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THE CREATIVE GAMER - Colt Express - How I fit all the expansions in one box!

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I love Colt Express. I'm not even sure why I love it so much! Wait, I know why - its fun!

Well, I've continued to acquire anything and everything that goes along with Colt Express:
* Colt Express: Horses & Stagecoach
* Colt Express: Marshal & Prisoners
* Colt Express: The Time Travel Car
* Colt Express: Cursed Loot
* Train Station
* The Rock Promo
* Original cardboard loot and landscape pieces (plus some random plastic green flamingos that got added to the game at a convention a couple of years ago)
* Upgraded Meeple Source wood tokens - people, landscape pieces, horses, and all loot (recently got all the loot and landscape pieces)
* 3D Printed meeples (Twinples) (got these before the Meeple Source wood ones were available)
* Plus all the cards from all the expansions (at least a couple hundred cards)

I also have the large rubber playmat but there's no way that's going in the box (its rolled up and on a shelf), but that's fine!

So, all of what I had used to fit into the box if carefully arranged, up until I got the Marshall and Prisoners expansion for Christmas. I didn't want to remove the existing insert if I could help it as I love the artwork, but I knew it was a problem and it definitely doesn't all fit with the original insert.

Sadly, I decided I had to take it out, but then discovered -- tons of space! After playing around with arrangements I found a way to get it all in, including a small plastic plano type box I got at the Dollar Tree for $1 (duh)! It holds the wood loot pieces and keeps the various types separate and will make setup easier.

However, I *did* re-purpose the insert by creating a couple of dividers to make the spacing more obvious and protect things from banging around too much, and also lined the inside of the box to keep the art there and give it the original insert feel. Its not 'perfect' but looks really nice overall.

Anyhow, I could go on and on, but the best way to see what I came up with is to just look at the pictures....

All the stuff, and showing my main trick - putting the cards into the trains! Sort of an integrated deck box!
From gallery of tasajara
From gallery of tasajara

Add more train cars and also the loot bit box:
From gallery of tasajara
From gallery of tasajara

Utilizing the same trick of cards in the train cars. Then, added the engine, prisoner car, stagecoach and time machine car:
From gallery of tasajara
From gallery of tasajara

I previously had set aside the core base cards to put underneath the train station for support (otherwise it sits unevenly).
Note I removed the station stand pieces and set them next to it:

From gallery of tasajara

Also, I earlier forgot to add the original meeples and horses (in baggies) inside two of the train cars (another of my tricks from packing the original insert):
From gallery of tasajara
From gallery of tasajara

All the rest of the bits added around the train station. Then The Rock and player boards on top:
From gallery of tasajara
From gallery of tasajara

And finally all the rules and setup printout sheets:
From gallery of tasajara
From gallery of tasajara

A closer peek inside the box:
From gallery of tasajara
From gallery of tasajara

It was a bit of work to get it all in there, but now I can take everything with me in one box (just the way I like it!)

Next steps will be to add a sheet that shows how everything fits in the box for future reference, and maybe some stickers or a sheet for how the bits fit back into the bit box.

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