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That's a very fine pair of plump tomatoes you have there, Sir.

Anthony Boydell
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Every homo sapiens needs an outbuilding within the curtelage of their property
Welcome...to my Shed!
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I popped these on to BGG - albeit my small corner of BGG - as a tempting nugget a few days back (courtesy of Matthias at Frosted Games), so I thought I'd take this chance to explain a bit more about how Reykholt works (also with his Blessing):

From gallery of tonyboydell

Delicious artwork!

In summary: it's a boiled-down, re-engineered and crunchy reworking of the themes of At the Gates of Loyang!

There will be a couple of worker placement action boards: one 'Main' (all counts) and a flip-able second that provides the obligatory extra spaces for 3 and 4 players.

There are LOTS of cute vege-eeples.

Turn order is used for worker placement phase (last to first) and the movement (exhibition) phase (first to last). There is a Harvest phase in between the two.

Each player has three workers.

The action spaces get you 'wares' (mostly vegetables) eg. tomatoes, salad, cabbage, mushrooms and carrots. They also get you action modifying/single bonus cards, allow you to build a greenhouse and/or sow wares in your supply in to separate fields.

A bonus card may be taken by a player and s/he gains the instant/on-going benefit from that point on (place in front of them); in addition, there is an action to 'SHARE' an card from an adjacent player (move it so it's between you both).

There are 36 different cards in the base game.

During the exhibition phase, players return a number of wares from their supply to move along one space on the track; the steps cycle through each of the different wares and more wares are needed to continue moving along the track ie. from 1 ware up to 6 wares for each step. You can move as many steps as you can (or want to) pay for. During your exhibition, you are allowed one 'skip' where you GAIN that many wares from the general supply instead of paying them. You may stop at any time.

The player who moves in to a new space first, goes to the head of the line. When everyon has moved, the player furthest up, and at the front of the line, gets the '1' turn order marker (the second gets '2' etc); this means they will go last in the worker placement but move first in the Exhibition.

The game plays over 8 rounds and the person furthest ahead on the Exhibition track at the end is the winner.

From gallery of tonyboydell

A lovely greenhouse.

How does it play? Well, it's relatively quick (60 mins) and the cards can lead to pleasingly-powerful combos. The whole thing is very intuitive (the theme helps a lot!) and even though I, personally, struggle with the race element ie. keeping up a rhythm of stock my supply/empty efficiently, I found this another meaty and focussed Uwe in the Nusfjord vein.

I predict a huge hit.
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