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App News: Stone Age Advances to the iOS 11 Age, Medici Updated and Now Online, Polytopia Gets Online Multiplayer, Civilization VI for iPad Expands, One Deck Dungeon in Early Access Next Week and more...

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App News

From gallery of Neumannium

Stone Age Has Returned From Its App-ocalyptic Demise
In what might be the most surprising digital board game news of the entire year, formerly defunct Campfire Creations arose from the dead this week and resurrected their only offspring, the App-ocalypse victim, Stone Age: The Board Game.

That's right, an app that hasn't seen the whiff of an update since 2014 was suddenly updated and rescued from 32-bit oblivion. It's the same Stone Age we used to love, only now it plays nice with iOS 11.

The update also mentions, "major refactoring of codebase to allow for future development," but I have no idea what that means. Perhaps new content is coming to Stone Age, or perhaps they're going to use the Stone Age core to port different board games, or maybe it means nothing and is only there to have idiots like me blabber on and on about things they don't know anything about and keep talking even when it's clear they should have stopped talking a long time ago, you know how it is with some people, of course you do, they just keep talking and rambling on as if they've never heard of commas or periods they just keep on going and going obnoxiously like anyone even cares anymore oh and I should probably add Watney's Red Barrel. I'm glad I'm not like that.

Stone Age is available for iOS Universal and will run you $7. If you haven't played it, jump on board and you'll see a pretty great board game port and what was the cream of the crop back in 2012.

- Stone Age: The Board Game for iOS Universal, $7

From gallery of Neumannium

Reiner Knizia's Medici Gets Online Multiplayer
I'm not sure what's in the water, but here's the second story of the day about the recent rumblings of a formerly dormant developer. In this case it's Codito Development, one of the best of the old school devs when it came to board game ports. Problem is, they hung up their keyboards a few years back only to reappear to save their apps from the App-ocalypse. Once that was done, I'd thought we'd seen the last of them as they rode off into the sunset.

Not surprisingly, I was wrong. Out of the blue today we learned that Medici, one of the first apps they released way back in 2010, was updated to include online multiplayer.

Huh? What? I can't even...

External image

Oh my, I do believe I developed a bad case of the vapors!

I'm better now, but I'm still a bit shocked that an app so old it calls the iPad "Sonny" was just updated. An app that was around before I even started writing for this blog! And online multiplayer no less! I guess I need to go remember how to play Medici. It's not going to lose on its own.

- Medici for iOS Universal, $4

From gallery of Neumannium

Battle of Polytopia Goes Online
We've came to know and love our little 4X game of blocky folk, The Battle of Polytopia, almost as soon as it launched back in 2016 under the name Super Tribes. An excellent mini-Civilization game in which you explore, build, research, and fight over the course of 30 turns with the goal of getting the best score possible. It was a fantastic solo experience, and not once did I ever think, "Boy, this would be so much better is another human was humiliating me right now." As you should know by now, however, my opinions are worth less than the toilet paper I write them down on and Midjiwan went ahead and added online multiplayer to Battle of Polytopia.

From what I hear, it's actually rather excellent, too.

The game uses friend codes that you'll have to share to get your pals into a game with you, so it's kind of like Race for the Galaxy. I believe you can play either in domination mode (last one standing wins) or regular mode (highest score wins), and the online mode is asynchronous. I'm pretty sure it's also cross-platform between iOS and Android devices.

The update to play online is completely free, almost. You need to have bought at least one of the IAP tribes to unlock online multiplayer. Considering how good this game is and the fact that even Swedish developers need to eat, you should have been throwing money at the IAP anyway.

Get in there and crack some skulls. I'll be over here in the corner playing with myself. Well, not playing with myself, but...oh, nevermind.

- Battle of Polytopia for iOS Universal, free
- Battle of Polytopia for Android, free

From gallery of Neumannium

Civilization VI for iPad Expands with Vikings and Poles
When Civilization VI was released for iPad back in December, it was one of the best days the App Store had ever seen. Here was a full AAA title, straight from Steam, right there on the App Store. Not only that, it was a game that old people like myself could enjoy! Of course, it wasn't quite a clone of its Steam brother, with the PC and Mac versions several patches beyond the state the iPad version was in. So, the question was out there: would Aspyr Media, Inc. support the iPad version with patches and more content, or was the iPad version of Civilization VI just a fart in the wind?

Turns out it was the former! Hooray!

Today saw the release of two new expansions to download for the iPad version, the Viking Scenario Pack and the Polish Civilization Pack. Want to know what each one brings to the table? Of course you do:

Firaxis wrote:
Bring Europe under your rule as the mightiest Viking lord in the most detailed scenario released yet for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. The Viking Scenario Pack also includes three new Natural Wonders and six new City-States, two of which grant new tile improvements.

Includes six new City-States:
-Auckland (Industrial): Additional production for Coastal tiles.
-Antananarivo (Cultural): Culture bonus that increases with every Great Person earned.
-Armagh (Religious): Builders can construct the Monastery improvement, which provides Faith and heals religious units.
-Granada (Militaristic): Builders can construct the Alcazar improvement, which protects military units and provides Culture.
-Muscat (Trade): Bonus Amenities in cities with a Commercial Hub.
-Palenque (Scientific): Improved City growth for cities with a Campus.

Play as a great ruler of the Dark Ages in the “Vikings, Traders, and Raiders!” Scenario:
-100 Turn Scenario, from 787 to 1087
-Play as Harald Hardrada of Norway, King Canute of the Danes, or Olof Skotkonung of Sweden.
-Launch a naval invasion of England, conquer Paris, find Vinland with an explorer, or sail through Gibraltar and raid the Mediterranean Sea.
-Build a trade empire and profitable cities, or spread a religion and gain Faith for your people.
-Includes special art assets for leaders.

Three new Natural Wonders:
-Giant’s Causeway
The Viking Scenario Pack will run you a cool $5 via IAP. The Polish Civilization Pack coming up:

Firaxis wrote:
Jadwiga rules Poland in Sid Meier's Civilization VI!
Religious and expansionist, Poland can gain control of other civ's tiles when they fortify their borders, and Jadwiga makes Relics more valuable and Holy Sites more effective. A new scenario is also included: stand at the crossroads of Europe protecting the fertile Polish homelands from those who would seize it to empower themselves. Can you stand as a bulwark against this threat?

Includes the complete Polish civilization with Jadwiga, Winged Hussar unique Unit, and Sukiennice unique Building:
-Poland’s “Golden Liberty” unique ability allows them to gain territory when they build a Fort or Encampment, even allowing them to steal territory from other civs! They also convert a Military Policy slot into a Wildcard slot, giving them extra flexibility in culture.
-Jadwiga allows you to spread your religion to the nearby city when you gain another civ’s territory with Golden Liberty. Her relics provide bonus Faith, Culture, and Gold.
-The famous Winged Hussar is strong on the attack and can push back defending units.
-The Sukiennice, or Cloth Hall, gives bonus Production from foreign Trade Routes, and Gold from internal Trade Routes.

Play as a great Polish noble lord in the “Jadwiga's Legacy” Scenario:
-60 Turn limit.
-Defend Poland, Prague, and Vienna from invaders including the Teutonic Knights and Ottoman Turks.
-Gain glory in battle and prove yourself the greatest defender of Poland.
The Polish pack is also available via a $5 IAP.

If neither of these trip your trigger, then there's also the free Multiplayer Compatibility Pack in the IAP section of the app. This will allow you to play in multiplayer games even if you didn't fork over for the new content, you ol' Scrooge McDuck, you.

The big takeaway from all this is that Aspyr appears to be willing to support the iPad version of the app and, who knows, maybe someday we'll have the PC/Mac/Linux and iPad versions all on the same page. One can dream, can't they?

- Civilization VI for iPad, free (full unlock $30, which is 50% off full price)
- Civilization VI for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, $60

Board Game: One Deck Dungeon

One Deck Dungeon Sets to Explore Early Access Next Week
Last week I mentioned that I was in the One Deck Dungeon beta and then proceeded to gloat about how much better I am than all of you. Well, I think I mentioned I'm better than Brad. That still stands, of course. Unless we're talking looks. Or smell. Or class. Okay, so Brad is better than me in every way but one, he didn't get into the One Deck Dungeon beta.

Turns out my chance to gloat is going to be short-lived, however. Today, Handelabra Games Inc. announced that One Deck Dungeon will be heading to Early Access on February 27th, so any schmuck can just go and buy it for themselves. There goes my fleeting sense of self-worth.

The Early Access build will be a pre-release build, so it will have bugs and stuff like that, but I haven't seen too many of those nasty critters while I've been playing. The Early Access build is for PC/Mac/Linux and will cost $15, while the final game will run $10. So, if you don't mind waiting until the actual, finished game is released you can save yourself $5.

The Early Access period should last 2-3 months, so we can expect the 1.0 version to release sometime between late April and June.

Handelabra wrote:
Early Access version is fully playable with the 5 heroes and 5 dungeons from the core game. Upcoming Early Access versions will add 2-hero parties, character progression, campaign mode, and other improvements.
- One Deck Dungeon for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, Early Access (not available until Feb 27)

From gallery of Neumannium

Masters Gallery Available on Android
Somehow [somehow? I believe it's because you're a jerk. -ed.], I missed this news which was sent to me over a year ago. Yep, a year ago. Never say we're not on top of the latest happenings here at iOS Board Games, the blog named for only one platform even though we cover Android and Steam games and sometimes even Switch. Don't ask, we're keeping the name on purpose just to annoy the hell out of a few of you.

Anyway, the news I missed is the fact that Reiner Knizia had another game ported to digital, but this time only to Android. That game is Masters Gallery and it's out now. In fact, it's been out for awhile. I GET IT, I SUCK! STOP STARING AT ME!

The game lacks any form of multiplayer at this point in time, but does have a rip-roaring solo mode against the AI. It's for Android [said that about 30 times now, move on please. -ed.] and runs $3.

- Masters Galley by Reiner Knizia for Android, $3

From gallery of Neumannium

Through the Ages' Steam Beta Testing Begins
It's not just the One Deck Dungeon beta that made me think I was better than Brad, but I also just got into the Through the Ages beta on Steam. Take that, Cummings! [why are you doing this? -ed.]

The beta just started yesterday. Well, actually, I was just invited yesterday. There's no way they'd start without me, so I'm assuming the entire thing started yesterday. Yep, that checks out.

The app is for PC/Mac/Linux right now and runs pretty much just like its iOS forebear. There's even cross-platform multiplayer already implemented, so I'm playing all the matches I started on iPad on my laptop now. I do it with the sound way up, too, so everyone at the coffee shop knows how cool I am.

Not a lot else to mention here, other than the Steam version of last year's best game is currently in testing and should be released...soon? Someday? I have no idea, actually. I'll say sometime in 2018, how's that?

- Through the Ages for iOS Universal, $10
- Through the Ages for Android, $10

Board Game: Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach

Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach Now Available on Tabletop Simulator
A few years ago at Gen Con, we ran into the guys from Obsidian Entertainment who were pitching a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate called Pillars of Eternity. It looked cool (and when I got to finally play it, turned out to be pretty cool), but we were more intrigued by a couple of gents amiably pushing a tabletop game based on the new Obsidian property. It looked pretty sweet, but then time rolls on and you forget things and blah, blah, blah.

Well, it's time to remember because that game is called Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach and it just arrived for Tabletop Simulator, meaning that anyone with a laptop can now give it a go for the low, low price of only $8. Yes, it was on sale until February 15th, but as the editor said earlier in this article, I'm a jerk. So, now you can pick it up for $8 and that's still not a bad price for a fully-featured Table Simulator DLC. Especially one with a video by Paul Grogan telling you how to play it right there on the Steam page! Now how much would you pay? Hmmm???

One thing we do remember about our meeting with Zero Radius Games is that Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach was one of the prettiest damn games you'll ever see. From the pics of the Tabletop Simulator version, I think that all still comes through even in digital format.

Go, play it on Tabletop Simulator and when you fall in love with it, go buy the physical copy. Or send me one. I'd love to buy it, but my wife is going to kill me if I spend any more money on games. Literally kill me. Seriously, if you don't hear from me within 2 weeks time, call the police.

- Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach for Tabletop Simulator for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, $8

From gallery of Neumannium

Warbands: Bushido Now Available on Android
Warbands: Bushido was released for PC/Mac/Linux and iOS Universal over the past year-and-a-half or so, but this week it also came to Android. Why would we care? Because Warbands: Bushido is a well regarded tactical minis game that you can play on your touchscreen (or regular screen. It's fairly screen-neutral).

For more information, let's go to the blurb!

[company=35950 wrote:
[/company]"]Warbands:Bushido is a miniatures board game arena with cards, miniatures, dice (i.e. dice random involved) and beautiful terrains to fight on, with both multiplayer battles boardgamers are used to, and challenging single-player scenarios.

Game has a isometric, tabletop-style look with miniature-style characters, cards, dice, pre-rendered battlefields and story-mode scenarios. There will be more than 50 various paintable units and heroes planned for full-scale release and later additions. Multiplayer skirmish will let you test your skills in best traditions of tabletop wargame classics with a fast-paced gameplay. While single-player scenarios with their own characters and events, are highly influenced by classic turn-based RPG tactics.

Game background - is the story of civil war in 16th century Japan, known as “Warring States period”. Samurais and ronins, criminals of all sorts, ninja clans, Chinese pirates, Portuguese mercenaries and firearms traders, all trying to benefit from anarchy and conflict. It is hard to find a more atmospheric and dense setting for a tactical board games.
Sound good? It is! Best yet, it's available for whatever platform you can think of (except for those that it's not). That's not all, the Android version even contains the latest Ninjas content, so all platforms are on the same page.

- Warbands: Bushido for iOS Universal, $3
- Warbands: Bushido for Android, free
- Warbands: Bushido for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, $8

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