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Decisions, Decisions: Thoughts from an indecisive gamer

A blog where I track my thoughts on my various games which I flit to from one to another, seeking to find that holy grail.
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I think I've found (2 of) 'The One'

Pete aka The Masked Minstrel
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You know Ive been playing games for ages, and yet often I found myself looking for more, never truly being satisfied with a game for very long at all and then moving on to something different.
This has been a cycle that has been going for close to 20 years.
Now Im in my mid 30's and married and shes real tight on my 'Hobby', so the quest for that Holy Grail is more needed now than ever before.

Often I would think this quest either a metaphor for life, that it goes on and you must make the most of it with what you have, or as plainly unfulfillable.
Well I think that just changed within one week.

Star Trek: Fleet Captains
I really love this game, so much so that Ive not thought much about any other games.
The sheer amount of replayability is just great, in the few games we've played so far it feels like we've barely stepped out of our front doors in comparison to the amount of unexplored space still to discover.
That keeps this game feeling new every time I play it, and every time is a new experience, almost like the feeling of reading a book and wishing you could unread it and then read it again from that first hand perspective again.

Certainly with so many cards and randomness, there is a massive luck factor, but I agree with Geosphere's view, that your role as a Fleet Captain is to mitigate that luck with your decisions as best as you can.

Its also great because it is ultimately a simple game but with so much to do - My dad can even play it and play competitive and formidably against me, and that is a plus, because he loves Star Trek and raised me on sci-fi's like Trek, Blake's 7 etc.

I cant wait for more expansions, anything to add even more to this wonderful game, but I must say that never has a base game ever felt so fulfilling.

Super Dungeon Explore

This game is so cute it will make you puke.
The figures are sheer beauty that everything else in the game seems lacking by comparison.
And the map boards simply dont do this game justice, this game truly deserves to be in full 3D.
Man I want that castle from the picture from the demo at a con.

Its cute, its fun, and relatively simple too.
I play this with my wife and she thinks its just adorable.

It really needs expansions though, the heroes have lots of synergy and discovering the combinations you can do with them is part of the fun.
The monsters unfortunately dont have nearly as much, but the strats seems quite straight forward, but having new and different monsters will add much to this games lifespan.

One great thing about this is you could make your own custom creatures without having to make up so many of your own house rules for them, there is alot of weight in the abilities already included in the base rules.

One Idea I had for a boss was a version of ForgeMaster Throngus from Grim Batol in WoW.
He changes weapons and viola has a new fighting style that must be adjusted to.

Shield Phlanx - In this stance he gains Immobile, spray 5, and Fire.
Mace - In this stance he gains Slowed, and Cataclysmic Damage (3 Damage)
Twin Swords - Still working on this one.

But that was the basic premise for my idea.

Other translated ideas are like:
Flaming Stomp - Wave X, Fire
Shattering Stomp - Lance X, Fragile
Unbalancing Stomp - Wave X, Knockdown.
Freezing Breath - Spray X, Cold and Immobile (Frozen), or Cold, Slowed and Poisoned (Chilled).
Melt Armor - Fire and Fragile
Anti-magic Eye - Bind and Pacify. (was working on a Beholder idea )
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