Reducing Doug's To Play List

I've been playing games for 40 years, and usually have a small pile of things "in the queue", waiting for some table time. I will try and use this blog as an incentive to get some of these games on the table, and played. As I work through the list, I will tap in some rambling impressions.
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Doug’s Great Knizia Challenge of 2018

Doug Adams
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A fan of new Knizia games
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It started with an in-app purchase.

I have been using the Board Game Stats (BGstats) iOS application for about 2 and a half years now. I have never really logged my plays, and after 40 years of gaming, it is a bit difficult to go back to recall everything I’ve played. However, regular Sunday night gaming friends, Debbie and Tina, had been studiously using this app and I was curious. So in mid-2015, I bought the app.

It’s a great app! Intuitive, and very easy to pull out interesting gaming data. A few months ago, when Kylie wanted to know the name of a game we’d played twelve months ago, out came the app, a few taps to set up some filters, and we had the answer. For a while, I had been rather obsessed with something called my H-Index. For a play, it tracks players, location, roles, start player, and probaby more. It’s good stuff.

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In early January, amazingly having something called “Free Time”, I was tinkering with BGstats, and noticed the “Challenges” in-app purchase. It was only a dollar or so, and a short click later, I had added it. It appeared to be some sort of gaming agenda tracker, so I decided to set one up.

What would be my challenge, though? I really, really enjoyed playing through my 45 Reiner Knizia games, once each, a few years back. I blogged about it here, over a few months, and had since added a few more titles to the collection. Why not do that again, but use the Challenges tracker to monitor my progress? How many plays of each game should I add? What is a realistic number for a year? Let’s say five.

So, I began setting up the challenge. It was easy ... too easy. I scanned the shelves, identified Reiner Knizia games, and added them in. Thirty minutes later, I had 86 games installed in the challenge, which was a shock. A few years ago I had 45 or so Reiner Knizia titles. A swift burst of mental arithmetic (or a swift glance at the app) showed I had 430 games to play by the end of the year.

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However, it got worse ... I began spotting titles I’d missed in the initial pass. Times Square ... that a Reiner Knizia, isn’t it? Oh yes, I have the Keltis Dice Game in the Der Weg der Steine box, and so on. The challenge is currently at 90 titles, but there may be more I’ve forgotten about ... gasp.

I’ll try and use this blog to update my progress at the end of each month, with the games I’ve ticked off as having five plays.

Ridiculously optimistic, but we’ll see how we go.
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