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New Game Round-up: Ants Invade Micropolis, Gangs Ravage Necromunda: Underhive, and Patience Rewards Agricola Fans

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• Designer buddies Bruno Cathala and Charles Chevallier (Abyss, Kanagawa) have a new title scheduled to debut in early 2018, most likely at the game festival in Cannes, France at the end of February. Micropolis from Matagot is a 2--6 player game in which you control ants in a shared anthill and dig new tunnels each turn to work toward whatever goals your antlike mind might perceive. An overview:

The game board features a central location surrounded by ten tiles that are connected by a series of tunnels. Over ten rounds, players draft tiles that will adjust the contents of the shared anthill, then explore.

Each round, the player with the largest army goes first. They can take the first tile in line, or place an ant on each tile they want to pass to get to something better. The tiles have various roles on them: Queens who if alone can improve their space; Nannies who give you extra ant soldiers; Architects who let you take any tile for free; Warriors who attack the first player; Generals who manage the movement of your ant soldiers; and Fruit gatherers who collect fruits, whic score based on the variety you have.

Ants at the end of the game are worth one point each, and whoever has the largest army earns an additional 5 points.

Co-designer Bruno Cathala at SPIEL '17 (image from Matagot)

• On November 25, 2017, Games Workshop will release Necromunda: Underhive, a reworking of its 1995 title Necromunda, as well as Necromunda: Gang War, a supplemental volume that includes a campaign system for the game as well as details on how to incorporate 3D terrain into the game. As for the game itself, here's a rundown:

Necromunda: Underhive is packed with content to get you started: a full board representing the sewers and confines of the underhive, a rulebook, character cards, templates, dice, and your gangs.

There are two full gangs in the box: one set of nimble warrior-women from House Escher and one set of gene-crafted brutes from House Goliath. Each of these miniatures is detailed, characterful, and true to the classic spirit of Necromunda — hairstyles and all! These gangs are multi-part kits, with an enormous level of customization. There are weapons for any situation, from classics like the stub gun to more esoteric choices like the repurposed industrial equipment of House Goliath or the chem-weapons of the Eschers.

The set's gaming tiles and simple bulkhead scenery allow you to play games quickly and easily. As well as the underhive style of play covered by the boxed set, there will also be ways to play Necromunda with the multi-level skirmishes that defined the classic version of the game.

• If you're unsure about whether the purchase the Agricola miniature+card expansions from WizKids as all you care about is the cards and not the figures, feel free to wait a couple of years as Lookout Games' Hanno Girke notes that the cards included in these six mini-expansions will be included in the C and D expansion decks to be released in 2019 and 2020. (The Artifex Deck, a.k.a. A-Deck, debuted at SPIEL '17 in October, and the B-Deck is due out in 2018.)

• Girke also notes that Farmers of the Moor for the revised edition of Agricola should be out in 2018.

• Designer Alexander Pfister notes in passing that if you want a heavier game from him, keep an eye out for Adelin, possibly in 2018. (Update: Or don't, as that's not the name of the game. See the first comment below for details.)

Flying Lemur Game Studio is a new publisher that will release a new edition of Peer Sylvester's North American Railways, first released by Spielworxx in 2016, in the North American market in Q1 2018.

Along the same lines, in 2018 Tasty Minstrel Games will release a new edition of the 2015 Spielworxx release Dilluvia Project from Alexandre Garcia, and a Spanish edition of Stefan Risthaus' Gentes will be released.

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