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Happy Thanksgiving! Loads of Game Time and Fun! Reviews for Tokyo Metro, Fog of Love, My Story, and so much more! With Photography Of course...

Steph Hodge
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!


I got back from PAX last week and had to catch up on so much work and blogging it really set me back for this weeks post. Since I ended up playing like 30 games this week, It will end up being more photos than text I suppose. SO many photos this week and BGG is not making it easy on me. I have to manually add each photo to the gallery instead of the select all mode. It is highly frustrating and time consuming.

Tuesday night Ron and I ended up playing Planet Defenders.

I wanted to play again since having demoed a few times at Pax and the amazing new figures just called to me! They are just the cutest!!!

This is a very nice set collection/ resource management game. Easy for the family and anyone to play. There isn't soo much complicated mechanics and so it makes it very easy to learn and play.

Ron ended up beating me this time. He was able to secure more robots for more values. I I think I had more diversity for a few extra bonus points but he was just able to get more value. I will get him next time

Next up Ron and I played 2 games of Time Arena.

He hadn't played before and I was recalling the rules from Essen. We played the very basic game the first time and then with a bit more advanced rules and drafting of the characters.

This is a great game because it is a set time cap. Each player has the clock set to 5 minutes and you have to essentially play the game within that 10 minute window, either by destroying the other players totem or having one player run out of time.

You are bringing on your fighters to then try and move across the board and destroy the totem or just to attack the other players if you can. Once you attack the other players you have to roll a die and add your combat to the die value and see if they can defend against it or not. It all happens very fast, but when you are killed off the board then you have to flip your corresponding timer. Green to green and only when that timer is up can you later bring on the fighter again to the arena.

There is a nice balance here and you are frantically trying to just go full force and attack the other player.

In the first game we didn't use abilities. Ron was less interested in the game than I was. I ended up beating him pretty hard. He actually was at like 10 sec when I ended his totem.

The second game we ended up drafting guys and used their abilities in the game. This was terrible for me. He had 3 range attackers and a bomb. It was just a nightmare for me. I couldn't keep anyone on the board and He won by getting my totem blown up. I think it was all of like 4 minutes or something. Yeah, Ron learns quickly.

I look forward to trying out the most advanced rules.

Then I taught Ron The Fox in the Forest.

This went over very well. He was shocked at how well the trick taking aspect was with 2 players. Normally it just doesn't work so well. You really feel like you have control over a situation in this game until you don't.

I won the first round then he won the next 2. I really thought I had him, yeah I didn't have anything. This is a very hard game to do well in. He ended up destroying me by the end of the 3rd round. We were just playing the 16 point game, which I think is plenty.

We both really like this game. I love the artwork so much. Look at those amazing swans!

Wednesday night I had Ron reading the rules to TOKYO METRO. New to me!

I was entrusted with Jordan's prototype of the game which is actually top notch prototype and just eye catching. I will pass it on to the next reviewer in a few days, I hope to play it one more time.

Let me tell you off the bat, I am just not a train gamer. Stocks and shares and trains are just not my thing. This game drew me in for the amazing colors and eye catching characteristic. I had to play it, so if there was ever a train game for me to love it would be this one.

This is definitely not in the same realm as TOKYO JUTAKU, they are COMPLETELY different- about as different mechanically as you can be. This game is super deep and thinking. I was in a constant state of "what am I doing?" Usually I can figure things out, this one took basically the whole game before I was like okay, I see how it goes. I am sure this game will flow more naturally for any train gamer out there, however.

This is a train game disguised as a worker placement game. You have actions you are taking on your turn to do a number of options. There are a display of cards, and it is determined by the number of players. We had 2 rows of each type because we were playing 2 player. I definitely think this game will be more dynamic and interesting/ cut throat with more players so I really want to try with more.

There are a whole lot of actions you could possibly take but the general idea is that you want to building up the stations on the map before the arrival of the trains. When the trains arrive then their stocks will boost. If you invest in a train then their stocks will boost. Ideally you will be collecting a lot of money at the end of the game for the stocks you own and most money will win.

You have to take the actions to build the stations, to put n the trains, to gain more action discs, to pick up a bike so you can move around the board faster. So many options, probably the most important to pick up the loan you desperately need to take out since you need money super bad! This is not for the everyday gamer and the ones who like an easy time. You really have to plan out where the trains will be if you do XYZ. Every $100 matters and you don't want to be foolish. You get to bid for turn order and I just never did this since I didn't have any money!

You only get so many turns in the game to try and build up the stations and get the important trains on the board. The trains will more automatically at the end of the round and players will gain money if they don't own that stock for the train, but it is very little money you gain. Ideally you want all of that money put back into the stocks for the end game so you don't really want to be getting paid, anyway.

Speculating is probably the most challenging part of the game for me. Which is all made sense at the end of the game. If is money you are basically setting aside so that the train stock will pay you first at the end of the game, if they manage to make that much money. You will get the first dibs at the end. I was very confused by this for most of the game, but when we finally got to scoring, Ron explained it all and showed me how it worked and it made a bit more sense. Unfortunately, I don't know all of the fancy terms to explain it properly. This is not an easy game to teach.

Once Ron and I got going, it started becoming more clear. I blink and Ron had all of his stations on the board. I have no idea how he managed to get them on the board so quickly. I was having trouble keeping the money. I think my biggest problem was not having all my stations down. You get to help out your trains if you position them properly. Ron was much more efficient than I was, of course.

I kept thinking I knew was I was doing. I ended up doing okay, but still about double less than Ron. he made so much money in the final payouts for his companies. I absolutely got demolished. I was fine with that. Knowing the game a bit better for the next play I think I will do better. Having just 2 people, it makes me more difficult. There are so many trains and we didn't even get all of the trains on the board. So many stations we could have build. More people adding to that and boosting the trains values for the end. I can see how it will be a lot more interesting.

I really hope to play it again this week with more players so I can see how that will change it.

This is a big game from Jordan and I am very pleased to have gotten the chance to try it out. While I might not be the target audience I had a fun time trying it and am eager to try it again. I love the cloth board that is so compact and fits in a tiny box. It is brilliant! Very clever and well polished game. I look forward to see where the game will end up.

Thanksgiving day!! Ron and I went up to Maine and ate some turkey. It was delicious! MMMmashed potatoes! Anyways, we grabbed some pictures with everyone!

I ended up teaching my brother and his fiance how to play Memoarrr!.

This game is so great to play with the family. The rules are simple and you can easily just pull it out to play.

It went over well and Christina even didn't mind it and she is so not a gamer. It was awesome. I am still the best one at this game, I don't mean to be, but I just remembered everything. I thought for sure Nick would do best. I think everyone managed to get a win for at least one round but I had several winning rounds.

Great game, I really do enjoy it.

Another family friendly game we played next was Sundae Split.

Super easy to teach and play. I basically just started playing and gave them the scoring sheet and barely said anything about the game play but everyone caught on.

It is super easy and another really family friendly non gamer friendly game. Works amazingly.

This game ended up being pretty close But, I still managed to sneak out a win. My brother was trying to be clever as always but didn't quite get the best of us. I will always take mystery meat. I like a challenge. Unless there is something else I really wanted or needed.

Great fast game and perfect for family gatherings.

When Ron and I got home we ended up playing the tutorial for Fog of Love. New to me!

This was a game I picked up at Pax Unplugged and wanted to see what it was all about. It was getting a lot of buzz there and just in general. My understanding is that it will be in Walmart stores soon. That is pretty cool.

This is almost like an entry level to RPG's. I don't really Role play but in the game you are creating a character and sort of working together with the other player to meet certain conditions. The tutorial is wonderful and walks you through everything you need to know as you are playing the game. I wish more games did this! There is really no rules that you have to read before, you just sort of jump into the world of Fog of Love.

It is a 2p only game and the other player picks out your traits and you get to pick your occupation. You are trying to complete your trait goal cards by having your personality match up. During the game play you are just starting a new relationship with this other person. You will go through a number of cards and try to line up in your answers and boost your personality in the direction you hope to go. You get bonus happiness if you match up, generally. Sometimes the cards are both people get to choose the answer or just the other player gets to answer.

They are all scenario based so you can elaborate when you tell the situation from your end. It really is a storytelling game and if you are into that you can get really into character and make a different world. Ron compared the game to a RomCom and I see where he is going with that.

As far as the game play goes, it is basically non existent. It is more of an experience game and really dependent on who you are playing with and how much you enjoy creating a story and becoming a different character. The game is really hard for me since there is no real winning score and I am just terrible at story telling. I like to create images, but I am very bad at creating stories. I am very literal, I can't think outside the box, really. Ron is pretty literal too and we were just answering as if we would for ourselves, even though the characters built aren't geared towards our own characteristics. Otherwise we would just answer what is best for our character. It was just weird. I was told you aren't supposed to even play with your SO so there is that. I don't think I would have been able to find anyone else to play with, however.

For me we had a few laughs but the very linear play made for a long experience. I felt the game had no really over arching story and it was just play a bunch of cards and resolve. I am not sure I made any critical decisions. I am definitely not a story teller and I can see the appeal of this game if you are. Looking at it from a game standpoint, there is just not much game there. If you are looking for a cross over from RPG into games this might be a cool pick for you. I know a lot of people have really been enjoying this one, but in the end it just wasn't there for me. I would try it again perhaps with another person besides Ron.

We followed that up with a new title called Zooloretto Duell. New to me!

If you have played Zooloretto you will understand the game mechanics well here. You are collecting animals via the trucks. You first draw a card and place in a truck and on your turn you either do that or take an already existing truck.

You are trying to gain majorities of the animals when it comes time to score them. They may not score so you want to be persistent in collecting enough of the given types so they will score.

It is very simple and for me it was just okay. I certainly didn't mind playing it but I didn't really think there were that many great decisions. I still like coloretto the best out of any in the family of titles.

It was a good 2 player game but I don't foresee playing it all that much in the future. I am certainly happy to have tried it, and will probably continue to play a few more times.

Ron and I actually tied on the points and he won on the tie breaker. I mean really?! How uncool is that!? I just don't see how much replay value this game will have. We had the same score!!!

The next morning we went over to Michelles for a little while before heading to Ron's family dinner.

I started the day by teaching 3 how to play Majesty: For the Realm.

This is always a good time. We played super quickly too. Susie is probably 10 and she absolutely crushed us. She was all the military all the time. I was trying to collect from all locations and it was going pretty well. Not as well as the military spree. I do wonder if that is OP a bit. Perhaps, but it is hard to say. I have played this game a number of times now and I really want to try with the other side of the cards and have a different experience with it. I still really enjoy this one and will play it whenever requested.

Everyone really liked it and they ended up playing again later in the day, anyway.

In the spirit of the holiday I taught the same 3 ladies how to play Pie Town.

I only had played it that one time before PAX and even played the rules slightly wrong there. It was all taught correctly, I think, this time though.

The game has a very fast start to it, but as people gain workers and start trying to actually figure out the deduction part of the game it can become a bit longer towards the end. It probably felt longer since Amanda had to leave quickly to go and bring Brandon to get his car and they were antsy to do so for the final 2 rounds.

It worked out though. I was making as many pies as I could this game and Susie was doing particularly well in figuring out other peoples secret recipes. When it came time for the final bake off and the guessing of each others pies I did pretty well. I got one exact and the other 2 secrets with 2/3 so I did particularly well.

I was over 100 points this game and Susie was right behind me with in 10 points or so. It was a tight race for sure. We all had a lot of fun playing this one. I was so happy the kitty stopped by to say hi. I think she was just looking for some pie though...

Final game before the dinner was me Ron Jess and Derek in a game of Clans of Caledonia.

I had played before but Ron taught the other 2 how to play. This time I had started the game with 3 guys on the map and my advanced shipping. It was amazing. I felt as if I had a leg up already and I think that helped me. I am pretty good at this game. I won my first time playing within a few points from Ron. But this time I absolutely killed them.

I don't know why, but this game is just mediocre for me. I got the same feeling as I did the first time. I feel like i know the game and I am just going through the motions. It feels very samey for some reason and I have only played 2 times. I don't really think there is much difference from game to game. Maybe I am crazy maybe not. There are just other games I would rather play.

I think Derek and Jess really liked it and I think Ron still likes it. I am just the odd man out. Oh well. I will play it every once in a while but it is not one I will ever request.

Here are some pics of Rons family. Well his siblings and their S/O We had a fun night.

I managed to convince a few of the family members to play a few games of FUSE.

It was great, we got Ron's Cousin and his nephew involved and played 4 games of Fuse. It was a big hit! the first game was practice so they could see how it all worked and then they were hooked. I am not sure Ron enjoyed it as much but he was a trooper.

We played the first few games on the easy mode then we took it up a notch. the 3rd round we went to expert level and it was pretty hard and we ended up not completing the cards that game. But, the other games we did win and our best score was 85!

I am glad I brought this one along for the fun!

We managed to get in one more game and I had brought along Dragon's Hoard.

This is a game I played years ago when it was first released from KS and Joe brought it along. Now being released by Renegade and we had it at the Family event at PAX and I thought yea that is a great game to bring along. Even better when there is a young boy interested in games there wanting to play games with me. It was awesome.

We had to call the game at 6 treasures since people had to leave but it was a great time and everyone liked it a lot.

It is a pretty simple game to play a treasure and or an action card on your turn after drawing so many cards It is super simple and it is why it works so well with families.

I think Dave won that game (the cousin) but I am pretty sure I would have won had we played the full game.

It was a fun time!!

Saturday was game day!! Yay It felt like forever since hosting a game
day and it was really only a few weeks. But taking great photos is something I enjoy so I like playing at home, and now with the Christmas Tree it is even better!

I have a table of games in the path of the tree so no tree pictures quite yet, but they will come, I am sure.

First game on the table was 5 players and one I hadn't yet gotten to play called Ilôs. New to me!

This is a fun family weight game playing in about 60 minutes (with 5) but it could easily be played a lot quicker once you know what is going on. The turns zip right along and the hand management makes for an interesting play. In the game you are using the cards to decide what to do on your turn.

You have to select a card from hand to play that particular action and then discard the appropriate amount of cards, depicted in the top right corner of the card. Race for the Galaxy has a similar mechanic.

In the game you are exploring the lands adding tiles to the map as you do so and getting your ships planted on the board. You want to get your ships on the board early because you get extra card draws at the end of the game, and you might require ships on the board to play certain cards from hand and colonize the lands. Other actions might be to start producing resources, go and find gold treasures, Build a trading post or fort, but the market is where it gets interesting. When you play a market card you have to discard a resource and then increase that resources value for the end of the game. This can only happen 8 times in the game between all players so you want to act fast, but not too fast because you are essentially giving up your resources to potentially help others more.

The game is very fast and fun. I loved that it moved so quickly even with 5 new players. For me it worked well and I couldn't help but compare to Okanagan: Valley of the Lakes, for some reason, and this was the better game of the 2. The game play isn't the same but you are exploring the lands and gathering resources. But, in Ilos you are building up an engine of production and gatherings. I felt I was actually working towards something more substantial and managing the hand is always a fun time so I felt more joy in trying to maintain the hand and making sure I had the cards I needed to do the actions I wanted to.

In the game I played very poorly. I seemed to always be one card short of doing something I really wanted to do. I ended up becoming a pirate to annoy other players, I am nearly sure that becoming a pirate is not worth while your time and cards in this game because every card matters so much. If you end up being a pirate, it affects the islands it is directly adjacent to and people have to spend extra cards to produce on them.

Dan was collecting a ton of resources he was producing each round, but his downfall was that he was spending too many on the market and increasing his value for the red resources. Meanwhile, everyone else was just collecting red when they could and benefited from Dan's market value increases.

It actually worked out for Star who managed to get a wide variety of resources and values and he won this game. Twice in the game he "found" resource spaces that were under ships. So this was a bummer for the rest of us. We all decided there should be docking stations for the ships so the board is more clear. You really have to be respectful of the locations on the map not to cover them with your ships. It was really lame, since we all would have played differently had we seen those locations.

I had a good time playing and I look forward to playing again soon! I just love how pretty this game is! heart

Next up I taught 3 people how to play Biosphere.

The end result was positive. Michelle didn't like it, Dan liked it well enough and Riley liked it!

This was the first time I played and actually focused on completing goals. Funny enough, I managed to win. It was actually a blow away game where I got 5/5 before someone got to 3, but Dan did get to 2 goals. It worked out for me pretty well with all of the small bonuses for getting 2 terrain types. It boosted me over the top for the other goals at the time.

This is a great game and I have been really enjoying it. I look forward to sharing this game with a lot more people as they want to play. I was pleased that Star ended up teaching it later int eh day to some other folks and Scott ended up really liking it too. It is really a cool game. Still holding strong for the best Essen release.

Everyone at the table wanted to check out Dragon Castle.

I didn't mind to play this one again. We just played on the easy basic mode because that is what I knew how to play and would easily remember. For me this game is just ok. I really have to ramp it up for the next game with some other modules because it is just all around yawn fest for me on the basic mode.

At least this game I was able to capture more of the beauty of this game. The art is just top notch and amazing. The tiles are nice and the overall it is just a gorgeous production!

The game play though, just doesn't cut it. This game I was spending a lot of actions just taking a single tile and a pagoda to go along with it. That was fine I could always use some more Pagodas to top off my scoring. I ended up not being able to place one of them so that was an overall error on my part. I ended a bit early so the final 3 rounds I simply passed for 2 points.

I ended up tied for the winning score and I don't actually remember if there was a tiebreaker. I am pretty sure Riley won though I remember him laughing at me so there is that.

The whole game leaves me feeling ho hum. I really have to play 2 player with Ron and do some crazy elaborate set up and have goals and such. Perhaps that will help my opinion of the game a bit. Gotta play again!

Rose and Kim had shown up and I ended up teaching them both how to play Majesty: For the Realm.

This was great! They loved it and we ended up playing twice. It really is a clever game. I do wonder the staying power at times but for a 20 minute game I think it holds its own and is a game I would much rather play than Splendor.

The first game was a warm up game and we all were pretty even with the killing of people with military. But I think we all ended with like 6 or 7 houses filled so lots of end game bonus points. I am pretty sure Kim won that.

The second game Rose was on a killing spree and I ended up with 5 guys in the infirmary! Yeah this was a much lower scoring game for everyone. So many military guys showed up! Rose won that time and it was a good time!

I was pretty sure I could teach Harvest. So I pulled that out to show the ladies.

It worked out pretty well. The rules are so poorly written and there is much to be designed for clarification, but I went with my gut and recalled the rules from when I learned it at Essen.

It went alright. I do like the game is so quick. Everyone was shocked when I said it was over. 5 rounds hardly seems like enough, but I suppose you could always play one more if you wanted to.

I did pretty well with my actions. I managed to plant and harvest some purple rare gems for the big points. Because I had 20 points in those resources I did really well. I ended up winning by a pretty big margin. The benefit of my player was that he came with 3 red watering cans so I could easily tend to the gardens I planted.

It was fun, I think it took Kim and Rose half of the game to get into it and then it was like a few rounds and we were done. But, I think it is a game that they both enjoyed and would play again. Fun!

I had been wanting to play My Story for a long time now. New to me!

This was totally an asterisks game because the rules were a bit unclear and Dan and Derek had been playing wrong the whole time. I got a clarification from Smoox afterwards, however. Smoox!! My friend and this is his new and FIRST game ever published! I have to congratulate him in his success!

I love the art and promo cards I have with his little comments like Selfie with the designer! I just had to take a pic, you know.

This is a deck building game and you are building up your life story. There are different occupations you might become, from there you are working to gain projects and families and health. So many different life trackers you can focus in. You are really looking for the colors of the cards to help trigger the completed projects you have. If you manage to trigger those cards then you get the bonus on the cards. The clarification was the you can only activate these cards 1 time per turn.

On your turn you can purchase a card from the display, or attend a reunion if you have made it to that point in life. When you do basically anything, it will cost time. The more time you spend the faster the game will progress for you. Since the game and retirement is when you hit 50 years old, you only get so many turns before the game will be over since you used your time.

As you age in your life you will have a lot of different focuses and cards to cycle through. It is nice to have the token tracker. Since you are managing essentially 6 different aspects of your life, you can't just tally it all in your head sometimes so having the score tracker is nice so you can visualize what you actually have and what you can spend your resources on.

In the game you really need to find some +1 draws or you will have a difficult time gaining momentum. It care be a drag if you see everyone else drawing 5-6-7 cards and you only get 4. You want to try and get a specialized deck, so you can primarily focus on the blue cards for example.

I think this will be a nice break for those who enjoy deck builders but want something a little different. It is family friendly for sure and an easy game to get into.

For us it was a learning game, with Dan having played once before. I am not great with theme but Rose was getting into building up her life and health. She wanted a dancer card, I don't think she found one. She really liked the theme of building a family and having her profession be a Doctor. She absolutely killed us this game too. We had been playing correctly until Dan said we weren't then we finished the game playing as the guys had been playing. Yah, mistake. It didn't seem to matter, however, since Rose still totally won the game.

I felt it was too long for what it offered. I would definitely want to play this game again with less people and people who already knew the game, unless I play with Ron as a 2 player game. I think it took like 2 hours and it really should take like an hour max. I might be elaborating, but it felt like 2 hours.

Theme doesn't really do it for me in most games, and I was not as connect to the character I was creating as I probably should have been. I was just happy to have found a new species and got the photography card!

I look forward to playing again.

We had 5 players for a game of Flatline.

I am pretty sure this is in my top 10 favorite co-op games. I reallly like this one. (I feel like I need to actually make a list now) It was my 2nd play and i am just having a great time with this one. The tension is really there and just the made chaotic mess in each 1 minuter is a lot of fun.

I think it helped that I picked out 4 other players who are really fun and into realtime co-op games like this. Everyone really enjoyed the experience of it as well. I think I will bring it to fun group!

I gave the option to play on basic/standard/expert level and Rose said to play with Basic so we did. We actually sort of breezed through the game. It was almost too good to be true. We had a few hic-cups but for the most part we all worked well together and managed to get all of the patients healed! We even had a full round remaining at the end of it. I think had we done the standard game it would have been more close, and still successful. Expert I don't think we would have handled.

It was a total success! I was shocked we were able to win! After my first play I was sure it wouldn't be so easy. I think we got some lucky card pulls and nothing terrible ended up happening to us. It could have been a lot worse!

Super happy with this game and would recommend it to anyone who might enjoy a co-op game with some tension!

We were all eating some dinner and we picked up Jess for a 6 player game of Muse.

This game was guys vs gals and we were pretty confident we had the upper hand. As it turned out, we gave all the wrong selection of cards to the wrong guys. So like had we reversed some of the guys with the clues I think it would have gone a lot better for us. We gave the Faux Ron the one with name a building and he like knows the buildings so it was super easy for him to give an accurate clue. Had we given that to Derek I think we might have got an answer that wouldn't have been as clear and it would not have been so easy for them to score that point. This happened several times. We managed to be tied at 4/4 and the next card would determine the winner.

It didn't go so great for the ladies this time. We gave a card that was too easy to clue in. It was a bummer. We will have to get them next time! It is a fun game in the realm of Dixit types so I think any Dixit fan will enjoy this one.

I had been sad for missing out on the game of Sorcerer & Stones earlier in the day. New to me!

Dan felt bad and sucked it up to play again in the same day to teach me, Derek and Jess how to play.

There were only a few rules that were a bit unclear but I think we got the gist of things down pretty well.

In teh game you have a deck of cards with 4 revealed cards in front of you. When it is your turn you will activate 2 of the cards in front of you to try and make patterns on the board so you can collect the cubes you are looking to collect. You need to be on a given tile at the end of your turn that will hopefully have cubes that are in lines of the same color either diagonally or directly adjacent. You get to claim and of the cubes that are in the formation.

You then get to move on the side map according to the colors of the cubes you just claimed. You are trying to more around this side board to collect the vp tokens in that colors that aren't your own. These will help with end game scoring. Finally you have the chance to pay the appropriate resources for the common goal cards. If you do then you get to collect the card and score that at the end of the game.

Each game you will have some bonus cards in play so if you do a particular action you might get a bonus. So in our game if you complete one of the goal cards you get to move a free space on the side board- one step closer to the next vp token that you could claim.

It is all about best optimizing your moves this game.

There are some nice mechanics here, I wish there was more clarification about the cards that give bonuses in game since we had the most trouble with one of those cards during the game play. I don't think it was ever activated once. It seemed to challenging to try to work it out anyway.

This game you can play with 4 players but I really felt the game went on too long and won't play it again with 4 players. Probably best with 2 or 3p. This is because you can't plan ahead with the actions you are doing since the board changes around so dramatically from round to round. It leaves a lot downtime because you have to then think when it becomes your turn.

In our game I am pretty sure I won, but I could be wrong. It might have been Dan. I had a lot of points though and I managed to collect several tokens and a lot of goal cards.

I think we all had fun playing, but there needs to be some more speed in the game to make it a bit better. So I will have to try it again really soon with fewer people!

Next up was a game of Indian Summer.

This was my 3rd time playing this game and I won this time too. It makes it 3/3 for me. I suppose I am just awesome at this game.

I totally could have won the game a turn early if I just planned a little bit better so I really have to be careful for the next game. I mean Jess and Dan would have won the game had I not and that is just unacceptable.

I was super happy to play this game and finally be able to photograph it well enough. The game is just gorgeous! I love the color scheme and the artwork in this game. It is super awesome. Again the more I am playing it the more I like it. Easily my favorite from the cottage Garden, Barenpark, Indian summer list of games. Great stuff!

In an effort to keep Jess and Derek around for another game, Dan read the rules for Dice's Zoo. New to me!

Derek ended up not playing this one so the 3 of us drove into this dice game. There are a TON f dice which have a mix of different animals and traps and multipliers. There are definitely more than 6 symbols so that means there are a variety of dice in the bag and not just the standard D6 look a-likes.

You draw so many dice from the bag and give them a roll. Then you proceed to play a climbing game. You are trying to go out first so the other players have to take points. But you want the lowest score first.

This was super surprising game. I picked this up on a whim at Essen because I needed another game to get 5 games discount at a Japanese/Taiwanese booth. I wasn't really expecting a climbing game like Tichu come from the box. It was an awesome and welcome surprise!!

When you lead you can lead whatever animal you choose. Then you activate their power which might be to re roll one die in your collection, or to give another player a die. Lots of different animals and actions to ponder. The next person must the play +1 more than what was lead, or a larger animal with = number of dice. They get to then activate the animals power. This goes on and on until the players have passed. You get to reroll some dice if you pass also. You just do this until someone has no more dice.

The first round we somehow let Dan go out first and Jess and I had like 6 points left. i learned from my mistakes and then went out in like 3 turns in the next round giving them both like 30 points and ending the game. We were playing to 25 points which I thought would be a few rounds, but not when you have killer dice.

It was a fun time and I am super happy to have this because I really want to play it again! I still can't believe it was a climbing game!

Becasue Jess had time for one more, I asked Dan to read the rules for Pummeleinhorn: Das Kartenspiel. New to me!

This is designed for young players like 6+. It is apparently a big deal in Europe? This Unicorn with the cookies. Well it is so cute so I had to pick it up and try this game. It is really a roll and move game with only some choices. You have some number of cookie cards in front of you and in a circular board laid out. You simply roll the die and move pummel around and he eats all of the cookies he lands on. Only when you roll a card do you get to draw a card from the middle face down pile and add it to your side. The game ends once someone runs out of cards.

This game Jess was the big loser and ran out of her cookie cards! I ended up with 5 points in cookies and Dan was a lot more than that. He won the rainbow unicorn game. It was quite a disappointment.

It was cute for sure. Definitely for kids and I would recommend it to families. I am not sure I will be playing again, but it was cute.

Final game of the night/weekend was Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King & Isle of Skye: Journeyman. New to me Expansion!

Dan stayed for one final game and Ron joined in for this game and we learned this new expansion. Wow there is a lot to think about with this expansion. I won't lie and will say it doubled the play time. I mean you are seriously going to AP with this expansion. Do not play with your AP friends. Yes you still play the game as normal and then you have this whole other phase where you are trying to move the journeyman token around your map and fulfill the requirement of the different spaces on the tracks so you can get different incomes like points or more $.

Oh man there is just so much to think about. I really felt I was losing this game - big time! Dan and Ron were getting some seriously awesome bonuses that I was trying to get all game, but I just didn't have enough money to work it out.

It was actually me and Ron tied exactly 1 point behind Dan. We were all over 100 points and it was insanely close. We were all doing different things on our player boards and it was just shocking.

I have to say I very much enjoyed this game with the expansion. I would go ahead and guess that a unified set up is better than a random set up. I would also say 3 players is probably a good player count and that 5 would just be way too long.

I very much enjoyed this expansion and really look forward to when I get to play it again. I would recommend to anyone who 1. likes expansions and 2. wants a lot more to consider during game play. It is very cool. Will make the game a lot longer though.

Sunday I went to hang out with some High School Friends. One I haven't seen in a long long while. It was a fun time!

New to the Collection:

Thanks for following along! I hope you have an amazing week.

Until next week!

Happy Gaming!!!


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