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Nightfall Promos, Just in Time and Life in General

David Gregg
United States
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Nightfall Promos
First up: The Nightfall promos for the first 3 sets have all (except Zombie Horde) been put up for sale on the AEG website in a single pack. Seems the international shipping is really high for some reason though, which they're discussing on the forums, so might want to wait a bit to see if that's an error somewhere before ordering to ship outside the US.

Just in Time
Had some ideas to try out in tweaking the action point system and thought I'd go ahead and share with you guys. Currently, when you spend an action you place a cube/meeple/whatever on your current day and it is tied up until that day is shifted off the timeline to be moved to the front again. I'm thinking that instead of that, I can either have just 1 or 2 return to you with the rest cycling back around (punishing doing too much at once) or I can have them always cycle around to you and only return when they are shifted onto the day you're currently on.

Example of that 2nd idea: Lets say you are on Day 4 and spend a couple actions there. You could then time travel back to Day 3 (assuming you're able to). When the timeline shifts, your action points on Day 4 will be moved over to Day 3, realigning with where you currently are and thus being returned to you. This encourages time travel and prevents abuse from spending a ton of actions in the past just to have them return to you quickly.

Currently I'm really liking the sound of that 2nd system and at that point I could say that your actions represent your very essence or w/e in time and that as you do things around town you are basically investing yourself in that point of time. Though it does goofy things with tasks since those rely on the end of the timeline as to when the rewards actually get handed out, but I could always allow a task to be considered complete when the essence is returned, as a sort of: place essence on task to show you've begun to work on it and take it back off to complete the work.

Hmm... That means I could let tasks cycle too if I really wanted, perhaps letting them build up and/or "time out" to actually cause their destruction. That would really require a lot of careful planning and seriously encourage time travel. Yep, gonna have to try that out for sure.

Headed over to the gym with my BFF again Tuesday. Was good times. I intend to get a membership once my budget adjusts to the new pay rate, but that'll be another month or so. For the curious: we worked the upper body (chest and arms) and then walked the treadmill for a while.

Got in a murderous game of Agricola with my younger daughter. I focused on an early house addon so I could work on kids ASAP, using extra actions on plowing / sowing. Awna worked toward early fence / stables, but then never built up her house, so I was dominating all game long in number of actions to take. In the end I managed to have a 4 room house with a 5 person family, 5 plowed fields (3 grain, 2 veggie) and the rest fenced in with plenty of sheep, boar and cattle. Check the detailed report for the specific stats.
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