning. One minute you might be all wanted for robbery at the local bank and then the next you paid you dues and are now working the law side of things. Spin of a dime and see what happens. There are some event cards that might help sway you to one side or another. Several ways to score points such as robbing a bank will get you wanted points, but catching the local wanted guy will score you law enforcement points. You can simply go to the mines and mine some ore, or steal a cow at the local ranch. Lots to do and lots of different cards to help you move around the board.

There are plenty of avenues to pursue in the game, and you might not ever go to rob the bank or initiate a fight in order to win. I definitely like that in a game. So many different ways to play and never knowing what the outcome or likelihood of a strategy winning might be.

I can tell you that my friend Scott will be all over this, I already can see the pimped out plastic horses and cowboys with golden nuggets. He loves his themes and especially westerns.

It will be produced in a huge Kemet sized box so you know you are going to get a ton of cool stuff in this game. I look forward to seeing and playing the finalized copy of the game.

The next game they wanted to show me also set for 2018 was Kami-sama.

This one felt a little more euro-type audience. Definitely more my style game. I am always going to be drawn to the more euro-y style games in general. This game you have asymmetric powers as well and tons of Japanese spirits you get to choose from at the beginning of the game.

The board is circular and will be rotating a quarter for each round. You are always only playing into your quarter of the wheel representing a current season, in each given round. Trying to form clusters of your buildings. Mean while you and everyone else is trying to destroy o overtake the quarter you thought you had just secured. It is very much area control with a balancing act for the nature and favor tracks on your player board.

You will be playing cards to carry out different actions and using them to gain the control on the lands.

It seems very interesting and I would really like to play the final game when it is available.

Thanks to Kolossal Games for showing me the games. I had a great time meeting with Travis and Kira who are both very passionate about the games and all of the back stories and themes that are woven into the games they are creating. The passion really shows and you can tell all of the hard work they have put into creating these stunning games.

The final game of the day was really just another overview and I won't call it a play since i didn't actually play. We got the overview for Keyper.

I won't lie, the guy demoing the booth was a real charmer. A very unique character if you will. Anyone who gives me a hard time usually gets some laughs at the table, and this guy was really giving me a hard time. He would have fit right in with my Monday group.

The game seems very similar to Keyflower, with out the bidding. This totally changes the game. You are working to build up your farm and collect the resources and do the stuff. Typical Key- game. You get the cool boards to use. The cool mechanics here is that you can follow along if someone takes an action. You might never see your workers again because you will get to claim 1/4 land tiles for the end of the round, and you get all meeples on that land tile. It will be a tough management on the meeples you are placing and you want to try and save the special meeples until the very end.

I didn't end up kickstarting this game. But the demo interest me enough to say he Ron, if it is interesting I would not mind owning this one. So now we have the super special Character edition! I can't wait to play!

Jess needed to have a punching Party! So we all helped!

Final Day!!

The sights early morning!


Yay for Ladies!!

First thing I had to do on Sunday was secure a copy of the English edition of Majesty. Once that was set Jess and I went to find Ron because he was securing a seat at a demo of Pulsar 2849. New to me!

I hadn't known this was a game with a drafting dice mechanic. I really like drafting dice. There is a balancing to the dice once rolled and if you roll 5 x1's and 1 x6 then the dice will be scaled do you are going to have to pay track points if you want to use that 6 die. There are a couple different tracks you are adjusting the initiative track which decides turn order and the track that provides resources at the end of the round depending on the rank and 4th place would get none. Now if the reverse happened and there were 5 x6s and 1 x1s you would get to increase on the tracks by the number of spaces away if you were to take a lower valued die.

Yes, the higher numbers are definitely better and provide more options in the game.

In the game you have some actions you are doing with the dice you select. You always get 2 dice but it is snake style so you take a die first but then you will also take last pick as well. You can move around in the solar system to try and visit planets and find pulsars. Ideally you want to get that pulsar scoring by getting the tokens needed and activate them.

There are several techs you can plan to acquire to help score points or possibly manipulate dice better. Lots of different options and more open up as the game progresses and there is certainly planning to do. There are other goals you can try and claim and finish to give on going benefits each round. Pulsars will also give you points once completed.

There is a lot of end of round scoring and happenings that you want to be aware of. There is definitely a lot going on and I really enjoyed it!

We played a condense version of the game and in 5 (instead of 8) round we felt we had a pretty great understanding of the game.

I really liked it, but I won the game, so perhaps I am bias. I have added it to the wishlist. I think Ron liked it, though he didn't have much to say about it.

I was so very far in the lead all game. I thought I was going to crush their souls. Nope actually, the random guy playing with us and Ron both had some major final socrings and between round scorings and managed to nearly pass me and caught up a great deal!

I was working the tech route and they were working the exploration route. You get some major points for the number spaces you have visited at the end of the game. I was nervous I might not win because of that.

Definitely a lot to consider in this one and a game that I would like to play again. Perhaps my SS on the geek would be so kind haha I look forward to trying it again.

The Pulsar Scene

Mr Daryl Andrews himself!

More sights and friends!

Ron and I found ourselves needed in a demo for Exodus Fleet. New to me!

After playing Pulsar I wasn't in the mood for another space themed game, but we were needed so we sat down to try it. This is a completely different space game though. It is a once around action to try and take the presented action. One player says which action they would like to do and starting with the next player, they get to bid to do the action. It is a once around bid and the top 3 bids will get some variation of the action. Generally the person who bids the most will get a better benefit for their money spent. You can always choose to pass and take money and a resource.

It is a resource churning game. You have space ships that can hold cargo (sometimes specifically which type), and you are working to expand your business and get more ships and more cargo. Some types of ships are the same and will work better for you when you have several of the same type. You will also score better at the end of the game. All of the ships have little powers and bonuses. Extremely hard to read and very small print. The lady we played with didn't even realize there was text on her cards and wasn't doing that bonus each time X happened.

Every player has an ability as well, mine was to get a discount when building ships, so clearly my focus was to buy all the ships.

There are sever mid game scorings that will happen and you will be scoring for your people that you have gathered, but it is pretty hard to gather the people. You need a lot of resources for that.

There are several actions to choose from when it is your turn to select but you definitely want to try and pick the action that no one else wants so they simply have to pass. One of the actions is income and everyone gets to do that but you will get a sweet bonus. All players would get to collect money for their ships, and is the main source of how to get money in the game.

Each round every player will host an auction and there are some number of rounds before scorings happen and eventually the game will end.

I actually enjoyed this a bit more than I thought I would. I like the once around auctions and I like the different levels of specific actions. It is a clever way of managing what you need to do and hopefully not what other people need to do. If you see everyone is full up on resources you might call for a gather resources action. Timing is everything and you want to try and take what advantage you can in this one.

I would definitely play this one again. I like everything is is doing. You can make some cool combos with the ships and powers. I think there is a lot to explore there. The intermediate scoring seems a bit weird but, I would want to try the full game before actually saying anything about it.

It was fun and if it shows up again I will play!

Next up we were summoned to play Harvest. New to me!

I was excited to play this because I am a fan of designer Trey Chambers and wanted to see what this was about. It takes place in the same world as Harbour but is nothing like it.

In the game you are trying to score as many points as you can. You are placing your farmers on locations to get your garden planted and harvested. Loks of different possibilities with the actions and there is always 4 cards on display each round for *usually* better variations of the actions but you might have to spend points to use them. You might be able to buy buildings to help score points and possibly give youa focus to try and work towards.

The cool part in the game is selecting your turn order. Everyone starts with a number card and from lowest to highest you will then select a new card for the beginning of the round. There are 3 cards to choose from. You replace your card with once of the 3, so someone might then be able t o choose the one you just had last round. 1-15 are the numbers and the higher the number (later in turn order) the better the benefit of the card. You will then immediately be able to acquire the resources on the card or possibly take an action like planting, something cool is on this turn order card. Then we start and placing one worker at a time will take actions in turn order.

I think you play 8 rounds and then the game will be over It is a pretty quick game and you build up and tear down the farms. Generally you are holding out for the better actions as they become available or hope for a good high number to get that extra action you wanted.

Every player has a cool player ability and some small bonus they can do. I was able to plan for a fewer poople. It was night and i didn't have to worry as much about the fertilizer needed in order to make the plants grow.

I definitely did not win this game. The guy we sat down to play with got all of the point!! He had a large collection of 5 point tiles and I was doing pretty well with my 2 points and some 4 points but it wasn't enough to make up for his collection. I was also working too much on expanding my field because generally my second action was not being used properly since people had taken the spaces I needed to go with.

I had a lot of fun playing this one. I now own it so, I look forward to the next time I get to play it!

More sights of Essen! Lots of TBD booth and some BGG!!!

Next up we wandered by the DDD booth and found ALL of the designers there for their new game Biosphere. New to me!

This was a game our Gathering friend Alan told us to go AND GET. He simply loved it and we played several games with him in April and kind of knew our taste a bit. He was saying this was the gem of the con, after playing I tend to agree.

I had the extreme pleasure of playing with Philipp Rösch, one of the designers. He is super awesome and we had so much fun. This game has about a million dice, never to be rolled. They are simply used to mark as a symbol, is the best way I can explain it and how it made the most sense to me when I got to play. They are not rolled nor are they counters. Each dice is a single unit in a space. You simple just need to see if you have majorities for locations it is actually a lot more simple than it appears!

The game has a number of phases and ultimately, you are working towards completing the goals. Yes, this is a race game to complete the goals. There are no points awarded! It makes it simple enough. You are working looking to boost your stats and gain better life span for your animals.

There is a dial that moves one notch each turn. When the number (or symbol if you would rather) is revealed you must then kill off all of your dice with that matching number.

Then you collect Evolution Points. These are EP and will be used in the next phase where you can spend them! You are looking to buy cards for EP and play up to one of the cards you have collected. You do what do do this as fast as possible because it helps boost your survival in given areas, or might help your movement, or even reproduction habits. These are all very helpful in the coming phases and more you can get the better. In order to play them you need to meet SPECIFIC requirements on the Evolution Scale. Very large but very general or something where you are also balancing these tracks on your player board. Ideally you will get a lot of cards with similar features so you don't have to go crazy and spend lots of EP for moving around the evolution scale.

Then players get to move on the map. You have a movement track and you can move 1 die per movement point. You can go from one terrain to another adjacent terrain. When you do you must change your die one lower than the face it was showing. 1 wraps to 6. This is going to kill off the die faster but will give you presence in the location which is probably what you want.

Then you reproduce. On that track on your player board you get to populate locations where you are or adjacent to that number of dice. Where you place them is critical. You are managing each terrain type on your board and if you select arctic terrain and you haven't managed to boost your stability there well the die you place will likely have a very low number and will only survive a round or 2. The forests are more dense and easier to live in so those you have generally a few more rounds to survive. It is all i how you manage your boards and what cards you can buy and complete.

After that happens you look to see if you have any complete majorities. If a location has space for 7 dice and you control 4 of the locations you have majority. This then allows you to AUTO fill all empty spaces in this area with your current value for that terrain type. This is a great way to get a lot more cubes on the board to start moving around and securing the en victories. You might also meet the common goals. if you control 2 tiles in this terrain then you get to place a cube here and gain a boost for specific terrain tracks or movement track or variations of the different tracks. Definitely something to work towards. There is a bonus for each of the terrain types.

Of course the next thing you do is check for the mission goals and claim any of those.

Then you reset and start player passes and you do it all again. The game is actually fairly simple and plays in like 90 mintues. Philipp had a great time playing with us and we had a great time learning from him. As the designer he completely destroyed us. We didn't have time to play through the entire game since we had about an hour left to the fair closing time and I wanted to check out a few more things. I was incredibly grateful for there being space open at the table so we could play.

Ron was ready to score a bunch of end conditions in another round. I was not even paying attention to those and just trying to see how the mechanics work and what to try and accomplish.

In the end Ron and I tied with 1 goal completed... it was a pretty sad showing from us. And Philipp had 3 or 4. haha Totally got owned.

Knowing how to play, I will do things differently and work towards trying to get some common goals first. Those help boost your survival easier than trying to buy and play cards, which you should also be doing if you can.

The game is awesome and simply fun. I can't wait to play with my groups and see how they enjoy it. I really like it and so far one of the best games I have played from the Fair. I am excited for this one!

The designers of Biosphere!

The last and FINAL game of the con was Time Arena. New to me!

This is a real time game with 5 min clock for each player. There is a cool app you can download or you can just use a phone time or something. You have up to 5 minutes to play this game. When you are done with your turn you hit the clock and the next player take their turn. You are supposed to make meaningful decisions in a VERY fast time.

It is a pretty cool game. You get to put out your fighters and the com on the board in a specific place 1 of 6 spots, but the advanced side has like 3 spots. Then the fighter can move according to the bumps on the top of their figures piece. I think 1-4 bumps you will find. You can stop and attacking any of the 8 spaces surrounding the figure and you have an attack base value and a defense base value if you are being attacked. You roll the die for modifiers and see if you win. If you win the attack then that players piece goes back to their row and they have to flip the timer. If it is your turn and you have a guy you want to bring on the board, well their timer can not be running. You will have to wait until that time is over and then you can put them on the board.

The idea of the game is to not really attack your opponents but to get to their totem on the other side and seal all the life they have there. If you can kill off the life then you win. Or the game will end after 10 minutes and whomever has done the most damage wins.

It is a game that you are at most spending 10 minutes to play this and it is a lot of fun.

I got completely hosed by the guy teaching me the game. Clearly he had been playing all weekend long and I was his final customer. Haha it was pretty sad how poorly I did but I had a great time trying to win! He basically walked up and I stopped him for one round and then had no hope since he destroyed all of my guys and just walked up to my totem and kicked it over. I am the worst at defense!

I love that there are advanced rules and you can draft the fighters and of course each fighter has a specialty and bonus to pay attention to. It is really cool and I look forward to playing again soon, since it is now in my collection! Ron will have fun beating me up I am sure!

I love the colorful sand timers!

And the moment you have all been waiting for!

New to the Collection:
Essen Days 3 and 4!

Dice's Zoo
Majesty: For the Realm
Paper Tales
Rainbow Park
Sakura Hunt
Sheep 'n' Sheep
Time Arena
Tokyo Highway
The Game: Face to Face
Tybor der Baumeister
Zooloretto Duell
Zooloretto Würfelspiel Trio

Thanks for following along! I hope you have an amazing week.

Until next week!

Happy Gaming!!!


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