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Gaming Resolutions for 2012

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It is already nearly February and I haven't made any resolutions yet, gaming or otherwise. Well, I don't plan to make any non-gaming ones but making gaming ones was fun last year, so I am going to do it again.

However, I didn't want to set my self a goal of a number of games. It is about the quality and I want to be able to explore a variety of games - longer ones too - without feeling like I am not meeting some self-imposed goal. I want to play of course, but time spent is more important than precisely how many individual games are played in a session.

So I decided to structure my goals in 2 halves. First, I will explore the new-to-me games I pick up in 2012 and second, I will explore a list of games I already own but that I haven't explored as fully as I'd like. Some of that is carry over from last year.

First the new. I think I already bought all the new games I am likely to get in 2012. I put them in a geek list and it was quite a thrill to get it all together. Consumerism at its finest! But, barring some small game for Christmas perhaps, I think I have more than enough to keep me busy for the foreseeable future.

I'll blog more on that later, but ideally I'll see at least 10 plays of that lot. I should make it easier on myself and let myself off with a nickel for the longer games.

But the looking back at my collection games, I find quite afew I need to get to the table again.

Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game - one of the inspirations for this idea really. I got it very early last year but after 2 plays it has sat, waiting for me. Now this was partly due to my wife and I having an odd schedule, especially in the spring when she was working crazy hours and she worked weekends a lot too. So the time for a longer game was sparse. There was also some inertia due to all the glorious bits. Well, I have sorted the bits into a box and my wife no longer works the weekends. And this is a game I wish to explore - the recent run of sessions and reviews from people playing with the expansion only add to the fire.

Hansa Teutonica is another that inspired this list. I got it last summer and I did play it some, but only 2 player and that was lacking. So I need to get with my friends and play it. My "work group" which is people I used to work with and increasingly less of us work together any more has met regularly for a while over lunch but there is interest in the odd longer game (and that may become the main way we meet if the work situation for some of them continues as it has been). HT - with its deceptively simple game play - should be a good fit for this group. And the comments I see on here make it anxious to see for myself.

- La Città. My wife calls this game "Cary", as she can never remember its real name. Cary is a joke for the Triangle folks, the city with all those amenities that sucks people in to settle there, which is one of the neat mechanics of La Citta. It has languished for a while and is creeping up the suggested games list when I look at my friendless stats page. I'm not sure if I ever played this with more than two either. I should rectify that.

- Goa. I have a decent number of plays of this, but the most recent was 2 years ago. So it is about time to knock some dust off the box. And then we were talking recently and I realized that the only game of this we played with my friend Rick was half a teaching game - and then we never revisited it. I owe it to him to finish that lesson (and I will neglect to mention that he was giving me a pretty good lesson in it at that time back then too).

- I will round out the list with The Scepter of Zavandor. One of my goals last year was to play some older games and this, among others, was on that list. There has always been a barrier before, that we didn't quite understand how to play (the rulebook is difficult) but in fact, once we stripped away the confusing terminology and just changed it to $$, it became a lot clearer and the play time on last year's games were much more satisfactory. I liked it well enough as a 2 player, though the BGG-approved sweet spot is 4 and I can see that. So exploring this a bit further in terms of strategic approach and in terms of player count should be a goal.

Hmm and I noticed another part of my gaming resolutions for the year: play more multi-player or in other words get together with folks a bit more - which is surely a good goal and helped a lot by my friend Rick moving into town instead of the deep wilds where he had been living.
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